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New Allegiant credit card gives you free drinks, but is it worth $59?

by on Thu September 1, 2016 • 40 Comments



Allegiant Airlines is a unique discount airline that’s carved out a business flying people from cities that don’t have a lot of airline service to sunny vacation destinations like Las Vegas and Florida.

Now, there’s a new Allegiant World MasterCard from Bank of America with a $59 annual fee that could save you a lot of money on your next Allegiant trip, thanks to a buy one, get one free airfare benefit.

Buy one, get one free airfare

When you book an Allegiant vacation package that has 4 or more hotel nights, or 7+ car rental days, you’ll get free airfare for your traveling companion. There’s no restriction on what type of airfare you need, or special flights. Just get your hotel or car rental through Allegiant, and stay 4 nights in the hotel, or have a car rental over 7 days, and you’re good.

If you fly Allegiant on a trip like that once per year, this benefit alone is worth the $59 annual fee on the card, and more. In this example from Austin to Las Vegas you’ll save over $150 in airfare.


Just make sure you book the trip via phone with a myAllegiant™ Member Services agent. Buy One Get One airfare cannot be purchased on For myAllegiant™ Member Services, call 702-800-2088 from 5 a.m. PT to 5 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday.

If you’re thinking about booking an Allegiant trip, try applying for this card, and you should receive it in about a week after getting approved, and you can then use it to get the buy one, get one free airfare feature.

The card also offers these Allegiant benefits…

Free drinks. Every time you fly Allegiant and show your card, you get a free beverage onboard. This is the first time we’ve seen an airline card specifically offer a free drink onboard every flight.

Priority boarding. Just flash your card to the gate agent, and you can board first on Allegiant flights. Adding authorized users to your account is free, so you could give friends and family the priority boarding and free beverage privileges even when you’re not flying, as long as you trust them as authorized users on your credit card account.

What points does it earn?

The card earning is okay, but not spectacular. You earn:

  • 3x points on Allegiant purchases
  • 2x points on dining
  • 1x points on everything else

The card has an introductory offer of 15,000 points after you spend $1,000 on the card in the first 3 months of holding it.

The myAllegiant Rewards program for Allegiant is pretty straightforward. Every point is worth one penny off an Allegiant trip. So, 10,000 points = $100. There are no blackout dates or restrictions on flights, and you can use as little as one point at a time, so you won’t get stuck with leftover points.

You won’t earn Allegiant points when you fly – you only earn them for purchases made with the credit card, so this is basically a ‘cash for Allegiant flights’ points program.

And you can’t join the Allegiant points program unless you have the Allegiant credit card.

Since you don’t earn any extra points from actually flying, and the points are worth a straight one cent each, you’re better off using another card to earn points from your spending, like the no annual fee Citi Double Cash or the Barclaycard Arrival Plus.

They earn double points on everything and you can use the points for Allegiant flights, or any other kind of travel, or in the case of the Double Cash, anything you want since it’s straight up cash back.

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40 thoughts on New Allegiant credit card gives you free drinks, but is it worth $59?

  1. Burt

    I have the Allegiant card. I know it allows priority boarding for me and have used it, but what if I fly with my wife and daughter? Would they be allowed priority boarding with me? Thanks!


      @Burt – In theory yes if you present your boarding passes at the same time. But not clear from the terms.

  2. Linda Rhorer

    have a new Allegiant credit card . It says I️ can flash my card to get priority boarding . What about if I️ did not select a seat when I️ purchased my ticket .. How does this work .?


      @Linda Rhorer: According to the card terms and conditions: “Cardholders can receive complimentary priority boarding and one free beverage on board every flight by showing their valid Allegiant World Mastercard® to the gate agent upon boarding and/or the flight attendant upon ordering a beverage.” If you did not pay to select a seat when you purchased your ticket, you will be assigned a seat when you check in for your flight. When you board your flight, showing your card and boarding pass to the gate agent should qualify you for priority boarding – it is as simple as that. This information is subject to change.

