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Chase Sapphire Preferred® Airline Transfer Partners

by on Sat May 7, 2016 • 129 Comments

transferpartnersOne of the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card’s most important features is the ability to transfer points 1:1 to airline partners in every global alliance and top hotel partners via the Chase Ultimate Rewards® program.

This is a feature American Express Membership Rewards users have grown to love over the years, and the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is the first major alternative to American Express for airline and hotel point transfers.

We rank it our favorite credit card for airline miles because of its ability to transfer points into one of our favorite U.S. programs – United MileagePlus® in addition to Southwest Airlines, British Airways , Virgin Atlantic, and Korean Airlines.

For business credit card users, the Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card from Chase has the same point transfer features as the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, and you can combine points from both cards as well as those of any other cards that earns Ultimate Rewards® points like the Chase Freedom® Card.

Here is the list of current Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card airline transfer partners, and links to guides that explain how to use them:

You can also transfer to these hotel travel partners:

And remember if a transfer partner doesn’t work for you, it’s always possible to use your points to buy tickets on the Chase website, which gives you access to most airlines.

If all of this is still confusing, ask a question below and be sure to check out our big guide to getting the most out of Chase Ultimate Rewards®.

United Airlines

You can transfer points instantly to your United MileagePlus® account, or that of any member of your household who is an authorized user of your account.

United miles can also  be used for travel on any Star Alliance partner carrier, including Air Canada, Lufthansa, Swiss, ANA, SAS, Singapore, and many more.

You’ll find sending your points to United useful if you want international travel thanks to all of United’s partners You can get to Europe for as few as 60,000 miles roundtrip and most of Asia for 70,000 – 85,000 miles.

You can search for and book most fights  on, but a few like those on Singapore Airlines have to be booked over the phone.

Southwest Airlines

Points can be transferred instantly into your Southwest Rapid Rewards account.

Sending your points to Southwest is often one of the best deals for travel in the U.S. or the Caribbean, with every point worth over 1.4 cents toward Southwest airfare. That means you can get a $300 ticket for around 20,000 points. Just note these transfers don’t count toward A-List or Companion Pass elite status.

Air France

You can transfer your points into Air France Flying Blue miles any time, letting you book flights with Air France and any of its SkyTeam partners including Delta, Alitalia, KLM, Korean Airlines, and more, as well as other partners like Alaska Airlines. Beware that Air France flights incur fuel surcharges of hundreds of dollars for flights between the U.S. and Europe, but if you use Air France miles to book Delta flights you won’t pay any fuel surcharges.

British Airways

You can send your points to British Airways and use them for travel on any OneWorld carrier, including American, British Airways, Iberia, Japan Air Lines, Cathay Pacific, LAN, and more.

You’re going to want to be careful when using British Airways points for International travel though.

They levy fuel surcharges of around $500 for Economy Class and $1,000 for Business and First Class flights across the Atlantic. You can get around them if you book flights on Air Berlin via Dusseldorf and Berlin or pay smaller surcharges if you fly Iberia through Spain.

You’re often better off transferring your points to United for trips to Europe as they levy no fuel surcharges.

A really good deal with British Airways points is using them to book flights with American and Alaska Airlines. You can get them for as little as 15,000 points roundtrip. You can also transfer your Ultimate Rewards® to Aer Lingus Avios and Iberia Avios, but your redemption options are limited.

Korean Airlines

You can transfer your points instantly to Korean Airlines SkyPass mile accounts.

Then you can use your miles for travel on any SkyTeam carrier, including Delta, Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Aeroflot, Air Europa, and more. They levy fuel surcharges on many awards, which are a few hundred dollars for flights to Asia and more on partner flights to Europe.

A good deal with Korean miles is to book Hawaiian Airlines flights to Hawaii for 30,000 miles roundtrip, with no fuel surcharges.

Virgin Atlantic

If you transfer to Virgin Atlantic you can use your points to travel on Virgin Atlantic, as well as partners Virgin America, Delta, Singapore Airlines, and more.

Virgin Atlantic levies fuel surcharges of a few hundred dollars on its flights in Economy Class and almost $1,000 for Business Class. You can get around those by booking Delta flights, which cost 60,000 miles roundtrip in Economy Class and 125,000 miles in Business Class to Europe.

