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Detailed Citi and Chase travel insurance coverage for cancellation and delays + Barclaycard

by on Fri June 17, 2016 • 62 Comments


The information related to the United MileagePlus® Club card has been collected by and has not been reviewed or provided by the issuer of this card.

If you’re looking for cards with decent travel insurance coverage built in, both Citi and Chase offer good options with some of their more popular travel credit cards.

While the dollar amount of coverage varies by card, what’s actually covered is different depending on whether you’re using a card from Citi or Chase.

A lot of you reading this have both Chase and Citi travel credit cards, and the differences are substantial enough to make a difference if you have a choice of cards.

We’ll walk you through where they differ so you can make an informed decision and get the most of the coverage you deserve.

Here is a side by side comparison of what Citi and Chase cover…along with Barclaycard, but the coverage is so minimal it’s not worth relying on.

Trip cancellation insurance

When do you need to notify?Within 60 days of cancellationWithin 48 hours of knowing you need to cancelWithin 20 days of knowing you need to cancel
Health issues
Illness / injury /death (yourself)Yes - with doctors proofYes - with doctors proofYes - but bacterial / viral infections excluded unless caused by food poisoning or an accident
Illness / injury / death (immediate family members)Yes - if it requires your careYes - not specifiedYes - but bacterial / viral infections excluded unless caused by food poisoning or an accident
Illness / injury / death (non-family travel companions)Yes - if you paid for the traveling companion's travelYesNo
PregnancyYes if doctor didn't advise against travel when bookedPre-existing conditions not coveredNo
Life and home issues
Laid off or firedSome cardsNoNo
Jury dutySome cardsYesNo
Military dutyYesYesNo
House destroyedYes - if deemed unfit to live in or burglarizedYes - yours or a traveling companion'sNo
Major events
WeatherYes - if travel to/from destination blocked for 24 hoursYes - if it prevents a reasonable and prudent person from proceedingNo
TerrorismYes if certified by a government agency, and occurs in the destinationYes - if the incident prevents travel, but not if you're simply concernedNo
Travel supplier out of businessYesYesYes
What's covered
Nonrefundable trip expenses / change feesYesYesYes
Extra expenses to return home soonerYesNoNo
Extra expenses to meet a cruise or other part of trip due to a covered reasonYesNoNo
Racing or being paid for professional sportsNot specifiedVoids coverageNot specified
Rocket travel (the Virgin Galactic clause)Not specifiedVoids coverageNot specified
Travel booked with milesOK if part of trip (like taxes) paid with cardOK if part of trip paid with cardNo, must pay entire trip with card

Citi is most generous

Citi is more generous by allowing a job loss as a covered reason on some cards, and it gives you up to 60 days to report the cancellation.

Citi will also pay extra expenses that arise from a covered reason.

For example, if you have to pay for flights to get back home sooner, or you miss a cruise and need to catch up with it at a different port, Citi will cover it. Chase will only cover nonrefundable charges made in advance.

Both Citi and Chase will cover you if you use miles or points to book a trip, as long as at least some portion of the ticket is paid with your card, like the taxes on an award ticket.

Trip delay coverage

Who is covered?Cardholder, spouse, dependents, and traveling companionsCardholder, spouse, dependent children
Delay length3 - 12 hours (depending on card)12 hours (6 hours with Sapphire Reserve)
Lost / stolen passports, money, or travel documentsYesNo
Oversold flightYesNo
Mechanical delayYesYes
Other carrier caused delayYesNo
Toiletries, other necessitiesYesYes

Where is Citi more generous?

Lost passports / wallets, oversold flights

Citi will cover you if you lose your passport, wallet, or other travel documents, which is a great benefit. So if you show up at the airport and can’t make your flight because your passport is lost (maybe you end up finding it at your hotel), you’ll be covered for staying longer to wrap things up. Though you won’t be covered for change fees or extra airfare.

Citi also covers incidents like an oversold flight where you are involuntarily bumped, while Chase at least in its stated benefits only covers weather, strikes, and mechanical issues.

Where is Chase more generous?

