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Southwest Companion Pass basics: How to earn and enjoy the pass

by on Sun January 1, 2017 • 75 Comments


There’s no better way to spread the love than to share free flights with a friend all year long (and even a bit longer).

You don’t have to be an employee of the airline to do it, but you do need to earn the Southwest Companion Pass, which is one of the best deals to be had for domestic travel.

The basics of the Southwest Companion Pass are that once you earn it (via accumulating enough Southwest Rapid Rewards points that qualify in a given year) you can bring a companion along on all your Southwest flights for almost free for over a year (just pay the cost of additional taxes, which are a little over $5 per direction for domestic flights).

You earn it by accumulating Southwest Rapid Rewards ‘Companion Pass Qualifying Points‘,’ which can be earned via flying, credit card spending, and more ways we talk about below.


How does the Companion Pass work?

The Southwest Companion Pass can hold some great value for domestic travel and to the destinations that Southwest serves in the Caribbean and Central America.

As mentioned above, the Southwest Companion Pass allows the passholder to designate a companion who can fly with the passholder on the same flight for only the cost of taxes. This applies to both paid flights and award flights booked with Southwest.

There are a few reasons why this is one of the best deals to be had if you fly primarily with another person:

  1. You can use the pass as many times as you want for the entire time the pass is valid. If you wanted to fly somewhere new every single week or weekend, that is allowed! It is a great way to see a lot of the US and a few international destinations for about half of what it would otherwise cost.
  2. The pass can be valid for up to two years. When you earn the pass, you earn it for the remainder of the current year and the entire following year. If you earn the pass in March 2016, the pass is good for March to December of 2016 and all of 2017. If you earn the pass in December of 2016, it is only good for December of 2016 and all of 2017. For this reason, it is best to earn the pass as close to the beginning of the year as possible because you can get almost two years of use out of the companion pass.
  3. You can change your companion up to three times per calendar year. If you don’t travel with the same person all the time, this gives you the ability to bring a couple of different people along as your companion over the course of the time you have the pass. Each time you change the name of your designated companion counts toward your limit of three, even if you use revert back to someone you already had as a companion earlier in the year.
  4. The pass works for both paid and award tickets. Most other airline companion passes or tickets are restricted to only paid tickets and sometimes even only certain fare classes. With the Southwest Companion Pass, as long as there is a seat available for the flight, you are able to book it for your companion. It doesn’t matter if the availability is in the same fare class, it doesn’t matter what type of fare you originally booked, and it doesn’t matter if you booked the ticket with cash or with points.

How to Earn the Southwest Companion Pass

To earn the Southwest Companion Pass, you must earn 110,000 Qualifying Points or fly 100 one-way qualifying flights within one calendar year.

This sounds very difficult, but you might be surprised as to what counts toward the qualifying points, and the many ways to earn them without flying.

We have a full rundown of all the points that count (and don’t count) toward Companion Pass status here, but some of the more useful ones are these:

1. Sign up for Two Southwest Credit Cards

The easiest way to earn the Southwest Companion Pass is to simply apply for two of the three Southwest credit cards when the signup bonuses are 50,000 points each – which in the past has happened a few times a year, but might or might not happen again, so keep an eye open.

After completing the minimum spending requirements to earn the points for both cards you should have 100,000 Qualifying Points from the sign-up bonuses and 4,000+ Qualifying Points from completing the minimum spending requirements, depending on what they are when you apply.

This leaves you having to earn about 6,000 more Qualifying Points in order to have earned the companion pass. Those points can be earned by spending on your Southwest Credit Card(s), shopping through the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal, or flying on paid Southwest flights.

Keep in mind that while there are no hard and fast published rules about getting approved, there is speculation that if you’ve applied for five or more cards in the last two years, you could have a hard time getting approved for these or other credit cards.

2. Shop Using the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal

Any points earned through the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal are Qualifying Points for the Southwest Companion Pass. Depending on the store, you will likely see offers for 1 Rapid Rewards Point per dollar spent up to 5 Rapid Rewards Points per dollar spent. Occasionally you will be able to earn even more than that.