Singapore Airlines

Once you send points to Singapore they can be used for travel on Singapore Airlines as well as Star Alliance partners like United, ANA, Thai, Lufthansa and more. Transfers can take 1-2 business days to complete.

If you’re interested in flying Singapore Airlines you’ll pay fuel surcharges of a few hundred dollars, but have access to more award seats than if you used United miles to book Singapore flights. So if you’re interested in flying on Singapore, the best strategy is to check if the flights you want are available using United miles

There are also good deals on United flights to Hawaii and United flights in First Class if you use Singapore miles to book them.

Other partners

You can also transfer your points to several hotel programs, including Marriott, Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, and IHG Hotels. Generally you won’t get great value out of moving miles into hotel points unless you have some points in the hotel program to top off. That’s because hotel rewards cost a lot in points. For example a typical free hotel night at a Marriott can run 40,000 points and save you about $200.

But transferring your points to Southwest can save you over $550 on airfare.

Finally, Amtrak is also a point transfer partner and offers some very good deals that can save you hundreds of dollars for relatively few points.

What about booking Delta flights?

It’s not the most convenient option, but it is possible to book Delta flights with your Chase Ultimate Rewards points. The catch is you can’t move points and combine them with your existing Delta SkyMiles.

There’s a complete rundown here, but here’s a summary:

1. Transfer to Virgin Atlantic

Virgin is a partner of Delta’s, and you can use Virgin points to book Delta flights as long as Delta’s lowest price ‘Saver’ level awards are available. You can check availability by calling Virgin Flying Club on 1 800 365 9500. They can put an award on hold for you for 24 hours, and once you do that you can then transfer points from your Chase account to Virgin to finalize the booking.

Sometimes, the price to use Virgin points on Delta flights is less than what Delta charges its own frequent flyer program members.

Here is a link to the price chart for Delta flights booked with Virgin points.

2. Transfer to Korean SkyPass

Korean is also a partner of Delta’s and has somewhat more flexible rules for booking than Virgin Atlantic, like no fees for changing or canceling your award tickets. You can book by calling Korean on 1-800-438-5000.

Here is a link to the price chart for Delta flights booked with Korean miles

3. Use your Chase Ultimate Rewards® points like cash

You can use the Chase Ultimate Rewards® booking portal to buy tickets on almost any airline, just like you’re shopping on a site like Every 10,000 points is worth $125 in ticket value, and you can use as many or as few as 1,000 points if you want, including paying part cash and part points for tickets.

How the transfer works

See our illustrated guide to the transfer process here

Simply logon to your Chase rewards account online — select the ‘Transfer Points to Travel Partners’, then enter the number of points you want to transfer in 1,000 point increments. You’ll be prompted for the account number of the mileage program you are transferring into, along with your name. The points will usually be transferred instantly, and the name on the mileage account doesn’t have to be yours, it can also be a member of your household or an authorized card holder.

You can learn more about the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card by reading our review or read our guide to its many travel protection options.

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Foreign Transaction Fee Waived

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Points Can Transfer to Airline Miles ?

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129 thoughts on Chase Sapphire Preferred® Airline Transfer Partners

  1. Ashlie

    Hi milescard.

    I have a 80K points on my chase sapphire preferred card
    I want to book a flight to Philippines from LAX
    Can you please guide me.
    And if i will take a business class how many points do i need?

  2. Ted

    New the top of this page it states “it’s always possible to use your points to buy tickets on the chase website, which gives you access to most airlines.” Does this include airlines such as JetBlue and/or Spirit? If so, is it the same 1:1 transfer value of points (i.e is 1 point worth 1.25 cents for these lesser known airless such as Spirit when booked through the chase website)?

  3. NewToPoints

    Ok I have 70k unlimited Freedom and 60k sapphire preferred points. I live in NYC so near JFK/LGA/EWR. I’m trying to figure out a way to go to KHI (Karachi) and I can’t figure out which rewards partner would be the most economical way to get there. Anyone have any clue on how to accomplish this?