Chase tends to have higher total coverage amounts for trip cancellation ($10,000 for the Sapphire Preferred vs $5,000 for the Citi Premier and Prestige). Otherwise the coverage is generally comparable, though Citi will cover traveling companions, and Citi allows you to count lost passports as a covered reason. The Chase coverage is more vague about things like late crew or being on a flight that is oversold, and you are involuntarily bumped.

If you have a Citi card like the Executive AAdvantage or Citi Prestige that offers coverage on delays as short as 3 hours, then it’s worth choosing your Citi card over your Chase card when booking flights.

Check your details

Finally, always check the details of your specific card before relying on coverage. It can change at any time, and sometimes sub-versions of cards have different levels of coverage and exclusions. Furthermore, these benefits are often provided by a third party administrator, and the administrator, not the bank, may have the final say in whether a claim is valid.

But the details above should guide you in the right direction and help you understand where Citi and Chase have relative strengths for your next trip.

With trip cancellation coverage often running $100 or more when purchased alone these benefits are worth getting to know well.

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62 thoughts on Detailed Citi and Chase travel insurance coverage for cancellation and delays + Barclaycard

  1. dennis eliassen

    I put a non refundable deposit down for my wife and I for a cruise in 2 years through Royal Caribbean last week when we were on a cruise. I have been diagnosed with an interstitial lung disease (probably pneumonitis), cancellation insurance is due within 15 days to cover everything but I would rather use my Costco anywhere card with the included Citi cancellation insurance and get the 3% back. Does my Citi Costco card cover pre-existing conditions if I am not able to go and would it be for both of us?

  2. Elle Luis

    I have a Citi Double Cash card and Im booking a vacation with airfare. If the trip is cancelled due to sickness or injury will I be reimbursed the airline ticket price? Thanks


      @Elle Luis: Login to and check your most recent guide to benefits to determine your current travel insurance benefits available with the Citi Double Cash card.

  3. RS

    I have a Chase Reserve card and I had booked travel (Chase travel) to my home country using points. After a month, doctor confirmed that my wife was pregnant and during her second visit, the doctor advised her not to travel to our home country due to zica virus / other mosquito borne diseases. The next day I called Benefits to report a first notice of loss and confirmed with Benefits agent that pregnancy is covered under trip cancellation. Only after the confirmation, the next day I called Chase travel to cancel the ticket and since it was a non-refundable ticket, I did not get any money back.

    Above is a summary but there were lot of back and forth interactions between me, Chase travel and benefits.

    As part of the claim process, they sent me a physician’s statement form to be filled out by my wife’s doctor’s office. I got it filled out. However in the statement they just mentioned that she was advised not to travel because of her pregnancy. Due to this benefits agent got back to me stating the below:
    “The Physicians Statement form that was provided only indicates that the physician advised your spouse not to travel due to pregnancy. The form did not include a medical condition. If your spouse had a medical condition causing her not to travel, please provide more documentation from the physician.”

    Then I called benefits up again to figure out what was going on and they said that if my wife did not have any medical condition, then the claim’s examiner generally cannot approve the claim. And pregnancy is not considered under the benefits for trip cancellation insurance.

    Could you please help me by letting me know how to tackle this situation? Do you think I will get my claim approved? Even though I paid with my points, its still lot of money and I would like to get it back.

    Thank you!


      @RS: Congratulations on the addition to your family! Unfortunately, this is a very tricky situation for which there is no easy answer.

      According to the Chase Sapphire Reserve Guide to Benefits, the medical conditions covered under the trip cancellation benefits are “Accidental Bodily Injury, Loss of Life, or Sickness experienced by you, a Traveling Companion, or an Immediate Family Member of you or a Traveling Companion,” or “Quarantine imposed by a Physician for health reasons.” Unless your situation falls distinctly under one of those covered situations, your claim may not be approved. You can read the entire Chase Sapphire Reserve guide to benefits at: Good luck with your claim.

    2. Raj


      Congrats buddy!

      I have the exact same situation but i am yet to cancel my tickets.

      I got the same answer from chase representatives. Did you manage to get refund from chase?


  4. MM

    I have a trip planned that is about $17,000 for my wife and me. Can I put the expenses for each traveler on separate Chase cards to get $10,000 for each of us?