At a rate of 1 Rapid Reward Point per dollar, you would need to spend $110,000 through the Rapid Rewards portal to earn the Southwest Companion Pass. This is probably not going to be reasonable for most people unless you have a lot of business / personal spending that you are reimbursed for.

Even at a rate of 5 Rapid Rewards Points per dollar spent, you would need to spend $22,000 through the portal to get the Companion Pass, which is still a stretch for most people.

Earning Qualifying Points through the shopping portal is best for topping off the remaining points you need to get the Companion Pass, as opposed to completing the quest outright.


3. Fly Southwest

This is definitely the toughest and most expensive way to earn the Companion Pass, but most people earn Companion Pass via at least some regular flying.

If you always buy Wanna Get Away fares (the least expensive fares), you will earn 6 Qualifying Points per dollar spent. If this is the only method you use to earn Southwest Points, it will cost you about $18,300 to earn the Southwest Companion Pass.

If you always buy Business Select fares (the most expensive), you will earn 12 Qualifying Points per dollar spent, and it would cost you about $9,200 to earn the Southwest Companion Pass. All segments would need to be flown within one calendar year in order to qualify for the Companion Pass.

You can also fly 100 segments, again, all in one year, on Southwest to qualify for the Companion Pass.

4. Hotel point transfers (ends 3/31/2017)

Transfers of points from hotel partners like Marriott Rewards will count, but only until March 31, 2017.

What Doesn’t Count

From how we’ve made it sound so far, it seems that any points that post to your Southwest account will be Qualifying Points for the Southwest Companion Pass, but that unfortunately isn’t true. Chase Ultimate Rewards earned from a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card do transfer to Southwest Rapid Rewards, but these transfers do not count as Qualifying Points for the Companion Pass.

There are also a few other exceptions to what points do and don’t count towards qualifying you can read about here.

How to Use the Southwest Companion Pass

Now that you have the Southwest Companion Pass, it is time to put it to use! To use your companion pass, the first step is to book a flight as you normally would. Once you have booked your itinerary, you will be able to view it in your existing reservations.

At the bottom of your flight details, you will have the option to “Add a Companion.” You will be taken to a page that confirms all of the flight details and you will be able to enter payment information to cover the taxes for the flight.


To make sure that your companion is added correctly, you can go back to your reservations and you should see two different confirmation numbers – one for you, and one for your companion.

You should also receive an email with confirmation of the purchase for the companion ticket.

How to Change Your Companion

You can change your companion up to three times per calendar year when you hold the pass. The easiest way to change your companion is to call Southwest customer service at 1-800-435-9792 and request to have your companion changed. Your new companion will be effective immediately, and a new Companion Pass will be sent out in the mail.

Tips and Reminders

  1. You can book any seat that is for sale – it doesn’t just have to be the cheapest “Wanna Get Away” fares.
  2. The Companion Pass can be used for both flights booked with cash and flights booked with points.
  3. You can add your companion any time – you don’t have to do it immediately after booking the flight. And the fare you originally bought doesn’t have to be available – there just has to be a single extra seat left on the flight, which makes for great flexibility.
  4. There’s no fee to cancel or change. You can remove your companion free any time, and you can change or refund your tickets any time with no fee.
  5. You have to check in separately. You have two different confirmation numbers and you must check both in separately in order to get your boarding order.

Other than that, the Companion Pass is an easy, rewarding way to bring a friend (or three) along for free, plus a few taxes, on all the Southwest flights you take.

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75 thoughts on Southwest Companion Pass basics: How to earn and enjoy the pass

  1. Theodore

    Since the two credit card option would result in two different account, is there a fee for transferring the points from one credit card account to the other? Thanks

    1. Vanessa

      Hey Theodore!

      To my knowledge you would have both cards linked to rapid rewards and the points go directly to the same account. I have just signed up for my second card, as I am trying to earn the companion pass this year. I can clarify this as soon as I earn my points. And if you are interested in signing up with a card, and want to help me out in the process I can send you my referral link (:


      @Theodore – The points would post to one single Rapid Rewards account, like the one you might already have. Just include that account number when you apply.

