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Keep or cancel? Aviator credit card options for American Airlines miles

by on Sat December 3, 2016 • 70 Comments



If you had a US Airways Dividend Miles Mastercard, you received a new Aviator credit card from Barclaycard that earns American AAdvantage miles.

This is all part of the merger between American and US Airways, and while we answer a lot of common questions about the cards here, you might be deciding whether to cancel your new card, especially if you already have an American AAdvantage credit card.

The first thing to consider before you cancel is this:

You can only apply for an Aviator Red Mastercard online – the Silver and Blue are options you can ask to switch to after you’ve opened your account.

To help decide, let’s walk through your options based on the specific Aviator Card. There are 4:

AAdvantage® Aviator™ Red World Elite Mastercard®

aadvantageaviatorredworldelitemastercardThis is the card most people already have, and pretty similar to your old US Airways Mastercard.

Here’s a summary of benefits:

  • Earn 50,000 bonus miles when you make your first purchase in the first 90 days and pay the annual fee

  • 2X AAdvantage® miles for every dollar spent on eligible American Airlines purchases

  • 1X AAdvantage® mile for every dollar spent on all other purchases
  • Get 10% of Your Redeemed Miles Back (up to 10,000 back per year)
  • Free Checked Bag: One bag each for you and up to 4 traveling companions on your reservation when traveling on domestic itineraries operated by American Airlines.
  • Priority Boarding. Get preferred boarding on domestic American Airlines flights.
  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • EMV Chip with PIN capability
  • $95 annual fee

What’s different from your US Airways card?

Not much. Your annual fee is the same and the miles you earn from spending are the same.

The biggest difference is that you’ll no longer get a companion certificate each year for $99 travel. That benefit is gone, so if you valued that you’re unfortunately out of luck unless you want the more expensive $189 per year Aviator Silver credit card. And even then you only get the certificate if you spend $30,000 or more per year on the card.

What do you get in addition?

A new feature that’s not part of the US Airways card is the ability to get 10% of the miles you redeem back each year, up to 10,000 miles back.

What alternative is there?

The Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard is the closest alternative from Citibank.

They both earn miles at the same rate, and offer the same baggage and boarding benefits on American flights.

One key difference is the Aviator allows you to earn a $100 credit for American Airlines travel each year you spend $30,000 on the card, while the Citi card doesn’t. So it’s easier to offset your annual fee cost with the Aviator and for that reason it’s a better choice.

And the Aviator Red lets you earn up to $3,000 Elite Qualifying Dollars by spending $25,000 in a calendar year.

The real reason to consider a Citi card if you already have the Aviator Red is to grab a fresh sign on bonus and build up your mileage account quickly.

If you want a lower annual fee, consider asking Barclays to downgrade you to one of the lower fee Aviator cards mentioned below.

AAdvantage® Aviator™ Silver Mastercard®

aviatorsilverThis is the premium card that can earn you miles that count toward AAdvantage elite status. It’s only available as an upgrade from the Aviator Red card. You can upgrade after holding the Aviator Red for 90 days.

Here’s a summary of benefits:

  • Earn 3X miles for every dollar spent on eligible American Airlines purchases
  • Earn 2X miles for every dollar spent on eligible hotels and car rentals
  • Earn 1X mile for every dollar spent on all other purchases
  • Earn 5,000 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs) for each $20,000 in annual purchases made with your card (10,000 maximum EQMs per year).
  • Earn $3,000 Elite Qualifying Dollars after spending $25,000 on purchases in a calendar year, and earn $3,000 more EQDs after spending $50,000 on purchases in a calendar year.
  • $99 companion certificate each year you spend $30,000 on the card
  • Get 10% of Your Redeemed Miles Back (up to 10,000 back per year)
  • Get your $100 Global Entry application fee credited
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • EMV Chip with PIN capability
  • 25% in-flight savings
  • Free checked bag for you and up to 8 companions on your reservation (one bag per person) on domestic American and US Airways flights
  • Priority Boarding. Get preferred boarding on domestic American Airlines flights.
  • $189 annual fee

What’s different from your US Airways card?

The big benefit is the card lets you earn elite qualifying miles to help you reach AAdvantage elite status faster. And it lets you earn a companion certificate like you used to with your US Airways card, though you have to spend $30,000 on your card to get it.

So the Silver card is really best if you plan to reach AAdvantage elite status, and need some extra miles to get to the next level.

Otherwise you’re probably better off with the Red.

What alternative is there?

The Citi Executive AAdvantage Mastercard is the only other card that lets you earn AAdvantage elite qualifying miles, but it’s more expensive with a $450 annual fee because it offers full Admirals Club airport lounge membership. It also requires you to spend a full $40,000 to earn 10,000 qualifying miles. There is no 5,000 mile option after $20,000 in spending. So if you just want elite qualifying miles the Aviator Silver is a better choice.

