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How to book travel on the Chase Ultimate Rewards website

by on Tue August 23, 2016 • 59 Comments


Chase Ultimate Rewards is a terrific travel rewards program that can handle all your travel needs, giving you three ways to use your points:

  1. Booking via the Chase Ultimate Rewards website (which we walk through below). This lets you book most airlines, hotels, and car rentals. Your points work like cash to pay for some or all of the price of a ticket so you don’t have to look for special award flights or deal with those rules. If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Ink Preferred every 10,000 points is worth $125 in travel. If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve, every 10,000 points is worth $150 in travel.
  2. Transferring points to travel partners. This lets you turn your points into real miles with participating frequent travel programs, including United MileagePlus, Southwest Rapid Rewards, Marriott Rewards and more. Here’s a rundown of how that works. It’s a good way to get more value if you already have some miles, or want to learn about the ins and outs of reward programs to find awards you wouldn’t normally be able to afford.
  3. Redeeming for statement credit. You can always choose to turn your points into statement credit for any purchase, including travel. It’s not the best value for your points, but you get $0.01 in value per point, so 10,000 points = $100.

The easiest way to use your points for travel is to book via the Chase Ultimate Rewards website, by following these steps:

How to Book a Flight

Log on to the Ultimate Rewards website.


If you carry more than one card, choose the one with the highest annual fee – so you get the best value for your points. You can always combine points among accounts anytime.


Hover your mouse over “Use Points” and click “Explore and Book Travel.”


If it’s a flight you’re after, enter your information and click “Search.” You can chose the number of passengers, class of service, and whether or not you want to limit your search to nonstop flights. You can also opt to include a car rental, hotel, or tourist activities.


In our case, we decided to check a flight between New York JFK and Los Angeles. The result reflects the 25% bonus you receive for booking flights as a Sapphire Preferred cardholder. While the cheapest flight costs $263, the reward would only cost you 21,000 points.


Note that if you don’t see the airline of your choice on the Chase website, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t book it.

Some airlines not on the website can be booked by phone, like Southwest, Allegiant, Norwegian, and Gol. However, some airlines aren’t bookable via Chase at all, such as Easyjet, Ryanair, Volaris, Wow Air, Wizz Air, Indigo, Air Asia, and Spicejet.

Also remember to include more airports around your area to make sure you aren’t missing on other opportunities.

To illustrate, searching NYC-LAX rather than JFK-LAX added a United flight from Newark to the mix. In our example, that didn’t bring down the price, but it’s a possibility.


Our example also demonstrates that booking your flight on the website is sometimes a better solution than transferring points to an airline.

While this domestic roundtrip flight would cost you 25,000 miles on United (which is equal to 25,000 UR points), booking the flight on the Chase website would have the following benefits:

  • Saving 3,000-4,000 points
  • More airline choices
  • Possibly earning airline miles

Note, that this is not always the case – and transferring points is often the way to go with more expensive flights. Read this post to better understand your options to pay the fewest points.

Points and cash

Flexibility of the Ultimate Rewards program is another reason why it’s so versatile. If you don’t have enough points, or if you want to save some of them for another occasion, you can pay the difference with cash. Just enter the amount of points you want to use, or move the slider to the left, and the website will calculate the remainder in cash (if you don’t have enough points in your account, the website will do it for you anyway).


Does the Ultimate Rewards Website Have the Same Airfare As Others?

Sometimes, but it’s not always the case. On some occasions, it can be better or worse, so always check other sources, such as airline websites and online travel agents: Orbitz, Kayak, Priceline, Travelocity, etc.

Google Flights is a good source to check, too.  

What About Earning Miles?

In two words, it depends. Since most fares people end up booking are deep discounted fares, this is up to an individual airline’s rules. Sometimes you get the full amount of miles, other times you get less or nothing. There are airlines that allow you to get regular but not bonus miles – for example JetBlue offers at least 3 extra points if you book a ticket on

Sometimes the fares on the Chase site are ‘bulk’ discounted fares which airline sell to travel agents.