  2. Rachel

    Hi! You said “The easiest way to earn the Southwest Companion Pass is to simply apply for two of the three Southwest credit cards…”. My husband just got the Southwest Rewards Card. Are you saying if I were to also get a Southwest Card, we could combine our points making it easier to get the companion pass? Assuming we both earn the 50,000 points. I would love to hear your thoughts? That sounds too good to be true.

    1. chris

      Hey Rachel, one person needs to get two cards (plus/premier/bus premier). The points need to go onto the same RR number and you cant share a RR number.
      You could be added as an authorized user to the card….but I would suggest not doing this, that if you’d like to earn the bonus say in 2 years when your current companion pass expires, you will still be eligible for the promotion. You can alternate with your husband and always have the CP.

  3. Casey

    I have referral codes for PREMIER CARD and am looking to help someone out by using their BUSINESS PREMIER CARD.

    Ideal situation would be to help out someone who could use my link, but no matter what the case feel free to email me caseyleewalker AT gmail DOT com

  4. Sherri

    I need 9,315 more points to post by year end. Any amazing ideas that will post in time?
    Hotel deals with great extra points ? Not sure they will post in time though…

      1. okan oguz

        oh sorry, i automatically thought credit card for some reason (just woke up haha)… but yeah, that many points at this point is not gonna happen

  5. Chris

    Is there an age requirement to apply for the credit card or to use reward points? For instance, can my 13 year old apply for the card with my signature, get the bonus points for signing up and then use those points for a flight?

  6. chris

    If there is another authorized user for my account, and they have their own card, will points they earn still count for me towards acquiring the companion pass?

  7. MGonzalez

    I don’t understand how can I meet the last points of the 110K in January ( let say that I opened 2 credit cards during 2018 and get the bonuses and use the cards in a way to left 1,000 to spend in Jan 2019 to reach the 110K) to have the pass for almost 2 years (2019 & 2020) and at the same time reading here that points to reach the companion pass must be earned within a calendar year (Jan2018-dec2018 ??) Am I missing something? Please help me.


      @John Helak: No, Southwest Rapid Rewards® points only count towards the Companion Pass when collected in the same calendar year.

  8. Bholman

    I became a companion pass holder in early 2016 by way of premier and plus cards with points. I designated my wife as the companion for 2016 and 2017. Now, we will attempt to get the two cards with points for my wife to get her the campion pass status and I become her companion in 2018 and 2019. In 2016, I added a second card to my account for my wife to use for groceries. Because of this, will this disqualify her from getting the cards to earn points for a companion pass?


      @Bholman: According to the current offer details: “This product [The Southwest Rapid Rewards® Credit Card] is not available to either (i) current Cardmembers of this credit card, or (ii) previous Cardmembers of this credit card who received a new Cardmember bonus for this credit card within the last 24 months.” This information is subject to change.

      If your wife was only an authorized user and not a cardholder, she could qualify for a new cardholder bonus. Contact Chase with any questions about her eligibility.

  9. Annie

    This seems like it has an obvious answer, but the person with the card has to fly eveytime I want to use the pass, right?

    I can’t book a book a flight for someone else using the card and also use the companion pass?


      @Annie: Yes; in order to use the Southwest Companion Pass, the companion needs to fly with the pass holder in order to qualify for the Companion Pass fare. You cannot book a flight for someone else and grant them your Companion Pass benefits to fly with someone else at a discount.

  10. Steve

    I want to travel with my wife (companion) and 2 kids. If I buy my ticket and 2 others for the kids at the same time, this won’t “trip up” my ability to add me wife as a companion later, will it? I could buy the kids’ tickets separately but they are under 18 and not sure that would be allowed.


      @Steve: If you currently have the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass and your wife is currently designated as a companion, you will be given the option to book her ticket as the companion on the itinerary when you book online or call the Southwest reservations number. Therefore, you can keep your entire family on one itinerary and designate your wife as the companion.

      If you do not hold the Southwest Companion Pass right now, you would need to obtain it before booking your flight in order to designate your wife as your companion flying with the pass.

      1. Steve

        Thank you for helpful feedback. I’m still waiting for the Compaion Pass to arrive, so I will wait to book and add her then.