    1. NewToPoints

      I know I can transfer my points from UF to the Sapphire however I don’t see which partners fly to KHI. That seems to be the hard part.


      @NewToPoints – First step is to go on the Chase Ultimate Rewards website, do a flight search, and see how much it costs in points there without dealing with transferring to a partner. Then, would check United MileagePlus prices at doing a search NYC-KHI. Their partner Turkish Airlines flies there and might have availability. You can compare that price in miles to the price in points you see on the Chase site. If it’s cheaper on the Chase site you can book it there. Otherwise the transfer might be better if it’s cheaper and available.

  4. Monty Gandhi

    How can i book flights in LH/THAI or any other using SQ points. I am trying to book a flight to LHR from IAH, i am on the SQ website, it would not give me any options besides SQ.


      @Monty Gandhi: It’s possible no partner flights were available for the award you searched, or they were codeshared on other carriers as a Singapore Airlines flight. If you are looking for a specific carrier, the Singapore Airlines website suggests contacting them directly for assistance, or using their assistance form.

  5. phuc

    HI MilesCards,
    if I were to used my point to book a flight, does it still accumulate point after the book ? or point only accumulate when you pay with your card.

  6. Johanna Roten

    I just got the chase preferred card. I am looking at booking a trip with Travelocity. Do I earn 2x the points when I book with them?

  7. May

    Hi! I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card with approximately ~70k points. I’m looking to go to the Maldives from LAX in November. Does anyone know the best course of action to take? I’d like to upgrade to business or even premium economy- if it’s an option. The United via Singapore Airlines is a bit confusing to me. Thank you!


      @May – If you want to fly Business, 80k points to United can get you a one way ticket. Roundtrips are 2x the cost. Economy runs 40k miles one way, or just pay for a cash ticket one way for the other direction.

    2. MKZ

      I have 101k points on my Sapphire preferred card and I wanted to go to Disneyworld in Florida around Halloween. Which is the best partner to do so for the best value of points and would it be possible to get the round trip flight and a hotel for 3-4 days for under 101k points? This is for two people. If I could do better then economy that would be great!!

      Thank you,
      Reward Point Guru


        @MKZ – Where are you flying from?

        Going to assume you’re somewhere Southwest flies so maybe you’ll get lucky around 15k points per person for the airfare, call it 30k. That leaves 60k for hotel.

        Normally with hotels the strategy is to transfer to Hyatt, but hotel rates are pretty low around Halloween at the Hyatt hotels, so you get more bang for your points using the Chase travel site to book whatever hotel you’d like. 60k points would leave you $750 to cover your hotel, or about $189 a night worth for 4 nights.

        First class would be tough – you’re looking at 40k points per person if you use Singapore miles to book United first class, so that would be 80k points, if it’s available. Or consider 20k points one way per person, so 40k points. Then use the remaining points to fly Southwest on the way back and whatever’s left for hotel.

  8. Maria

    Can the points be transferred from United mileage account to Chase preferred the same way they are transferred from Chase into United?
    If I want to use Chase awards to be transferred to Southwest but i don’t have enough miles in Chase but I do in United, Can i transfer from Chase and then from Chase to Southwest?


      @Maria – Unfortunately it’s a one way street, and you can only transfer from Chase to United.


      @Lacey – The easiest way is to try looking for flights on the Chase website like this:

      An alternative that sometimes costs less, but sometimes costs more is to see if British Airways Avios has a better price in points, and transferring your Chase points to British Airways once you figure that one. Beware once you transfer to British Airways you can’t transfer back to Chase.

  9. Phillip


    My wife and I plan to travel sometime in August 2017. I have the Chase Preferred Sapphire with an estimated 96,000 points and she has the United Mileage Plus roughly 45,000 points. We booked a cruise departing from Barcelona, Spain and ending at Rome, Italy. We plan to purchase one way flights. What is the best way to maximize our points for flight? Is it to book through Chase’s website. I’m also trying to understand the partners and alliances program as well so that we could earn additional benefits.



      @Phillip – Where are you starting and ending the one way flight? Is it to/from the US, or just the Rome to Barcelona part?

