Award Booking Help

We can help find your award

We can help find flights that can be booked with your miles, and will do it free of charge. If you want help, please provide:

  • Your destination and where you are leaving from
  • The number of miles you have available to use and the programs they are in (United MileagePlus, American AAdvantage, American Express Membership Rewards, etc) – list them all.
  • The range of dates you can depart, and how long you want the trip to be. We ask that you give 2-4 weeks of flexibility. 2-3 months of flexibility is best.
  • What class of service (Economy, Business/First) you plan to fly and how many travelers

Please note we can’t do the actual booking for you – there are paid services that provide that, but we can give you a sense of what flights could work so you know what to tell the airline when you book.

Due to the volume of requests for award help you may not receive an immediate response. We try to manage the queue to be below 10 when possible.

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