      @Anne – You can book your trip as two one way tickets. One way with the companion, and one way with you alone. Two one way flights don’t cost more than a roundtrip on Southwest.

  11. Julie

    There is a new promotion that selected Californians recently received by invite. If I opened a both credit cards now but didn’t finish my 110k points until January 2018, would my companion pass be valid all 2018 and 2019? I would receive 100k from the bonus sign in, I would need to earn 10k points by January to receive the companion pass for 2018 and 2019 correct? Thanks in advance!


      @Julie – Yes that’s right if you hit the spending in January, provided you get intro offers that give you enough points.

    2. Jessica

      Julie, I have a question for you! I did the California offer too, automatic companion pass after first purchase on the card. Its been about two weeks and my companion pass hasn’t posted to my account yet. Have you received yours? Thanks!

      1. WH

        I signed up under the CA offer and got my email from Southwest that I earned my companion pass and to designate my companion approximately one week after my first statement (statement close date was 11/9, got my companion pass email on 11/15). I believe the official line is that it may take 6-8 weeks for the companion pass. Hope that helps!

  12. Dave Wadlington

    The card offer says it will take about 8 weeks for the bonus points to post, so if I were to get the card now and waited until early December (inside 3 months) to accumulate the $2,000 spending threshold to get the bonus points, would those Bonus points count toward 2017, since that is when they were earned or 2018, since that is when I received the points?


      @Dave – You’re cutting it close. If your statement closes for example on December 14, then you’ll need to get the spending done before then (ideally at least a week or two before then). Otherwise it won’t hit until the January 14 statement.

  13. Sara Grace

    Can a companion pass be used for all international destinations? Which ones are limited? Looking to fly from RDU to Turks and Caicos.

  14. MBaldez

    I currently have over 110,000 points. Once I redeem my companion pass, will my points balance be deducted by 110,000? Also, Can I still use points to redeem flights even when using the companion pass?


      @MBaldez – You get to keep all the points, and yes you can bring a companion along when you’re using points. Companion pass is automatic – but are you sure all 110,000 points were earned in 2017? That’s the key – you need to earn the 100,00 points in one calendar year.

  15. Steve

    I keep seeing references made to domestic flights, when it comes to using a companion pass. Am I assuming correctly, that the use of a companion pass cannot be used on flights to the Caribbean, Mexico, etc? Please advise. Thanks!!


      @jen – If you’re applying for a card version you already have, yes. You can’t get a bonus if you have the same card type currently open.

      1. jen

        If my husband and I both have different SW cards, and i apply for 2 I don’t have, should he cancel his and keep his open? I’m trying to figure out the best way to take advantage of getting bonus points more than once. So, after 24 months, we cancel the two I applied for then he applies for two to get more points? Is that how you would suggest?


          @Jen – Just pick one of you to apply for two this time around. The other can keep or cancel – doesn’t really matter for the intro bonus this year.

  16. LukeNtash

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  17. LukeNtash

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  18. Luke

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  19. Atashia

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  20. Personal Plus and Premier

    I have referrals for both the personal plus as well as personal premier cards. Let me know if you’re interested.

    kap20k4 at hotmail dot com


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  22. Atashia

    I have 10 referrals available for this awesome Southwest mileage card …. Please help me earn points by using my referral codes and earn the max amount of points for yourself!! Email me at atashiawittwer @ yahoo . com I will be alerted immediately and will be able to send you the referral email immediately so you can start earning your points right away.

  23. Sergio Valdes

    Once you earn the companion pass, and the period for it ends… can you qualify again when you earn another 110K points?
    So… lets say you get it on Mar’17, it will be good until Dec’18. what happens once it ends? are you able to get it awarded again when you reach 110k pts?


      @Sergio – Yes anytime you earn 110k points in a January – December period you can extend the Companion Pass.

  24. Steven Hutcheson

    I have both the Plus (50k) and Premier (50k) links available. Feel free to email me at steven.t.hutcheson at I’ll respond quickly.