Some airlines don’t like it when you book tickets elsewhere and limit your ability to earn miles on fares like these. This is what United states in its terms and conditions for earning miles. Note that this clause allows them to exclude any fare they want.

United Airlines reserves the right to exclude certain flights, fares, tickets, routes, products and/or programs from earning MileagePlus award miles and/or Premier qualifying credits.

To make it more confusing, there’s no reliable way to tell if the fare you’re booking on the Ultimate Rewards website is ‘bulk’ or not.

One way around it is to check the fare you want on the airline’s website, and look for the fare ‘code’ associated with it. You can then call the Ultimate Rewards hotline and have them search for the fare by code.

In many cases, however, you will still get the miles even on a bulk fare. Just make sure to keep the record of the transaction and your boarding pass until you see the them posted in your account.

Can You Book for Someone Else?

Yes, the terms & conditions explicitly allows you to use your points to buy tickets for other people.


Can You Redeem Ultimate Rewards Points for Cash?

Absolutely, and it’s very easy, too! You can redeem your Ultimate Rewards points at 1:1, starting at 2,000 points. You can choose a statement credit or you can deposit your cash back into your Chase account if it’s linked to your credit card(s). Just go to the “Use Points” menu, but instead of clicking “Explore and Book Travel” click “Get Cash Back”.

Can you use a promo code?

There aren’t any promo codes we’re aware of that offer discounts on the Chase site.


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Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

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Partner Offer

50,000 bonus points

Intro Offer

$0 introductory annual fee the first year, then $95

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Foreign Transaction Fee Waived

Yes - transfer to United MileagePlus, Southwest Rapid Rewards, Marriott Rewards, and more

Points Can Transfer to Airline Miles ?

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59 thoughts on How to book travel on the Chase Ultimate Rewards website

  1. sid

    Hi. I want to use points i have collected over time, through usage of my chase sapphire credit card, to buy flight tickets on a website called ‘Priceline’, since they have some really good deals. Can i do that? If yes, how?

  2. Gail

    I was attempting to book a flight on Southwest Airlines and wanted to pay with my Chase points which should be worth 25% more than face value, correct? The number of points they wanted to charge me for the flight was greater than the number of points being charged for the flight on the Southwest website. So It seems to me that I am not getting the benefit of the bonus points from the additional 25%. Am I correct and is there anything I could do to get better value?



      @Gail – The value is 25% more than using them for cash back. There will often be times it costs fewer points to book directly with Southwest, and in those cases, go ahead and transfer the points you need to Southwest.

  3. Lucy

    Would I get more points if I purchase my ticket with my card first and erase it with the points later?

    Because I get 1.5 points when purchasing with my credit card. It’s only 1.25 when using the points through Chase Ultimate Rewards site.


      @Lucy – Yes you would earn 1.5 points for the purchase. Then you’d pay 1 point per cent in flight cost for a statement credit. So a $1,000 flight would earn you 1,500 points, but you’d have to pay 100,000 points to cover the cost as statement credit, since statement credits cost 1 point per cent.

      If instead you used the Ultimate Rewards site to book that $1,000 flight, it would cost 80,000 points, since bookings on the Chase site get you 1.25 cents per point in value, but you wouldn’t earn any points.

  4. Betty

    If my boyfriend and I are traveling together (not married) and both the flight and hotel is booked with my Sapphire Preferred, are we both covered in case either one of us has one of the issues listed? (i.e. death in family, illness, etc.)

  5. steve

    If I book a cruise through the Chase travel portal (calling in) and I don’t have enough UR points, can I pay the rest using a Capitol One Venture credit card (or does it have to be a Chase card)?

      1. Avi

        can it be any chase card? if i want to fly united and book through the sapphire reserve portal, can i leave off a few miles in order to pay a few cents with my united card so i can get free checked bags? or does it have to be with the reserve card that i am using for the points.

        1. Jesse

          I’m wondering this same thing. I’d like to keep my free bag and priority boarding that I get with my Chase United card and wondering if I’d get those benefits if not paying for the entire purchase with the card…


            @Jesse – If part of the purchase is on the card it should register with a ticket number which is what ties the benefit.

