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How to move Chase Freedom points to your Chase Sapphire or spouse account

by on Fri June 12, 2015 • 43 Comments

The Chase Freedom® is a great no annual fee card that lets you earn 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards points in rotating categories each quarter you activate.

The points can be used for cash back or to book travel on any airline.

But if you are saving up to travel, the most bang for your points is often to transfer them into real airline miles with Chase partners like United, Southwest, or British Airways.

You can’t do that with a Chase Freedom card alone. But if you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve card you’re eligible to do that by transferring your Freedom points into your other card’s Ultimate Rewards account.

It’s free, instant, and can be reversed any time.

Once the points are in your transfer eligible account, you can turn them into real airline miles or hotel points with Chase partners.

Here’s how:

1. Login to your account at and choose ‘Combine Points’ from the menu at the top right hand corner of your screen.


2. Pick the card you want to move points FROM (in this case your Freedom account) and choose the card you want to move points TO. If you want to move your points to another household member’s account, you can add the account there.


3. Choose the number of points you want to move and confirm.


4. You’re done. You can then go on to transfer your points to real airline miles from the eligible account.


What’s the catch?

Not much…

  • You can combine points with any of the Chase Ultimate Rewards earning cards in your name
  • You can combine points with Chase Ultimate Rewards accounts in the name of anyone in your household who has a Chase Ultimate Rewards account
  • There is no limit to the number of transfers you can do in either direction

But you should be aware…

  • You can’t sell your points to anyone, even to a family member
  • If you choose to transfer points out of Chase to a partner program like United MileagePlus or Southwest Rapid Rewards that’s final and you can’t reverse it
  • If you want to transfer points to a transfer partner like United MileagePlus, you can only send points out to your own account, or the account of a household member who is an authorized user of your card.


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Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Miles dont expireas long as card is open
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Partner Offer

50,000 bonus points

Intro Offer

$0 introductory annual fee the first year, then $95

Annual Fee


Foreign Transaction Fee Waived

Yes - transfer to United MileagePlus, Southwest Rapid Rewards, Marriott Rewards, and more

Points Can Transfer to Airline Miles ?

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43 thoughts on How to move Chase Freedom points to your Chase Sapphire or spouse account

  1. Zack

    Can I open a freedom unlimited and at a later point open a sapphire preferred or reserve, and transfer points earned from freedom unlimited before having the sapphire card?

  2. Alexandra

    I have a Chase Freedom card and fly 8/12 months out of the year, so while the 5% cash back is great on the Freedom, I’m looking for more travel incentives. Would I be able to transfer my balance to the Sapphire Preferred to earn free flights? (Paying lots of interest on the Freedom also!)


      @Alexandra – You can move your points to your Sapphire, but you can’t transfer your credit balance to another Chase card.

  3. KayJay

    Hi there! I’m trying to figure out whether or not I should utilize my Chase Freedom Unlimited in lieu of my Sapphire Reserve on purchases that are not food or travel. Unlimited is 1.5% cash back, which is 1.5 points (I believe), but Reserve is 1 point on those transactions. As such, should I use the Unlimited then transfer to Reserve? If I do that, do I get the 1.75 for the points when using Ultimate Rewards? I appreciate your help!


      @KayJay – Yes that’s the right strategy to get the most points from your non travel / dining purchases. Just move your Freedom Unlimited points to Reserve when you’re ready to redeem.

  4. Tapan

    I have a couple of questions.

    1. How can I transfer my UR points from Freedom Unlimited to United MileagePlus account?
    2. Do I need to have a Sapphire Preferred/reserve or united mileageplus explorer card in order to do that?


  5. Danny

    I have both Chase Ink business card and Chase Reserve card. Can I transfer Chase Ink cash points to UR points? If yes, how?

  6. Rb

    I have a Chase Sapphire Reserved and a Freedom Card. My wife has only a Freedom Unlimited card. Can she transfer me her Freedom points and then I can covert to UR? I’d like to avoid having to pay $75 to add her as an authorized user to my CSR. She already had a Amex Platinum and doesn’t need the benefits. Thanks.

  7. An

    CSR’s points has 1.5 value when you redeem at Chase Travel website.

    When I transfer my freedom points to CSR, does the transferred points also has 1.5 value?

  8. Rob

    Two questions
    1) Can you do the same transfer of cash back points to UReward points with the Freedom Unlimited card? (I also have Reserve and Preferred.)

    2)I know you can downgrade Preferred to regular Freedom.Can you do it to the Freedom Unlimited?


  9. VB

    My wife is currently an authorized user on my Freedom account, and am planning to open another Freedom under her own name. I also am thinking of applying for the Sapphire Preferred, and add her as an authorized user, sometimes in the future. If I’m approved for the Sapphire, can she transfer the points she earned on her own Freedom account into my Sapphire? Many thanks in advance!


      @VB – Yes once she is the primary holder on her own Freedom account, you can share points back and forth among each other anytime as long as you have the same address.

