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Declined for a Citi credit card? It might be temporary

by on Wed April 15, 2015 • 5 Comments

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If you’ve applied for a Citi card recently, and received an application denied message in your browser, you might be in for a surprise. .

Citi has policies in place where if the credit line being extended with a new card takes you above a certain threshold for total unsecured credit lines with your other Citi cards, your application needs to have manual approval from a credit analyst.

For example, if the threshold is $75,000 and your total credit lines across Citi cards are $70,000, a new card could put you above the auto approval threshold.

Unfortunately in this situation some of Citi’s credit card application pages are defaulting to a message that says you’ve been outright denied for a card. We’ve been getting several reports of this from visitors applying for World Elite level cards, which tend to have higher credit lines.

In reality, it’s not showing denied internally, and is simply being processed for review.

So you may be surprised to get an email a few days later saying you’ve been approved.

If you think you got a denial in error, you can call the application status hotline on 1-888-201-4523

It will tell you if your application is actually still being processed, rather than outright denied.

There’s no need to speak to anyone directly, as in these situations your application is simply put in a queue for an analyst to review and approve the total credit line.

Of course, if you’ve been applying for Citi products too frequently then you will be denied.

Generally, you can’t apply for more than one Citi product in a week (so applications should be spaced 8 days apart). And Citi doesn’t like to see more than 2 credit card applications within 60 days.




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5 thoughts on Declined for a Citi credit card? It might be temporary

  1. Angelo

    After applying for a Citi ThankYou Rewards Preferred card via CreditKarma I had received a letter requesting me to fill out a tax form releasing my tax records to them.

    I have zero debt, credit score between 804 and 810, no late payments, etc. etc.
    I also have a Citi Diamond Preferred card that I have had for 5 years now

    I called Citi and asked them to explain to me why they would require me to physically complete a tax record release form to release my complete tax records for a credit card?…and got the standard Mumbai boiler room response of “I am sorry sir, I cannot tell you that.”
    I’m not being racist here, I lived and worked in Mumbai several years back and not only very familiar with the particular inflection and accent even with the very best of attempts of an American accent. I also met many “Tech & Customer Support” people there.

    I stated that Citi has known who I am for many years now, has had my income, credit, home and other personal information including my social security number.
    “I am sorry sir, I understand”…THAT’S IT?!?

    Well before I release my tax records to people I personally haven’t met or government agency with a valid reason… I can find many other choices of bank cards to do business with.

    It felt so much like a scam from the beginning, and even though I called the Citi Fraud number to check it out and then transferred by that department, it still is VERY odd of a request.

    Any thoughts

  2. Jay

    I’m a junior in college, and have never had a credit card in my life, but the first one I apply got rejected…their reason is ‘delinquent credit obligations’. I’ve never had a student loan, car loan, or loan in my life. What on earth are they basing this on?


      @Jay – Time to check your credit report and see if there are any late bills in your history – even a late phone bill might be reported. You can get a free official report from CreditKarma also gives you a free view of your report, but it is an advertising based service.

  3. Derek

    i applied for the Citi Prestige card earlier this week. Just as when I applied for the AA Platinum MasterCard last month, I had to call in to get immediate approval. Quick five minute call and I was approved. I could have probably gotten more credit line than I did by shifting some limit from my other Citi cards but I wasn’t looking to carry a balance and the limit was more than sufficient for my needs.


      @Derek – Yes you can speak to someone if you’re in need of immediate approval. Though if you don’t, these credit line reviews usually get processed without a call once they get to their place in the queue.

      Normally the screen tells you that you should make a phone call, but there’s been a glitch where the standard denied application screen shows up instead for some people.


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