  6. Tracey

    I am taking my mom on a trip to Europe next year to celebrate her retirement. I tried booking a flight home to the U.S. using my rewards points and I received an error message at the very end during checkout stating the flight had just sold out or was no longer available. This is incorrect as I checked other search engines and the flight is still showing available seating, same price and all. Very disappointing Chase!


      @Rabia shah: It depends on which carrier you book with, but many will require your passport number and expiration date. You will have to check with your preferred carrier for their international travel requirements.

  7. Dawn O'Malley

    If I use Chase points to book an activity such as a bus tour in London, how do I find out which company is providing the tour? I want to read reviews and make sure it’s someone I want to do business with.

  8. Jess

    Kind of late to the party but I thought I’d give it a shot!

    If I use my card to book a flight as part of reaching the $4,000 in spending, would I only be able to redeem cash to apply to my bill after the fact? And that would only apply as $100 per 10,000 points, correct?

  9. Shawn

    My flight that I purchase thru UR mall with 100% UR points got delayed 11 hrs. Will I still be able to get trip delay benefit?


      @Shawn – Should be – best to call the number on the back of your card to check up on that.


      @Andy – Unfortunately no way to search online – you need to call them on 1-866-951-6592 for first class.

  10. Eric

    If i book travel with chase sapphire preferred points and pay the remainder in cash – can the remaining cash portion be payed with my chase Ritz Carlton card to complete it’s sign-on bonus or is it required to be charged against the same card the points are on?

  11. Jamie

    Can you book a flight on a different website other than Chase and still use your points? (I.e. book on kayak, spirit airlines, etc.)


      @Jamie – You can always use your points to get statement credit for any kind of purchase. But your points don’t go as far then. Every 10,000 points is worth $100 for statement credit, instead of $125 – $150 if you use the Chase site to book travel.

  12. John A Davis

    So I am approved for the Sapphire Preferred, waiting for my card. That was easy. I went into my Chase account on the web and was immediately approved.

    My main reason is to get “primary” car insuranc le when renting a car in Costa Rica. Is that true? By using the card to rent a car gets me full insurance coverage during it’s use, correct?


      @John – You can be covered for collision damage to the car. Personal liability is not included with credit card coverage – though your own auto policy or the rental itself might include it – best to check on that with your agency and car rental company.

  13. Italiangirl

    Chase doesn’t seem to have he ability to combine different airlines. for example we want to go into Toulouse France and out of Lisbon. On Kayak it lists a good priced flight using both Virgin Atlantic and British Air. When I called, the travel agent was not versed in this scenario. Should I just redeem my reward points for cash? There are fares on British Air or Air France but they are $250 more on the Chase site.
    Hmmm…a mathematic problem. I get 1.25 more for my money if I book though Chase but pay $250 more. what to do?


      @Italiangirl – If the higher airfare is $1250 or more, you’ll pay fewer points using the Chase site.

      Those Virgin / British combos are a little strange – Virgin basically buys some seats on British Airways connecting flights and sells them to certain travel agents, like the one Kayak found. So they’re not so widely available across all travel booking sites.

  14. Allen

    Can I book hotel nights for my wife and daughter using my reward points? I will not be traveling with them. The points will be coming out of my Business rewards account.

  15. Leslie Brannon

    I have some questions.
    If I use my Chase Sapphire card to book a bus tour through a tour company, can I get 2X points for travel?
    If I apply for the Sapphire Preferred and book a bus tour through a tour company, can I get 2X points for travel?
    If I apply for the Sapphire Preferred would travel protection apply to both me and my spouse or do we have to apply for two separate accounts?


      @Leslie – Yes, if the tour company classifies itself as a travel merchant (it should) you’ll earn 2x points for the purchase.

      Travel protection would apply to both yourself and your spouse traveling together.


      @Esther – Yes the 24 hour risk free cancellation policy can apply if the airline has that policy – and you would get the refund in points or to your card, depending on how you paid. Call Chase Ultimate Rewards to take care of that.

  16. Kristin

    ON Kayak I see a hacker fare flight that uses jet blue on my way to my destination and virgin on my way back. Is it possible to get this flight by calling Chase to book? It doesn’t come up on the chase flight search section.