  25. Atashia

    I have 10 referrals available for this awesome Southwest mileage card … Please help me earn points by using my referral codes and earn the max amount of points for yourself!! Email me at atashiawittwer @ yahoo . com I will be alerted immediately and will be able to send you the referral email immediately so you can start earning your points right away.

  26. Robert

    Loved your article. I had obtained the companion pass many years the old-fashioned way – business travel.
    Can someone qualify to get this multiple times in their lifetime – do you know? 🙂

  27. John


    Thanks for the article. I like southwest except it’s expensive to transfer points to another southwest account (like the ones which we have free transfer to family). I had a quick question:

    If you book 2 flights and then get the companion pass. Can you cancel 1 flight and will you see that as available right away to be able to add the companion pass. If your ticket was a wanna get away fare is gone but the expensive seats are available? Can you add a companion pass? Or is it only if seats are available in your category?

    Thank you


      @John- You can add the companion even if the Wanna Get Away fare is not available – there just needs to be an Anytime seat for sale on the flight, even if the paid ticket is a Wanna Get Away fare. And you can add the companion even if you purchased the flight before you earned the privileges.

  28. Aqeel Naqvi

    I have southwest Premier card, for past 3 months now.
    I was interested in applying for both premier and plus card to make my way to 110K; however, i feel since I own one card for a few months I will not be get the BONUS offer on the next approval.
    The terms & conditions of the card application say that the members who have a card in the same rapid reward program will not qualify for the bonus.
    I haven’t applied for the card yet, I am bummed to read that; anyone else who had one card for 2-3 months and applied for the other one and got bonus for both?


      @Aqeel – If you still have your Premier card open that won’t make you ineligible. The Plus and Premier are considered different card products.

      1. Aqeel Naqvi

        Pricing & terms section indicates that a card member enrolled in the same reward program will not qualify for the bonus; this can be found in “Replying to this offer section”
        therefore, i feel even if i am approved i will not get those bonus miles after spending 2K on my plus card, since i already got Premier bonus a few months back

  29. Becky

    Hello! I have a couple of questions:

    1. I have applied and been approved for the Premier card for PERSONAL use. As advised above, I’d like to apply for the BUSINESS in order to achieve my companion pass. But I’m not sure how to go about it. Should I just apply again and select BUSINESS?
    2. I’ve also heard you can earn points by referring friends. How do I go about that?

  30. megan

    I have a sticky flying situation coming up where I will have Companion #1 on 2 flights in Sept, then Companion #2 on one in Oct.

    I’m afraid the Oct flight is going to be sold out when it comes time to switch CP to #2.

    Is it possible to reserve 2 seats on the Oct flight, then when it comes time to add CP #2, if it’s sold out, SW Customer Service can give my companion the other seat I had reserved?


      @megan – They won’t be able to do that – but you can hope when you give up your seat they will release it into inventory.

  31. Susan radziewicz

    If I have the premier card with 56k reward miles and I just got approved for the plus card, which will give me another 50k reward miles, can these 2 be added together towards the 110k needed for a companion pass?


      @Susan – Yes they can if you earned the 56k miles on the Premier this calendar year. If you earned them last year, they won’t count for companion pass.

  32. Colby

    Do you have to have the companion pass at time of ticket purchase to add them to an itinerary? Or can you purchase a ticket, and when the points from Chase add to the account completing the companion pass add the additional person. I’m just waiting on the business card’s points to post & it’ll complete the 110K!


      @Colby – Yes you can purchase the ticket and add the companion later since all points tickets are refundable.

  33. Tony

    If I get approved from my southwest credit cards in October but don’t get all my points til January of the next year will it count towards my companion pass


      @Tony – Then the points will count toward next year’s Companion Pass earning calendar, and not count toward this year’s earning.

    2. Judith

      I called to book a ticket and to change my companion for the first time and was told I could change companion 4 times. Was I told wrong or have the rules changed?


        @Judith – You can’t change the companion 4 times, but you can have up to 4 distinct companions in a year. Once you select the first one, you can change it 3 times after that.

        “The Member may, however, change his/her designated Companion and request issuance of a new Companion Pass card up to three (3) times each calendar year that the Member maintains Companion Pass status. “


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