Albany Airport’s most on-time and delayed airlines in 2013



At we think few things can ruin a good vacation more than a delayed flight. With more and more awards with miles requiring you have to make a connection to get where you want to go, on time flights are more important than ever.

Specifically for Albany International Airport (ALB), analyzed raw data released this week by the Department of Transportation detailing the on-time performance of airlines during all of 2013. The DOT defines an on-time flight as one that arrives or departs within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

For the Albany International Airport in 2013…

United had the worst on time performance

Just 74% of United flights at Albany were on time in 2013, versus an average of 79% for Untied flights nationally. It’s significantly worse than the other global airlines that serve Albany, Delta and US Airways. Many United Express branded flights are operated by ExpressJet Airlines which had a somewhat better 77% on-time record at Albany.

US Airways was the top performer

US Airways had 87% of its flights run on time in 2013 to and from Albany, with the average flight running just 3 minutes behind schedule. Delta was close behind with 84% of flights on-time and an average flight running 5 minutes behind schedule.

Southwest has the most flights but a marginal record

Southwest is the largest airline out of Albany with over 8,000 arriving and departing flights in 2013. 76% of them were on-time, mirroring a challenging year for performance with 75% of Southwest flights nationally running 15 minutes or more behind schedule.

Albany’s total performance was similar to the national average

79% of flights into and out of Albany International Airport were on-time, identical to the national average.

“Albany International had a decent year for on-time performance in 2013,” said Brian Karimzad, director of “But the differences across airlines was large, with US Airways and Delta significantly more reliable than United and Southwest.”

Summary Statistics – Albany International Airport Departing and Arriving Flights

% On TimeNational AvgMins LateTotal Flights
US Airways87%84%31454
Mesa Airlines77%79%9986
All Airlines79%79%721444

Source: Department of Transportation

% On Time: % of flights arriving or departing airport within 15 minutes of schedule

% On Time (National Average):  % of all flights operating in the U.S. arriving or departing  within 15 minutes of schedule

Average Minutes Late: Average minutes behind schedule for all flights during the year – both those considered on-time (within 15 minutes of schedule) and those considered late (more than 15 minutes behind schedule.)

Total Flights: Total flights to and from airport operated by the airline.

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