      @Kristin – Try searching for separate one way flights on the Chase site, which is what a hacker fare actually is.

  17. Kate

    Dreaming of an upgrade or award status.

    I have about 30,000 chase miles. I have about 80000 United miles. Is it better to purchase a ticket through chase and get points and use those points for award travel from chase or purchase a ticket through chase and transfer the points to United? The chase woman said she can’t do upgrades with miles or points.

    I want to get premier status one day. I will be taking 4 flights in the next 6 months and I think that will qualify me on the flight and miles part.


      @Kate – If you want to earn premier miles from a flight, don’t book with United miles. You won’t earn premier miles for flights booked with United miles.

      But if you book using the Chase site you might earn premier miles if the fare allows for it.

      As for an upgrade…

      You can pay in cash for the ticket from Then use United miles (either from your United account or transferred from Chase to your United account) to do the upgrade. You can earn premier miles for flights you upgrade with United miles, since you’re paying cash for the coach fare. Upgrades are handled directly by United using United miles.

      Here’s more info on United upgrades:


          @Laura – Yes you can. Either via the Chase site, or by using a point transfer partner like IHG Rewards, Hyatt Gold Passport, or Marriott Rewards. You might want to check the point prices on all four sites to see which option charges the fewest points for a hotel that’s interesting.

  18. james park

    Thank you for this!! I plan on booking a flight with delta via chase’s website. Do we get Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) if we use our chase points? I am a bit of a status whore so this will definitely sway my opinion.

    Thank you again!


  19. Larry

    Just to our CSR cards. Trying to book flights on Ultimate Rewards site. Every aisle seat in economy is a “Premium” seat on every flight we check. What gives? Spouse and I want at least one aisle seat on an 8 hour flight to Europe. Is this a standard practice with Chase?


      @Larry – Airlines hold back seats as premium so they can charge for the seat assignment – you’d have the same issue on the airline’s website. IF you want the seat, you can contact the airline / look up the reservation on the airline site with your airline booking reference to purchase the seat assignment. That code should be on your itinerary, but you can also call Chase travel to ask for the code.

  20. calvin

    When I book a flight with American Airline for an American Eagle flight will I earn points? I’m trying to get my arms around how all of this works and just want to make sure I’m making the right decisions. We’ll be flying from Birmingham, AL to Miami, Fl and would like to book flight, rental car and hotel with Chase Sapphire. I am about to go through the process…


      @Calvin – Yes you’ll earn 2x Chase points on your Sapphire card for paying for the ticket with your card, and the same for the hotel and rental car. You’ll also earn American Airlines miles when you take the flight.

  21. Ann


    If you purchase a flight through the rewards site, the dollar value with a credit card, not points, do you still earn 2x points per dollar since it’s travel?



      @Ann – Yes you should. A few years back you earned 3x points on that site, but that was reduced to the standard travel level.

  22. Gisella

    If I spend the required amount to get the Introductory 50k sign up points within the first month do I still have to wait the 3 months to get them or will they show up within that months statement?


      @Gisella – They will show up on the statement for the period where you meet the requirement, though sometimes if you meet it close to the statement date, they might not post until the next statement.

  23. Danny

    Q1: When I purchase a ticket from Kayak and pay with Chase card, do I build up mileage?
    Q2: And can I use Chase mileage to buy a ticket at Kayak not at Ultimate Rewards Website?
    Thank you.


      @Danny – Yes you would earn points for a ticket purchase via Kayak – 2x points per dollar you spend.

      As for using your points to buy via Kayak – you can, but you’d have to get it reimbursed as statement credit. In that case your points are only worth 1 cent each, so 10,000 points gets you $100 off. IF you book on the Chase site your points are worth 1.25 cents each so 10,000 points gets you $125.

  24. gary

    Can I use the rewards website to book a flight on Delta? They are the most convenient airline near where I live. Is the redemption rate 1.25:1 for the sapphire preferred card ?


      @Gary – Yes you can, and yes you get 1.25 cents per point, so 10,000 points gets you $125 in flight value.


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