AAdvantage® Aviator™ Blue Mastercard®

This is a basic card that has no American AAdvantage travel benefits, but earns miles at the same rate as the more expensive Aviator Red.AAdvantage Aviator Blue Mastercard

  • 2X miles for every dollar spent on eligible US Airways and American Airlines purchases
  • 1X mile for every dollar spent on all other purchases
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • 25% in-flight savings

What’s different from your US Airways Mastercard?

It’s about identical to the card you had before if the Blue is the card Barclaycard sent you.

What alternative is there?

Citibank offers a similar card called the Citi / AAdvantage Gold Mastercard which offers 1 mile per dollar on all purchases with a similar annual fee, but it doesn’t waive foreign transaction fees, so you’re better off with the Aviator Blue.

AAdvantage® Aviator™ Mastercard®

This is the no frills, but no annual fee version of the card it offers:AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard

  • 2x mile for every dollar spent on American and US Airways purchases
  • 1x mile for every 2 dollars spent on all other purchases
  • 25% in-flight savings

So it earns miles at half the rate of the Red or Blue Aviator cards, but with no annual fee there’s no real reason to cancel it unless you don’t like lines of credit open. If you’re looking to earn miles more quickly consider an upgrade to the Aviator Blue or Red.

What about a small business card?

There will be a small business Aviator card available for online application sometime in 2017.

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Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Miles dont expireas long as card is open
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Partner Offer

50,000 bonus points

Intro Offer

$0 introductory annual fee the first year, then $95

Annual Fee


Foreign Transaction Fee Waived

Yes - transfer to United MileagePlus, Southwest Rapid Rewards, Marriott Rewards, and more

Points Can Transfer to Airline Miles ?

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70 thoughts on Keep or cancel? Aviator credit card options for American Airlines miles

  1. Mary B

    Hi can I downgrade my red card to the no fee card? if not, can I keep the miles earned on the card if I close the account?


      @Mary – You keep the miles until they expire regardless of whether you have the card or not. But you might have a downgrade option if you call the number on the back of your card.

    1. Tightwadtraveling

      No, you wont. Once earned, these points are in your AA acount, not the Barclay account. No worries. -Fellow PDX Traveler! ❤✌


      @Dave – Unfortunately the terms are domestic only. They used to offer a free checked bag to some destinations in Mexico even without a card, but that’s no longer the case unless you run into an agent who makes a mistake.

  2. Alastair Buchanan

    I have upgraded from the Aviator Red to the Aviator Silver.
    Please confirm that I am eligible for both EQMs and EQDs , subject to spending the required amounts on purchases.

    Thanks, Alastair

  3. Patricia Miranda

    I originally had a U.S Airways card. I received notification that you would be canceling the card and was Transfer to my Red Aviator card. I was never contact about my miles that I had accumulated with U.S Airways, nor have I been up dated with the a new miles card to the Red Aviator account. Please advise how the transfer of miles was handled and if automatic frequent flier numbers were issue when my U.S Airways account was switch over to the Red Aviator account??

    1. Bill Sommers

      When I received the new Aviator card my rewards number was changed. I had to call American Airlines Rewards and have them merge my accounts and miles into one account.
      I had 79,000 miles on the old US air card that was never merged into my existing account.
      Almost lost them!

  4. Terry P

    I have the citi exec and use the admirals club & the 10,000 EQMs. 2017 introduces new elite qualifying rules – and only the aviator cards offer EQS bonuses. So now the citi cards are less attractive for AA elite fliers, but Barclay cards don’t have admirals club….and sounds like I need an invite from Barclays or AA to get their silver card. Any thoughts on whether the EQS is coming to citi cards? Sounds like I don’t want Barclays for their horrific customer service, but citi card holders are disadvantaged for elite benefits such as upgrades. Disappointed with AA here.

    1. Lani

      did you get an answer about the EQS? I am very curious to learn if Citi will add that…I’m so mad AA added that to the EQM…Every time we turn around the benefits go down.

    2. rayt

      I too have the citi exec and use the admirals club and 10k EQM’s confused about wether I should keep this or switch to the Aviator Silver or both? and how do I get the Aviator Silver. It appears that the Silver can give both EQMs and EQD bonuses whereas the citi exec only offers the former? any adivce


        @rayt – If you use the Admirals Club then it’s pretty cut and dry to keep your Exec card.

        No Admirals Club option with the Silver.

        If EQDs are important, then the Aviator Red / Silver are your only options – either on their own or in addition to the Exec.

        To get the Silver, you need to apply for a Red first ($95 annual fee). Then after 60 days you can request an upgrade of your Red to a Silver.