  5. A. P.

    Hi there,

    Air Berlin filed for financial insolvency. I have a round trip planned in 3 days from SFO-TXL-KRK and KRK-TXL-SFO with myself and another traveler. There are two possibilities for our flight this coming Friday:
    1. They canceled the flight today without any notices sent out…we only found out through our travel agency because they’ve been checking.
    2. They can put me on a different flight route (SFO-DUS-TXL-KRK) 4 days later.
    Both options are without a return flight option, meaning they will only fulfill one part of the trip by re-routing me through another airport with significant delay or my flights are canceled altogether with no possibility of refund from air Berlin.

    How likely is it that I will be able to claim the price of two round trip tickets in his case? Both paid for with my citi visa. I’ve been trying to look online regarding this matter and financial insolvency is not under “what’s not covered” so it gives me some hope…and they canceled without any valid reason given, technically.

    Thanks in advance!


      @AP – Yes that is generally a covered reason.

      “A travel supplier, such as an airline or lodge, goes out of business or goes into financial default after the purchase of the Trip, impairing the Covered Traveler’s ability to travel.”

      Really best to call the number on the back of your card and check if it applies to your situation.

      1. A. P.

        Thanks for the quick response.

        When I called the number to ask, they didn’t specify but allowed me to file a claim. When my friend who called (using citi Costco visa), he was told that carrier financial insolvency or bankruptcy are not covered…therefore the confusion.

        Where did you find that quote? I will try to do more research…

        Thanks again!

        1. Marc

          Hey A. P. – we just got a letter today from Air Berlin – we also used a Citi Costco Card – we filed the claim and they told me to temporally refund the money in the next 48 hrs. They will then get with Air Berlin – not sure what that will give them other than a SORRY but they still will try – if that fails the told us the card has an insurance for other cancelation reasons and they might be able to work something out this route. Crossing my fingers. Struggling right now to get a new flight but we don’t have any success on a direct flight from RSW now MIA.

  6. Julio


    We live in Orlando.

    I used my Citi Platinum select to book a weekend in Washington DC to be away while hurricane Wilma passed near Florida. We booked the trip on Tuesday, flew out on Thursday and were supposed to fly back on Sunday.

    The hurricane took a turn and hit Orlando on Sunday. My flight was cancelled and now the next available flight is on Thursday. I just started a claim without any objection from Citi.

    A friend of my new told me that because the hurricane was already firmed I won’t be covered.

    Should I expect any issues with the refunds ?


      @Julio – Hard to say. Best you can do is continue with the claim. Though the airline should refund your ticket if the flight is cancelled, so not sure what the claim would be for.

  7. Tiago C. Pereira

    I booked a flight on August 13 (Aug. 26 – Sept 1 round trip SFO-SD) on my Citi Simplicity card. Plans changed and it going to make more sense to drive instead of flying to SD.

    It`s been 4 days since I bought the ticket and we’re 8 1/2 days to departure date. Is there any way I can get a refund on that ticket?

    Thanks for your help


      @Tiago – Unfortunately you won’t have much luck from the card on that front. What airline is it? If it’s Southwest, you can change the dates / trip to another time or city for no fee.

  8. Elaine

    I booked my roundtrip Europe tickets for October with my TY points and partially paid with my Citi Thank you Premier credit card. I am be billed an annual fee this month. If I cancel my card, will my ticket still be valid for travel in October? Will I not have any travel protection on that ticket if the credit card is cancelled? Thank you


      @Elaine – Your ticket would still be valid, but any card benefit protections that might apply wouldn’t be valid once you cancel your card.

  9. Hanna E.

    When I received citi thank you premier card I was able to download the guide for protection benefits. Since my iPad needed to be rebooted I lost this inf. I am going on a trip on Monday and would like to download it again. How can I get it please?
    Thank you, Hanna

  10. HDT

    I booked a flight yesterday (monday) with Expedia for my daughter and myself for travel Thursday night through Monday am. Today my daughter fractured her finger. She needs a follow up appointment on Friday but I’m trying to get her an appointment on Thursday. So I need to figure out what to do with my flight. I can still cancel my reservation with Expedia till midnight tonight. But I’d still like to travel this weekend. If I don’t cancel my flight, would I be able to change my thursday eve flight to friday? How much am I eligible to spend on this change? Would I be also eligible to change my Monday flight, since we’ll be away for shorter than planned if we depart later than expected? Also, If i’m eligible for this benefit, what kind of documentation do I need? Thanks

  11. Alex

    If I redeemed AAdvantage miles for a flight that is delayed, and paid the service charge with my Citi AAdvantage Executive card, am I still eligible for Trip Delay Protection in the event that my flight is delayed due to weather?