        1. Phillip

          We just booked through Chase, using my points for both of us (one way) on Iberia Airlines. Now we are deciding how to use her points (United) towards flying back to Los Angeles from Rome. Also, could we possibly maximize any benefit with the star programs?


            @philip – To use United miles for a one way ticket from Europe you’d need 30,000 miles per person, or 60,000 total. So 46,000 is short of what you’d need.

            What dates are you traveling? Might be better to refund the ticket you booked on Iberia just now (Chase lets you get your points back if you cancel before 9pm Mountain time the day after you book your ticket with them). Then, transfer some of your Chase points to your wife’s United account (if she’s an authorized user on your card, you can transfer to her United account) and use 120,000 United miles to cover everything – LA – Barcelona and Rome – LA for 2 people. If she’s not yet an authorized user you can add her for free if it’s a Sapphire Preferred.

            But the United MileagePlus option will only work if ‘saver award’ seats are available via United on the dates your traveling, so check on the United website first to see what price in miles they are quoting on your travel dates.

            As for Star program benefits, you’ll only get those if one of you is a United ‘Premier’ level filer. But you can use the United miles to book on Star Alliance carriers like Lufthansa if they have award space available.

  10. Ann Marie Kramer

    So I currently have about 105,000 miles available. I am planning on a big 40th birthday trip next year – some place crazy like Nepal or Afghanistan (yes, I know, I’m nuts). I would love to be able to fly business or first class if possible.

    I know I will have a lot more miles by the time I am ready to book next year. Which airline partner will give me the most bang for my buck? Because all of the rules are confusing the heck out of me!


      @Ann Marie – United MileagePlus will probably be the easiest and get you to some place like Delhi or Dubai that has easy cheap flights to both places.

      It’s going to run you about 160,000 miles roundtrip.

  11. Cassaundra

    I just got this card to pay my mortgage and Gabe two forms of revolving credit on my home loan. We are hoping to use the points to go on a family vacation. Can points be used on more than one person (ex: myself and my husband) ?

  12. Sarah

    I’m looking at booking a flight through China Southern for a trip to Cambodia in about 8 months. Would it be worth getting this card and using the some of the bonus points to book that flight (if I can even do that) or better to use the card to pay for that flight in full and receive more points for it and save the bonus points? Do you only get points for the purchase or does it work with frequent flyer miles too? I don’t know if I’d even get any FF miles from this trip as I usually only fly United, Alaska, Delta, SW or Frontier (I have accounts for all of them but don’t fly enough to get any benefit from the few thousand miles I have on each). I’m also debating between this one and the Costco Citi Visa card just because I can earn 3% cash back on travel and 2-4% on other items, including gas and groceries. I normally do not travel often (once a year) or use credit cards much and I’m just trying to figure out which one would benefit me the most.


      @Sarah – If you only fly once a year a good cash back card is probably your best long term bet. Though for this trip, it wouldn’t be hard to use the $625 in travel value you earn from the bonus to book the flight via the Chase site with your points.

      You could still earn miles for the flight by providing your Delta frequent flier number, which is a partner of China Southern.

      Just be patient that it takes time to earn the bonus – it can take a month or two after you’ve met the spending to see the points in your account.

  13. pocholo

    Hi! I want to travel with EVA air which is a partner of Singapore airlines since both of the are a member of Star alliance. My question is, how can I use my singapore airlines points to book for EVA air? Can you guide me through the steps in doing it? thanks


      @pocholo – That needs to be done on the phone – you can call Singapore on (800) 742-3333 and they’ll walk you through it.

  14. Jean

    I’m looking to booking a flight to Maui, Hawaii from Kansas city. what will be easiest way to get there using my points? How much points will that cost me?

  15. Jane

    I am thinking about signing up for Chase Saphire Card. My airline of choice is Singapore and Asiana as I fly to Asia once a year. Would CSC better for me than the Asiana Card? Currently, both cards offers 50K bonus after signing.

  16. MS

    I want to fly myself and my husband from LAX to Japan either April/May or Oct/Nov of 2017, either business class both ways or the departure in business class.

    I have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card with about 106k miles, and I’m thinking about getting him a CSR as well, which would give us 200k miles as of ~Feb 2017.

