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100,000 point Hilton Honors Surpass bonus – is it worth the $75?

by on Fri September 1, 2017 • 26 Comments

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Update: The 100,000 point Surpass offer ended 10/04/17, and you can see the latest offer here.

The Hilton Honors Surpass American Express is out with a 100,000 point offer that matches the biggest widely available offer it’s ever had.

Every so often the Hilton Honors Surpass American Express comes out with this big offer.

It went away at the end of last summer, and there was a smaller offer in the interim, but now it’s upping the game to a full 100,000 points for a limited time.

Here are the details:

  • Earn 100,000 Hilton Honors Bonus Points after you spend $3,000 in purchases on the Card within your first 3 months. Plus, you get a free weekend night on your cardmember anniversary. Offer Ends 5/31/17 (see rates & fees).  

There is a $75 annual fee, which makes this a less exciting deal, but you get instant Hilton Honors Gold VIP status for holding the card. If you want no annual fee, consider this deal.

This is the largest public deal we’ve seen for this card, so if you’re been holding off, give it a shot now, though if you recently got in on the smaller deal don’t count on Amex matching this bigger offer unfortunately, though you certainly may want to ask.

The free weekend night can be worth hundreds of dollars because it’s good at just about any Hilton hotel worldwide (here’s the list of the handful of hotels that are excluded).

Remember, you can only get one bonus per lifetime on a specific American Express card product, so if you’ve had this specific card before you may not be eligible to receive it again.

Other benefits

The card offers…

  • 12 Honors points per dollar on Hilton purchases
  • 6 points per dollar at U.S. restaurants, supermarkets, and gas stations
  • 3 points per dollar on all other eligible purchases
  • Honors Gold status

No card earns Honors points more quickly based on your everyday spend than this one.

What can you book with 100,000 points?

Point prices for Hilton Honors hotels vary by the day you travel, but some examples include…

2 nights at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, saving almost $400


3 nights at the Hilton Miami Downtown, saving over $450


2 nights at the Hilton Mauritius, saving over $400


Are there better intro deals?

The Citi Hilton Honors Reserve card offers 2 weekend nights good at nearly any Hilton, which given many Hilton hotels cost 50,000 points or more a night, can be worth over 100,000 points in value, so if you’re planning to stay at a popular resort of upscale hotel with your free nights, will get you more value than the Surpass offer. – This offer is no longer available.

The fee on the Reserve is $95, but unlike the Surpass, it has no foreign transaction fees so it’s a better card if you travel abroad.

There’s no reason you can’t carry both cards though.

There’s also a no annual fee deal until 5/31/2017 for the basic Honors Amex, which may be a better choice since you don’t have to pay a $75 fee to earn extra points. We value Hilton Honors points at about a half a cent each, so the extra 20,000 points could get you about $100 in extra hotel stays, so the $75 fee for the 100,000 point Surpass can be worth it if you’re careful with where you use your points.

Or get both cards if you really want to rack up points. Amex is okay with you holding both cards and earning the bonus from each.


Also consider the the Virgin Atlantic MasterCard from Bank of America, which is offering 90,000 points as a sign on deal with a $90 annual fee. Virgin Flying Club points transfer to Hilton at a rate of 3 Honors points for every 2 Virgin Flying Club points, so 90,000 Virgin points equals 135,000 Honors points.

This card is from Bank of America, so you’re diversifying your bank applications, and again there’s no reason you can’t get this as a 4th option to really boost your Honors point portfolio.


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26 thoughts on 100,000 point Hilton Honors Surpass bonus – is it worth the $75?

  1. Mark

    I have a Hilton Honors Visa Card, would I get still get $100K on the Surpass Amex card? Not sure if the exception of already having a similar card applies to one through the same credit card company (i.e., Amex) versus same reward company (i.e., Hilton). Plan would be to close the old visa card as I used up that freebie (80,000 pts) some time ago.

  2. Jake


    I have the standard no fee Hilton Amex. If I applied separately for the Surplus so that I had both cards would I get the 100k bonus? The fine print for the surplus offer reads “Additional Card Members are not eligible to receive this offer.” Does that mean I just can’t have another surplus, or does it mean my no annual fee card will disqualify me from the bonus?



      @Jake – They’re separate products so you should be fine. ‘Additional card members’ refers to people who are listed as authorized users on a card. So for example if you were listed as the authorized user on someone’s Surpass card, you wouldn’t be able to get a bonus for opening a Surpass card.

  3. C.J.

    I have the standard no-fee Hilton AmEx, which I use regularly. I see that there is an upgrade offer in that account to obtain the Surpass card with the 100K bonus, but not the free night during the renewal. Would it be possible to apply for the Surpass card, receive the 100K and free night, and then upgrade my existing Honors AmEx to a Surpass in order to receive an additional 100?

  4. Eddie

    I have already the Amex platinum card. Would it even be worth going for this deal already with a $550 annual fee on the Amex? 100k tho!!!


      @Eddie – Best to think about them independently. If you’re getting your money’s worth with the Plat Card, question is do you think 100k Hilton points is worth the $75 fee and application? You can get around $400 or so in hotel value out of the Hilton points. The status on the Hilton card doesn’t help you because your Platinum Card already offers it.

  5. Galileo

    I applied for the Surpass card back in early May before the 100k Hilton Honors points promo ended. I called them in May and they said I have until July 31st to spend the $3k and get the 100k Hilton Honors Points. Does anyone know if they will honor the 100k, even though they don’t offer this anymore? Does it mean that they are not giving any bonus any longer, or if you signed up before the promotion was discontinued, you will still get your bonus if you spend the $3k by the deadline….?


      @Galileo – Hard to say since it’s no longer available. Sometimes they might match if you let them know while it’s still active. But doesn’t hurt to send them a message while logged into your account to ask.

  6. Michal Cohen

    If I’m a diamond status by HH , will I’ll be able to join the credit card to my current Hilton account? ( the cc offers lower status
    I don’t want to lose my status by applying…


      @Michal – Yes, absolutely – your higher status will prevail. Just enter your current account number when you apply.

  7. Nick

    I stay at hilton properties 3 nights a week every week all year long. All of my travel expenses are reimbursed by the company(food,drink,hotel, anything)
    Which card should I be applying for? 690 score


      @Nick – The Surpass earns points fastest for Hilton stays. Go for that one, especially with this sign on.

  8. John Christy

    How much millage of flight can this 100K points buy? Namely, I am trying to compare the purchase power of this 100,000 points in comparison to the points of other cards, say Chase Sapphire Preferred.


      @John – For flights this won’t get you much. It would get you 10-15,000 airline miles. Using the points for hotels will get you much more value.

  9. Deborah Doctor

    Interesting comparison….but the Virgin Atlantic card terms are:
    20,000 Flying Club bonus miles after your first retail purchase
    50,000 additional Flying Club bonus miles after you spend at least $12,000 in qualifying purchases within 6 months of your account open date
    Earn up to 15,000 additional bonus miles upon anniversary after qualifying purchases
    so not exactly apples-to-apples with offers which require $3,000 spend for 100,000 points


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