      @Alex – Yes you may be – best to call the number on the back of your card to check your specific situation.


          @Dan – If you do a partial payment, you’ll only get reimbursement up to the amount you put on your card. If you pay entirely with ThankYou points or the card, then you can get reimbursed all the way up to the coverage limit.

  12. Dan

    I have been looking to see what is the best way to cover award ticket travel. I am taking a stepson who has cancer and I am booking pretty far out so travel insurance would be a good idea.

    I do not see how Citi covers award ticket travel at least with the Prestige card.

    From the benefits guide under both the trip interruption as well as the trip delay section

    “The trip was paid for in full including taxes and fees with your Citi card, Citi reward points or a combination of both.”

    The baggage delay has this under what’s not covered:

    Your travel is free because you use travel awards other than your
    Citi card rewards, such as airline points, vouchers or free
    companion tickets.

    For the Chase Sapphire the benefits guide says

    “:If any or all of the Covered Trip was paid for using redeemable
    Rewards, the Company will reimburse the Insured Person for Rewards
    used. The Company’s reimbursement shall equal the monetary value
    of the redemption through the Common Carrier, Tour Operator, Travel
    Agency, or Travel Supplier up to the Benefit Amount. If the monetary
    value of the redemption does not appear on the Insured Person’s
    itinerary or redemption confirmation issued by the Common Carrier,
    Rewards program manager, Tour Operator, Travel Agency, or Travel
    Supplier the Company will reimburse the Insured Person ($.01) per
    point redeemed up to the Insured Person’s Benefit Amount”

    It goes on to say that the points have to have been accumulated through a rewards program sponsored by Chase.

    I am going to call to see if that applies to transfer of UR points to United.

    Are there any paid travel insurance plans that cover award tickets?

    1. Dan

      Just to be clear. I am planning on booking United tickets via a combination of United miles and transferring UR points. I have a good size stash of TY points but still nowhere near enough to cover what I need so I dont see how Citi will cover me.


      @Dan – What miles are you using? If it’s United miles for example, those miles are fully refundable minus a $200 redeposit fee right up until departure time. So the most you’ll be out is $200 per person. The challenge you may run into is these plans (and many travel insurance plans) don’t cover pre-existing conditions. Though United itself might waive the redeposit fee in certain medical circumstances.

      1. Dan

        United miles. I ended up booking the award tickets. After a little research I found the terms of changing or canceling award tickets which were not too onerous given the number of miles involved. A problem I ran into previously was getting to the destination and then having to change my return flight because of a major medical incident for someone traveling with us and having problems getting our return flight in business class because of course there were no saver business tickets on the way back on such short notice. Luckily, I found a rep who was able to help me out. Ever since then I have been more sensitive to the idea of travel insurance.

  13. BCAZ

    How does Chase Visa Signature Card cover the trip cancellation and trip interruption claim?

    Booked round trip airline ticket, has to change the returning flight to a later date, paid changing fee and fare differences to the airline. It is a covered event.

    Thank you

  14. Kelli

    We have Citi Simplicity and Citi AA. Looking to book a cruise for our family of three plus two in laws. Will both cards cover all items paid with our cards for our in laws as well? Do both cards cover weather related cancellations / illness for any traveler?


          @Kelli – After you login, click on ‘Travel Benefits’ on the left side. If you see ‘Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection’ click on that. Then, when the page loads, go to the fine print at the very bottom and you’ll see “Please download your Guide to Protection Benefits to learn more.” Click that link and you’ll get the details.

          If you don’t see ‘Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection’ when you click on Travel Benefits, your card doesn’t have the coverage.


      @Steve – Some of the Double Cash cards have trip cancellation coverage – call the number on your card to see if yours does. Though whether it applies will depend on why the service was cancelled.

  15. Jason

    I have what may be an outlier of a question.