    What are our best options for getting there? If we wait until we have 200k points in Feb 2017, do you think we’d still be able to get tickets? :/

  17. William W Anderson

    I want to fly British Air from Seattle to London business class how many miles will it require and if I have the miles would I be guaranteed a business seat

      1. Mathew

        Also, if you’re flying from the US to Ukraine, you can use United Miles to book award flights on Lufthansa, UIA, Austrian, etc. to get to L’viv or Kyiv.


      @Vee – Call Korean Airlines Skypass on 1-800-438-5000 and see if they see options on Delta that work with your plans. That would be the cheapest at 25,000 miles in Economy or 45,000 miles in First Class roundtrip. If they don’t see anything, check And if your’e okay with the prices you see there for the flights you want, transfer your Chase points to United.

      But if it’s going to cost more than 45,000 or 60,000 miles you’ll probably want to just use your points like cash on the Chase site.

  18. Meaghan


    I am thinking about signing up for the Chase Sapphire card.

    I travel often for work and my airline of choice is Virgin America. I know that they partner with Virgin Atlantic but do I still get the same benefits with Virgin America?


      @Meaghan – The Virgin Atlantic points aren’t quite the same as Virgin America points. You can use Virgin Atlantic points to book flights on Virgin America. But you can’t add the Virgin Atlantic points to the points your Virgin America account. So it’s kind of half way.

      Would say if you like Virgin America the best card for you right now is the Starwood Amex. The points can transfer straight to Virgin America. And you can also send them to other airlines like American. But even better, you can use the points for great hotel rewards with both Starwood and Marriott.

  19. PAUL

    if i get the chase sapphire card and i want to fly united airlines does this mean i also need a united airline credit card to transfer my chase sapphire points and if so should i just get a capital one card.
    thank you

  20. Virginia


    I am new to this whole travel rewards card. I will be doing a lot of travel this fall for business. I did my research and believed the Chase Sapphire card to be my best bet. What I am confused about is the benefit of transferring points to partner companies (such as Southwest) vs. booking through Chase trips? More explanation would be much appreciated! Thank you.


      @Virginia – When you start traveling for business, you’ll earn miles for the flights you take in the airline’s own mileage program, like Southwest Rapid Rewards.

      The Chase feature to transfer points into a program lets you add to points you might already have from flights, making it easier to get enough points for an award.

      Another reason to use transfer partners is when the price using the partner’s points is cheaper than booking via the Chase site.

  21. Sky

    I am a bit confused as to how to actually use BA Avios miles to book domestic tickets on the American website. Can I directly login to the account on the AA website or do I need to call BA to book. The same applies to international flights using Singapore miles to book on Swiss or using Korean miles to book on AF. It always says that there are no flights to the destination you have chosen even though it is service by its partner airline.


      @Sky – You need to either login to the website or call BA to book.

      For Singapore miles to book Swiss, call Singapore. And for Korean miles on AF, call Korean.

  22. Tiny

    Honeymoon strategy question:
    Looking to fly to Bali from NYC. Biz class. Was thinking of using AA miles (right now, each ticket is 140,000 RT on cathay pacific, or 70k OW). I have 20k AA miles, fiance has 40k and gold status. Was obviously going to sign us both up for Citi World Elite for 50k each. Now I’m struggling to find a way to get the other half of the required miles. Would Chase Sapphire be a good option, can I transfer the points to British then again to AA and then book the Cathay tix?

    Other option is fly Cathay biz one way, then use delta miles to get back (I have 55k he has 90k, should be enough for a biz ticket eventually, have to look that up though).

    Would that be a better strategy? I also have 45k SPG points- I want to use that for the hotel in Bali but will reconsider if it’s a better value to transfer them somewhere else.


      @Tiny – Always tough to say since the space could dry up by the time you get the miles. But Getting 70k in your AA account and topping his off for the one way out is good.

      For the way back – yes Delta miles may work – you could transfer your SPG to Delta to top off your account. 70k per person will do the trick if you’re willing to fly one of their partners (the Chinese airlines are just fine) – so only need to transfer 20k to your account to get what you need.