  10. VB

    My wife is currently an authorized user on my Freedom account, but am planning to open another
    Freedom under her own name.I’m also thinking of opening a Sapphire Preferred under my own name
    and add her as an authorized user, sometimes in the future. If I’m approved for the Sapphire, can she transfer the points she earned on her own Freedom account into my Sapphire? Many thanks!

  11. Moe

    I have a chase freedom unlimited, and I am an authorized user on my brother’s chase sapphire preferred. Can I transfer my points to the sapphire? (Obv not a domestic partner, but is authorized user enough)


      @Moe – You can combine points with his Sapphire account if you are a member of the same household.

    2. Wendy

      I’m having trouble understanding what “same household” covers. To me that means living at the same address. Could my father transfer points from his Sapphire to my Sapphire card if we live at separate addresses but part of the same family? Am I reading too much into this? Thanks.

        1. Meghan Jones

          My fiancé and I currently have different billing addresses. Would we need to update to the same billing address to be eligible to transfer his Freedom points into my ultimate rewards account associated with my Sapphire card? We have enough points for our honeymoon flight, but half of them are attached to his Freedom card. If so, do you know how long it takes after updating the address before the account recognizes us as the “same household.” Thanks!!!


            @Meghan – Yes you’d need to change the billing address – and that should take effect pretty quickly – best to call the number on the back of your card to double check the time it takes.

  12. Alex

    I have had my chase sapphire preferred card for over two years now which means I am eligible for the sign up bonus again. I also have a CHase Freedom card. As of right now I have 83K UR’s on my Chase Sapphire Preferred card and 49K UR’s on my Freedom card.

    If I transfer the 83K points from the sapphire preferred card to my Freedom card and then cancel my Chase Sapphire card will my 83K UR points be impacted?

    Assuming they are not impacted I would have a total of 132K UR points on my Freedom card. My plan would then be to sign up for the Sapphire preferred card again to get the 50K bonus and eventually transfer all of the Freedom points back to my new Sapphire preferred card.

    Will this plan work?

    Thank you!


      @Alex – Don’t have a read on whether you would get approved again.

      As for what happens to your points after an account is closed, as long as you keep that Freedom account open and migrate the points there the points will stay active. You just won’t be able to transfer them to an airline or hotel partner if you don’t have a Sapphire or Ink Plus account.

  13. michelle b

    If i have only chase freedom (not UR rewards), is it possible to transfer those points to my husband who does have an UR account?


      @Michelle b – Yes you can. He would have to make you an authorized user on his account, and then you can do the transfer of points back and forth with each other.

  14. Tim

    Can you transfer points from Chase Freedom to Southwest Visa Card Points? In addition, if that is possible, do those points transferred over count toward the companion pass?


      @Tim – You can transfer to Southwest only if you have a Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus account associated with your Freedom.

      As for companion pass, unfortunately points transferred from Chase do not count. However, if you transfer the points to a hotel program like Marriott or Hyatt, and then on to Southwest, you would earn companion pass qualification points. The catch is your points get diluted when they get transferred from the hotel program to Southwest. Learn more about that here:

  15. vicki

    i’m trying to transfer points to my spouse/authorized user’s united mileageplus account. there’s only “Self” as recipient. do i select myself as recipient and enter his united account no? how to do that correctly? much appreciated

  16. Garry


    Any way to transfer Chase Freedom points directly to United? I had applied for Chase Sapphire but it got rejected with a reason “too many cards opened in last 2 years” 🙁

    Need to transfer my Freedom points to United for booking an award ticket.

    1. Cr

      Nope. That’s the entire reason this trick is necessary. You can’t move freedom cards directly to an airline. Sapphire comes with the $95 annual fee, so this is a perk of the fancy card.


      @frank – Yes, any time, and in either direction, as many times as you want. Transfers between Chase Ultimate Rewards cards in your name are unlimited and go in both directions any time.

  17. Sea

    Was wondering – If I transfer my points from Freedom to my Sapphire Preferred, can I then close my Freedom card without losing those transferred points?
    Thanks in advance

  18. Jerome Davis

    I have a Chase Freedom card but no Chase Sapphire Card. However, my with has a Chase Sapphire card. Can I transfer my Freedom points to my wife’s Sapphire card?

      1. Suzy

        Do you have to be authorized users on both the freedom card and sapphire or is just being an authroized user on the sapphire card ok? My husband has an Ink card with fees due and I have separate Ink and Sapphire cards (he is authorized users on both). Wanting to cancel his separate Ink card and transfer his future point earning from Freedom. I’ve always done it with him having his own Sapphire and Ink cards but wasn’t sure if I could still transfer if he didn’t have either of those. Thx


          @Suzy – As long as you transfer before he closes his primary account that’s fine. He needs a primary account (with or without an annual fee) to be able to retain his points and transfer to you.

  19. Louis

    Thank you for the valuable information!
    Do you know how they define domestic partner? Could I transfer points to my gf or fiance, for example?


      @Louis – Officially, it’s a legal domestic partner – one that would qualify you to file jointly on a tax return. There is no verification unless they decide to audit your account.


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