    What if I purchase a ticket with my Citi Prestige. Either an Award ticket and pay taxes and fees – (In this case Southwest), or a paid ticket on Jetblue where I have Mosaic Status (and can cancel/change for free), and cancel/change my flight and deposit the $$ into my travel bank.

    Can I use the $$ in the travel bank and still receive the benefits of my Citi Prestige if the original ticket was purchased with the card, but the travel bank $$ goes towards another ticket?

    I love the ancillary benefits of the Citi Prestige, and it’s already come in handy for me once while I got stuck in a 16 hour delay in Chile. So I try and use the card as much as possible when booking airfare.


      @Jason – When you buy a ticket with a credit card, the actual ticket number will appear on your statement.

      So if you were to cancel and then rebook with voucher / travel bank money, the ticket number that appeared on your statement would be different than the one of your actual ticket.

      But if you say buy a $300 ticket with $200 in travel bank funds and $100 charged to the Prestige card, that should be OK.

  16. Bonnie

    I have sapphire and need to cancel a trip due to an immediate family member needing to have surgery scheduled during my trip. Will that be covered under the card?


      @Bonnie – Sorry to hear about that. It might be if you are required to be there for care – give a call to the number on the back of your card to get started.

  17. John

    If there is a military coup in the transit country is that covered. Referring to Turkish airlines given events of today


      @John – It’s a grey zone – the coverage documents often exclude military / war action. But Turkish Airlines may end up just rebooking you anyway. If they don’t consider filing a claim. Doubt you’ll get anything for feeling uncomfortable, but if your flights aren’t operating there might be a claim.

  18. Deb Leer

    Today’s date is June 29, 2016. Would be so appreciated if you could do an updated version of all this information. Much appreciated.

  19. Joel

    It’s time to update or delete this page since the CitiBank trip insurance coverage is completely changed. It is now $5000/person up to 3 people – and does cover family members not traveling – as well as lots more!

  20. gracie

    Dear MileCards,

    The $1500 trip cancellation coverage for Citi Thankyou Preferred card is for annual coverage or for each transaction?



      @Alice – Yes it is possible to cover the prepaid hotel cost if your interruption meets the requirement, and you paid for both the accommodations and transportation with the card.


      @Alice – Always call the number on the back of your card to get the latest details for your account, but yes if you pre-pay for both the transportation and the accommodations on the card, that part can be covered if you meet the conditions of the interruption.

  21. Martina

    The websites offer all kinds of binary option products and various payout percentages,
    if the options attain their goal value.

  22. jay

    I pulled up my Citi benefits guide and do not see “job loss” under covered reasons for Trip protection. Is this reason covered only under certain Citi cards or all Citi owned cards? Thanks!


      @jay – Interesting. Looks like it may be an annual fee vs no annual fee thing. We see it on the Premier for example ($95 fee), but not the Double Cash (no fee).

  23. ken

    I booked a one-way ticket with my Chase card and my first flight was cancelled due to weather. This resulted in missing my connecting flight and required an overnight stay in a hotel. Are there any restrictions for one-way flights?

  24. Mallory

    How many times a year can you cancel a trip with the Sapphire? I have two sick parents and I’ve booked a few trips this year and I’m scared I might have to cancel if things get worse.


      @Mallory – Sorry to hear about that. There is no explicit limit on the number of times per year – but best to call the number on the back of your card to get an answer for your particular situation.

  25. Paula

    I booked a flight only (round-trip) with Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and need to cancel it due to my travel companion, which is my housemate, has been severely sick because of food poison, so I need to take care of her.The ticket that I bought is non-refundable nor transferable. I wonder if I can get full reimbursement for the cancelled air fare with this reason.

    Anything from you would be appreciated!


      @Paula – Give a call to the number on the back of your card and they can walk you through what they need. Also FYI in case you’re not covered, non refundable plane tickets generally have value – you can rebook on another flight to another destination with the same airline, less a change fee.

  26. sam

    I’m interested in how this compares to Barclaycard. I need to decide whether to pay for a trip with a citi aa card or us airways card. Any thoughts?

    1. James

      If anything, I noticed all the cards listed were Visa Signature and World/World Elite MasterCard; hopefully that helps with your decision.


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