      Or if you feel like waiting, get a Delta card or consider the Amex Plat Mercedes Benz 75k offer, or see if you’re targeted for something better here:

  23. Monica

    I’d like to fly to Europe using Alaskan miles(via American Airlines) as it only require 20,000 miles one way. Is there a way to transfer miles from Chase Sapphire to Alaskan airlines? Thanks!


          @Monica – One option would be to use British Airway points for a London – Barcelona ticket separately (7,500 points for that).

  24. allison

    Im waffeling between chase sapphire and southwest rewards card. I know you can transfer chase points but do you get better value if you go directly with a southwest rewards card? I spend between 2-3k a month


      @allison – The points are worth the same either way (transfer or earn directly with the Southwest card). An advantage of the Sapphire is an introductory $0 annual fee the first year, while the Southwest card charges you the annual fee upfront.

  25. Andrea Nelson

    I heard that Alaska Airlines has purchased Virgin Air. Will Chase Saphire now partner with Alaska? Hope so, because Alaska is a more highly rated airline than United and Delta. Fewer flight cancellations and much better service. I try to fly Alaska whenever possible.


      @Andrea – That would be great if they did – but no word on it at this point. It will be a while before these sorts of things get worked out.

      But you can book Alaska flights with your Chase points by transferring to Korean Skypass or British Airways Avios – as both are partners with Alaska.

      1. Jordan G

        Hey just thought I would add. Virgin Atlantic is different from Virgin America which was bought out by Alaska Airlines. So unless they partner with Alaska directly, don’t get your hopes up in the near future!

  26. Constance McGraw


    I am considering applying for the chase sapphire preferred card, but I am an American Airlines frequent flyer user. Would I be able to apply points to travel through American Airlines flights?

  27. Brandon

    I am looking into getting the Sapphire card and hope to take advantage of the 50,000 bonus points upon signing up. I’d like to use those points into paying for a flight to Thailand via Asiana – is this possible? I believe Asiana is a partner of United. Thanks!

      1. Brandon

        hi thank you for the response! where did you see that the flight to Thailand via Asiana would cost 40K miles? I’d also only be booking a one way ticket there.


            @Brandon – You can check the price on Just check the ‘Search for award travel’ box when you search for flights, and you’ll see which days are available, and the mileage prices for flights.

            When you find one that works, you can transfer your points from Chase to United MileagePlus and book.

          2. Brandon

            I tried to do so, but did not see the same Asiana flight I saw on google flights I had hoped to book. Does this mean that United wont let me transfer chase sapphire miles points to Asiana?


            @Brandon – It means Asiana hasn’t released award seat inventory on that flight. That’s the rub of using airline miles…there need to be award seats available on the flight you want when you book. An alternative is to use your Chase points like cash to pay for some or all of the flight. Every 10,000 points is worth $125 toward flights when you shop for them on

  28. Nolan

    I am looking into getting this card. I do fly with allegiant air frequently, and I do not see them on the list. Is there no way of using the rewards for allegiant air flights?


      @Nolan – You could use them for Allegiant flights, you’d book them by calling the Chase travel center. Every 10,000 points is worth $125 in flights on Allegiant, and it works just like buying a cash ticket. The catch is any fees like seat or baggage fees have to be paid by you, rather than points. They’ll only cover the airfare with points.

      But if you plan to use only Allegiant, and not save up for an award on United or Southwest, then you’re probably better off with the Barclaycard Arrival or Capital One Venture, as they earn their points a bit more quickly. You get 2x points on everything. They don’t have the ‘transfer to real airline miles’ feature, but if you’re just planning to use Allegiant that wouldn’t matter to you.

      Here’s a rundown of the Arrival Plus.

  29. Barbara

    Debating changing United Visa card for Chase Saphire but am looking for a card that will get me Air France. Trying to book business using United miles ( I have 300,000) is impossible. I have been booking Air France using American Express.
    Much easier to get business class tickets

  30. Adarsh

    Late comment, but i thought chase points were 1:1 with miles? so 50,000 chase points equates to 50,000 miles…?

  31. Mike

    What is the best VISA card to use in conjunction with American Airlines miles? I already have a MasterCard with American Airlines I use for my business. I want to get a VISA card with American Airlines miles for personal daily purchases which now I’m doing on a debit card with zero benefits.


