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What airlines are NOT bookable via the Chase Ultimate Rewards site, and how to book them

by on Thu August 18, 2016 • 26 Comments


Chase Ultimate Rewards points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve are great because they let you choose between using real airline miles to book flights (via transfer partners like United MileagePlus, Southwest Rapid Rewards, and British Airways Avios) and using the Chase Ultimate website to book flights directly without award travel restrictions.

With the Chase website you simply pay for flights with points, and the number of points you need is determined by the cash cost of a ticket.

So you don’t have to worry about what flights have special award seats.

The catch is, while the Chase site shows many flights and airlines, it doesn’t show all of them.

Big global airlines like American, Delta, Lufthansa, and Cathay Pacific are no problem and readily bookable.

The issue is with ‘low cost carriers’ like Southwest that don’t have traditional reservation agreements with the big travel networks and won’t display on the Chase site.

Some of those low cost carriers, including Southwest and Allegiant, have exceptions with the Chase travel center to let you book via the phone on 866-951-6592. But others have no ties at all to the Chase travel center, and it’s not all clearly labeled online.

Here’s a list of the largest low cost carriers in the world (according to Wikipedia), as well as some smaller ones that serve the U.S.

Those in bold are bookable with Chase points either via the website or over the phone, according to phone reps. Those that are not bold are not bookable directly by Chase. Note this information could change anytime, so call the travel center to check if an airline has been added.

Visible on Chase website?Bookable by phone?
Air AsiaNoNo
Lion AirNoNo
Wizz AirNoNo
Cebu PacificNoNo
Virgin AmericaYesYes
Wow AirNoNo

The biggest holes are with low cost carriers in Europe, like Easyjet and Ryanair, which are not bookable at all via the Chase website or travel center, while recent Europe to U.S. entrant Norwegian is available over the phone.

For airlines that aren’t bookable directly via Chase, there is a backup plan to use your points.

Chase points always give you the option to redeem your points to use as statement credit. And that credit can be applied to offset any purchase, travel related or not.

The catch is when you redeem for statement credit, you lose the special discount on points when you use them for travel that’s offered with premium Chase cards like the Sapphire Preferred and Reserve.

With the Sapphire Preferred, every 10,000 points is worth $125 toward travel purchases, but only $100 toward statement credit.

With the Sapphire Reserve, every 10,000 points is worth $150 toward travel purchases, but only $100 toward statement credit.

So this isn’t the greatest deal, and it would be better if more airlines were bookable via Chase, but there is a fallback.

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26 thoughts on What airlines are NOT bookable via the Chase Ultimate Rewards site, and how to book them

  1. Ian

    Data point: I wanted to book a Vueling flight from Barcelona to Athens. It wasn’t visible via the Chase portal, but I WAS able to book through a rep over the phone. Only drawback was that it priced out about 20% higher than on Vueling itself.

  2. Nuno

    I’m trying to fly my family of 4 from San Diego to Cancun and I can see a one-way flight from TIJ (using the Skybridge) to CAN on SkyJet (1-stop for $144, on Aug 9), and a return one-way from CAN-TIJ (non-stop on Volaris for $154, on Aug 19). Problem is none of these airlines wrk with Chase.

    I have AMEX points, as well as Delta and JetBlue points but unable to figure out the cheapest way to get to Cancun for a 9-14 day trip returning no later than Aug 19. Any suggestions beyond having to pay cash on SkyJet and Volaris.

  3. Lisa

    Every flight I enter, and I have tried multiple destinations in multiple date, all day none available and modify search date or destination. So according to the booking site from Cincinnati I can’t get to orland, Jacksonville, Prague, Amsterdam, London….that’s just a few of the places I checked over a range of 3 months different dates. Something seems rotten in Denmark! (Although I can’t get there to see what it might be through Ultimate Rewards!!!). Seriously why can’t I book a flight anywhere?

  4. RE

    I have the preferred card and have considered applying for the reserve card.

    $450 is a chunk of change each year, but $300 in travel credit leaves the annual fee at $150.
    Besides the extra 25% bonus, what is a reason anyone should consider the reserve card?

    Will I lose unused points when I close the preferred card?

    Is the point transfer to airlines a one way deal? Can we transfer from Delta (for example) to Chase? (1:1) Wouldn’t that be wonderful!


      @RE – The 3x points on dining / travel vs 2x on the Preferred is the other thing to consider.

      And yes point transfer is just a one way deal.

      You would use your points if you closed the card and had no other Chase card that earns Ultimate Rewards. So you’d be best to redeem them before closing altogether. But if you open a Reserve and then close the Sapphire you’d just move the points to your reserve first.

  5. Dawn

    Our family is in South America, planning to fly to SE Asia. Latam (Chile) offers some of the best routings but. . . I don’t see them listed on your lists as either bookable OR non-bookable with my Chase Sapphire Rewards points. Do you know if there is a way?

      1. Lindsay

        Thanks for this question, Dawn! We are also in S America (Argentina). We are just figuring out how to travel from S America around different places as well, using Chase Sapphire + Freedom miles. Unfortunately I’m finding that travel to and from S America is pretty expensive!

  6. Juan

    Hi. I am betwen s pirit credit card and the Chase Saphire. I do not know what is better for me. Can I buy tickets trougth chase rewards as a free spirit credit card member? Because mile prices are very diferent in Spirit if You are paying the tickets with or without their card


      @Juan – If you see flights that are at times and days that would work for you at the free spirit member rate, then go for the spirit card. Most people have problems with it because they don’t see good prices on the spirit site on the days they want to fly. And beware the miles expire after 3 months of no activity, so make sure you use your card each month for a small charge to keep them from expiring.

      Chase can book spirit flights, but you don’t get the member price of the free spirit card.

  7. Andy

    Can I book on Avianca or Copa with the Sapphire Card? Or will I just need to pay from what website I book with and use a statement credit @ 10k = $100?


      @Andy – Yes you can. Either via the Chase site, or check the site and see if the flights are available for booking with miles there, since they are partners with Avianca and Copa. That might cost less, and if it is, then you can transfer to United to book.

  8. Harry

    I want to use my Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) card to book some flight tickets. However, the carrier is one not in bold (i.e. not visible and not bookable by phone either). I’m unable to understand if I can use my CSP card to book the flight or not. Can you please elaborate?


      @Harry – Probably not bookable via Chase – but doesn’t hurt to call and ask them. The last resort is to just request statement credit for the charge, but in that case your points have less value. 10,000 points = $100 in cash statement credit, vs $125 in Chase travel value.

  9. Dianna

    I have a Delta American Express. I get 1 point for every dollar spent. Can I transfer miles/points from Chase Ultimate Rewards Visa card to my Delta card to add to what’s accumulated on Delta and book a Delta flight with the combined miles?


      @Dianna – Unfortunately you can’t combine the miles into a Delta account.

      What you could do is use Chase points to book one way of your trip, and use Delta miles for the other direction.

  10. UAPhil

    I haven’t booked Ultimate Rewards trips by phone, but I have booked two Southwest trips with Citi Thank You points by phone. It’s a painful process – they assume you’re a novice traveler, ask you all sorts of basic questions, and make you acknowledge multiple disclaimers. The first time I used just my first and last names, and had no trouble cancelling the booking and reusing the travel funds online. The second time I included my middle name; it ended up appended to my first name (without a space in between) in the Southwest reservation. Result: I couldn’t reuse the travel funds online (fortunately a Southwest res agent was able to make new reservations and apply the travel funds to them).

    Bottom line – phone booking is likely to take some time, and may introduce complications if the name does not match what’s in your frequent flyer profile or on your ID.


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