  3. Kae Reis

    I got a card which they say was issued on 9/25. I booked 3 flights last night and my card shows the amount but when I check my point it shows 0

  4. Kae

    I got a card which they say was issued on 9/25. I booked 3 flights last night and my card shows the amount but when I check my point it shows 0

  5. Benigno Santiago

    I just noticed on my statement an interest charge on purchases which brought by balance up. They charge interest on interest?


      @Benigno – If there was a balance that wasn’t paid in full the prior month, then interest will be calculated off that plus the new purchases.

  6. Russ Lacefield

    I generally go to the airport near me and purchase the tickets in person. I do not have to do it over the phone to qualify do I?

  7. Sandra Beebee

    What’s the chance of someone with bad credit being able to get the card? And will a deposit make a difference? I fly allegiant all the time


      @Sandra – Unfortunately they don’t have a secured card option at this time. Hard to say what bad credit means to you vs the bank, but generally travel cards are targeted to people with good, but not necessarily perfect, credit.

  8. Diane

    Does the Allegiant credit card offer 1 free carry on bag?
    When is the $59 yearly charge start? 1st statement or after the 1st year?

  9. Cindy Wright

    Since the Allegiant card offers trip cancellation insurance. What does that include? And when I book tickets online , are they covered? Where I don’t have to purchase their trip insurance?

  10. carol

    I just booked a trip package yesterday with my card. I didnt know until looking at the comments here you had to call and book and not online, So i guess that means I wont get a buy one get one ticket then

  11. Peggy

    If I book two tickets on my card does the person with me get their first beverage free also, and is it any beverage


      @Peggy – It’s intended to be just for the cardholder, but if you get a flight attendant who isn’t up to speed you might.

  12. brenda

    How do I find out if I have been approved for a credit card today? I was wanting to put these four flights on that credit card if approved.

  13. Kim Martin

    I got the credit card when I booked a flight (as it indicated I would get $50 off if I spent $1000 in 3 months). I just returned from my first flight booked on the card. I assume if I call the number above, I can still take advantage of the buy one airfare / get one free?



      @Kim – Yes you can do that as many times as you want, as long as you purchase a vacation package from Allegiant with four or more hotel nights or seven or more rental car days on the same itinerary.

  14. Barbie

    Are all the perks the same if you use you card to purchase Allegiant tickets for a family member? Like 3x the points and a free beverage if you are not traveling with them? My son travels a lot.


      @Barbie – You’d earn the 3x points in your account for any ticket purchase. As for the free beverage – since they’re simply looking at the card you might be able to add him as an ‘authorized user,’ which gives a card in his name, and that might work, but it might be hit or miss.

  15. Desiree

    Just ordered my next flight and the free companion did not reflect on the pending charges. How do i ensure I get the free ticket. I’m staying four nights (M-Th) as well as renting a car from them.


      @Desiree- Give them a call ASAP on 702-800-2088 – you might have to cancel and rebook it over the phone – you have 24 hours from booking to cancel for free.

  16. Art Thomas

    If I have an Allegiant credit card and book the flight with this credit card will the $8.00 fee for using a credit card be waived vs using a debit card where there is no charge for using a debit card? Please advise. Thanks, Art


      @Art – It won’t be waived, though Allegiant doesn’t put that surcharge on all flights. And the surcharge is a max of $8 – it’s often less.

  17. Courtney Blackcloud

    If i just got my card today in mail and i already bought 9 tickets from mybank card do i get to roll my points onto my allagent card?

  18. Debi

    I’m a new allegiant card holder with an assigned seat, I’m assuming priority seating with this?
    If I show my credit card, will I receive a complimentary alcoholic beverages ? And whom do I show this to?

  19. Ron Ridenour

    Now, when I use a credit card to purchase a ticket on Allegiant I am charged a service charge for using credit! Since I shall be using Allegiant’s card will I still be charged a service fee?

  20. Ron Ridenour

    If my wife and I are flying and I show my Allegiant credit card, and only I have a card, since she is on my itinerary, does she likewise get priority boarding?


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