      @Mike – Unfortunately nothing out there that’s a Visa and earns real America AAdvantage miles. Citi stopped issuing the Visa versions last year. But it’s worth a call to Citi to see if they are able to do a product change for you. Probably no, but you never know.

  32. John

    I’m new to travel points cards. I have 40,000 miles in a AA/USair account. Can I combine those with my travel points and use the combined amount to get AA/USair flights? Either through British Airways or AA/USair? I don’t quite understand the relationship between the three airlines. Thank you.

    1. Lydia

      Same ? Evidently no good answers. The new American has unfortunately become our primary carrier. Their new frequent flier program is pretty useless and it looks like you would have to go through British air to book these miles. Probably a lot of time on hold on the phone for very high mileage seats. How I miss US Airways

  33. Bonnie

    Yikes some of this is confusing! I have a Chase Sapphire card with about 70,000 points. My daughter and I will be flying into Budapest and out of Amsterdam this fall. We plan to fly business class for this trip. I have been looking at United, British Air and Delta. I know I don’t have enough points to cover even one flight. I will be using my Chase card. Can my points be used to reduce the cost of the flights? Is it worth booking through Chase travel? Or should I save the points for another time and just book flight myself directly. I had called Chase travel and one of the flights I was looking at on United they said did not show up for them. That has me worried, since it is still on Kayak and on the airline website.


      @Bonnie- If you’re looking to fly Business Class one option is to buy coach tickets then use miles to upgrade on United. It will cost an extra $550 each way and 25,000 miles each way for each ticket. But with 70,000 points you can at least try to upgrade the two of you in one direction. For example United’s flights to Brussels tend to have good upgrade availability, and they connect to Budapest on Brussels Airlines. On the way back the Amsterdam to Chicago flight tends to have good upgrade availability.

      If you want more United miles, consider applying for the United Explorer card. It’s offering up to 50k miles if you apply in a Chase branch, or try this link to see if you’re offered 50k:

      Another way to rack up would be to consider AA miles. There’s a 50k bonus on the American Airlines card, and the US Airways card is also offering 50k and those miles will turn into American this Spring. So you’d have 100k AA miles to play with, which is enough for two one-way tickets in Business Class on AA or British Airways. So you could do a United coach ticket upgraded with miles + $550 one way, and an award ticket on AA or BA for the other direction.

      Otherwise if you want to use Chase travel your points are worth 1.25 cents each, so 70,000 are worth $875 – which basically gets you less than half a business class fare.

      1. Bonnie

        Thank you so much for your information. I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and get the tickets through Delta and save the Sapphire points for another trip. We wanted flat bed seats for this trip and Delta had them.

        I plan to fly from Orlando to Barcelona and Venice to Orlando (3 1/2 week cruise) fall of 2016. So I am hoping that my now over 100,000 points will help me get a business class ticket for that trip. This time it will just be one ticket. I should have maybe another 20,000 to 30,000 points by the time I will need to book my ticket. Cruise costing a small fortune so need for my ticket to be as inexpensive as possible. I would even do comfort economy if the seats were OK for sleeping. I understand that BA charges lots of fees. Am I better of using United or going the back way to Delta? Or another option.


          @Bonnie – Hard to say at this point as fares aren’t loaded up, but United will probably be your easiest choice if you can squeak out 140k points, which will give you access to its partner flights.

  34. Tana

    In the FAQ section of the Sapphire Preferred card, it says “Only purchases for airline tickets made directly with the airline will qualify.” I am correct in assuming that this means to qualify for the ***2X POINTS ON TRAVEL*, Earn 2 points per $1 spent on travel when you use your card to pay for airfare***?

    Also, does this mean the direct purchase of a ticket with any airline, or just with the partner airlines affiliated with the Sapphire Preferred card (ie. United, Korean Airlines, British Airways, etc.)?

    Thanks for your time!

  35. Sally

    If I am a member of the United mileage plus program, would I be able to maximize my rewards/flight credits by getting the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card? As far as I can tell, both offer rewards for everyday purchases and the annual fee is the same. In your experience, do you end up saving more by transferring miles into a frequent flyer program like United or by purchasing through Chase’s website

    I am new to this rewards thing so thanks in advance!


