Honolulu’s most on-time and delayed airlines in 2013



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Specifically for Honolulu International Airport (HNL), compiled and analyzed raw data released this week by the Department of Transportation detailing the on-time performance of airlines during all of 2013. The DOT defines an on-time flight as one that arrives or departs within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

For Honolulu in 2013…

Hawaiian led on-time perrformance

With superior reliability for both its inter-island and mainland flights, Hawaiian Airlines led on-time performance among all U.S. airlines serving Honolulu in 2013 with 94% of flights on-time. It also led at the national level, as the airline with the most on-time flights overall also at 94%. Alaska was #2 both at Honolulu and in national rankings with 8% of flights to and from Honolulu on-time.

Go! Airlines struggled with reliability

Go! Airlines closed out 2013 with a dismal on-time record. Just 61% of its flights ran on time, with all flights averaging 25 minutes behind schedule. Among late flights, the average departure delay from Honolulu was over one hour and 15 minutes. Go! Airlines’ small fleet has been a consistent obstacle to providing reliable service.

Delta leads the global U.S. carriers

Among the U.S. airlines with global networks, Delta fared best at Honolulu, with 88% of its flights on time, well above United and American at 80% and 79% each. The average Delta flight was just 3 minutes behind schedule in 2013.

Honolulu among the most reliable airports

With 87% of flights on-time, Honolulu International was among the nation’s most reliable airports in 2013. Every major airline operating out of Honolulu exceeded its national average for reliability.

Summary Statistics – Honolulu International Airport Departing and Arriving Flights

% On Time% On Time (National Average)Average Minutes LateTotal Flights
US Airways86%84%11632
Go! Airlines61%79%2513817
All Airlines87%79%4105877

Source: Department of Transportation, January-December 2013

% On Time: % of flights arriving or departing airport within 15 minutes of schedule

% On Time (National Average):  % of all flights operating in the U.S. arriving or departing  within 15 minutes of schedule

Average Minutes Late: Average minutes behind schedule for all flights during the year – both those considered on-time (within 15 minutes of schedule) and those considered late (more than 15 minutes behind schedule.)

Total Flights: Total flights to and from airport operated by the airline.

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