      @Sally – If you spend less than $25,000 a year, the Sapphire Preferred will earn you more points because of 2x points on dining and travel spending. It also gives you the double flexibility of being able to transfer to United or use the points to buy through the Chase website. You just decide whenever you’re ready to use your points.

    2. Dan

      Sally: I am very old at this. Since you are new, I will share my experience. I will soon drop my United card in favor of the Sapphire Preferred. I fly United a lot and use their points for a fair amount of reward travel. The Sapphire gives you flexibility that the United card does not. You will need this flexibility when you start booking hotels and airlines other than United. PS -Don’t use the Chase travel site to book travel. It’s a clone of the AMEX site which charges far more for flights than you will pay elsewhere. Use for comparisons.

  36. Pham

    If you transfer your points to a particular airline partner, but then for some reason you decide against it, are you able to cancel the transfer without penalty?

    Thank you!

    1. MileCards

      @Millsy – No you can’t transfer directly to Delta SkyMiles. But there are 3 ways to use Chase points on Delta flights:

      1. Transfer to Virgin Atlantic – you can book Delta flights as long as Delta makes them available at the ‘Saver’ price (for example, 25,000 for a domestic roundtrip). One catch is that if you are going from the U.S. to another country, like France, if you have a connecting flight in the U.S. you’ll be charged separately for that flight.
      2. Transfer to Korean Skypass – same story as Virgin Atlantic, though they don’t charge extra for connecting flights.
      3. Buy Delta tickets using your points at Every 1,000 points in your account is worth $12.50 in airfare, so 10,000 points gets you $125 worth of Delta flights.

    1. MileCards

      @Joe – Yes, step 1 is to transfer the miles to your Southwest account. Step 2 is to move those miles from Southwest into an AirTran account. You’ll need 19,200 miles to get a roundtrip AirTran flight.

    1. MileCards

      @Erin – Unfortunately no there isn’t. The Starwood Preferred Guest American Express earns miles you can transfer to Alaska though.

      1. Brent

        Tell me if my logic is wrong here. Can’t I transfer miles from Alaska Air to Delta (partners) and from the chase sapphire card transfer to korean air then to delta? Or am I being an idiot?


          @Brent- That would be great if it could happen. But unfortunately you can only transfer from Chase to Korean Air and then book a Delta flight with those points.

          And even less useful…the transfer feature to Korean Airlines is temporarily inactive, with no set date for when it will reactivate.

          1. Janice

            You state above that flights can be booked on Alaska using BA points. Does that not work? If not, why? We value our Alaska club for the companion ticket, so are torn between changing to Chase Sapphire altogether or keeping the Alaska and using both. Would would you suggest?


            @Janice – If you fly Alaska a lot and get value out of the companion ticket, probably good to stick with that. But yes, you can use BA points for Alaska Airlines flights. The catch is you pay the point prices BA sets, not the prices you see on the Alaska website, and you need to call BA to check for availability.

            To Hawaii using BA points is a really good deal – 25,000 points roundtrip on a nonstop flight like Seattle – Maui. The catch is, there needs to be award seat availability on the flight you want.

            If you’re flexible, and do fly on nonstop flights to Hawaii with Alaska, it’s worth considering.

  37. David

    Do you know if the sign-up bonuses are available if I have other Chase credit cards? I’ve never had a Sapphire of any type before.

  38. Johnny

    If I were to transfer 25,000 points from Chase Sapphre Preferred into Korean Airlines SkyPass account, does this mean I can then you those 25,000 SkyPass points towards any SkyTeam carrier flight, such as a Delta flight?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. MileCards

      @Johnny – Yes, you can use them for any SkyTeam carrier – but that carrier must have award space available. In Delta’s case it must be at their ‘low’ award level, which when you search for awards on is the ‘green’ colored availability on its calendar.

      1. MileCards

        @Beverly –

        Yes, you definitely can. Just login to and select ‘Earn Faster’, then ‘Combine Ultimate Rewards Points.’

        There, select ‘Other’ as the account you want to transfer to and enter your husband’s name and account number.


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