        Here are all the details on earning EQDs/EQMs via credit cards:

  5. Harko DeBoer

    If you wish to see what happened to me, read this. This is current and happened last week – BEWARE!!!
    This is my actual letter and explanation:
    To: AA credit card company – Fax Number 866-823-8178
    From Harko DeBoer
    519 S. Clementine St, Anaheim, Ca 92805
    Re: AA Credit Card 5325…..
    Several months ago, I made a call to the your company with the express purpose of cancelling my credit card with you. They then sent me to a retention department and explained that you have a program to retain credit card holders which would remove the annual $89.00 fee, and authorize 5,000 airline miles if I were to spend $1000.00 on the account by Jan. 16, 2017. I asked them if that would apply to my wife’s account also, and they agreed. They sent me a new card, which I began using on 11/07/16.
    On 11/25/16, my wife and I were dining at the Claim Jumper restaurant in Costa Mesa and I attempted to use my credit card to pay for our meal, however, it was declined. Since we had only put about $480.00 on the account, (we keep track), we were both in shock and dismay as to the reasoning behind the denial of credit(see first day of usage.) I then paid for the restaurant bill after feeling like a low life and we went home. In addition, we had been in Brookstone earlier in the evening and been denied there also, but we thought that it might have been a mistake on their end. Now thinking back, there was at least 1 or 2 other times that it was previously denied.
    The next morning (11/26/16), I called the customer service number and was connected to a person likely from the Philippines, whose use of the English language, while proficient, was not enough to understand my concern of your billing system, nor would she listen to my side of the equation. She indicated that I had received a bill for $89.00 and had not paid it. I said, NO, I had NOT received a bill since I had not used the card until 11/07/16, so how could there have been a bill sent to me to pay. I explained to her that IF one had been sent, it is totally unreasonable to expect someone to use a credit card on 11/07/16, have the credit card company get the charge, process that charge, put it through the billing system, send it through USPS, and yet give me a reasonable chance to pay that bill before 11/25/16. She would NOT listen.
    I requested that I be transferred to someone in the United States, she explained that she could handle the problem, that is, with me paying for my delinquent account and the late fee. We discussed this several times and at this point, I was forced to take a very hard approach with this lady to get transferred to someone who had the intellect and understanding to explore what was truly happening instead of just reading from cue cards and automatically lumping me into circle of non paying dead beats. I had to lose my temper before she would transfer me. While I’m not proud of that, I didn’t have much choice at that time.
    Once I was transferred to customer service in the USA, the first lady I spoke to did a excellent job of beginning to unravel the mistakes that your company made. She apologized and stated that she would send out a new bill, however I stated that I would rather pay that bill from my Paypal Debit account(which I did) and be done with it and your credit card, and appropriately, I wanted my account to be closed immediately. She understood and transferred me to someone in the Collections Department who finally got to the bottom of the rest of the mess:
    1. In the initial conversation about 8 weeks ago, she found your companies’ notes that waived the $89.00 fee
    2. She then took that fee off of my bill and stated that she would sent me a check for $89.00 since I had already paid the entire bill from my Paypal Debit card.
    3. She waived the $27.00 late fee on the $89.00 charge that I was NOT supposed to pay in the first place and had NOT even received a bill for.
    4. She apologized and stated that the card would be available for use on close of day on Tuesday, some 4 days later.
    5. I told her to then close the account because I rightfully do not trust your billing system
    6. I cut up the card and it has now been disposed of so that I cannot use it again, nor do I want do right now.
    7. This one call took from 9:42 am Saturday morning until 10:33 am, a total of 51 minutes of my time to finally get it straightened out and the end result – you owe ME $89.00 and additionally, I still DO NOT have a valid card. Even had I kept the card, 4 days of nonuse plus embarrassment is a non-starter for me.
    8. I would like to have someone from your company show me the incentive for me to ever use your service again because right now, I don’t see one.
    9. We had intended to use my card to get to $1,000.00 to qualify for the 5,000 airline miles, then switch to my wife’s card and do the same thing. When this was completed, we were going to cancel our Southwest airlines redit cards and use yours exclusively(we have approximately 85,000 miles on that card). Now I cannot even get to the initial $1,000.00 to get the additional miles because of your serious billing errors and I am requesting a pro-rata portion of those 5,000 miles transferred to my wife’s account.
    Quite honestly, this appears to me to be a “takeoff” from the Wells Fargo Bank debacle. Had I not had the determination and stubbornness to see this through to the end, I would have had to pay the $89.00, the $27.00 and also received a Late Charge on my credit report. As a former government auditor, you may wish to take a cursory look at a few other accounts to insure that is an outlier and NOT the norm.
    Unless I receive a call of apology (714-865-6149) from your company by close of business day Wednesday, 11/30/16, I will post an appropriate review on Yelp and other Social Media. In addition, my wife is going to use her card to post the 5,000 miles (spending $1,000.00), use the miles immediately and she will cancel her account and then leave her appropriate response on social media.
    I really do not care about you giving me another card, I want and demand a call giving me an apology. That will satisfy me and is only good business acumen on your part.

  6. Joanna

    I just called the Barclaycard and had successfully downgraded my aviator red card to the no annual fee aviator card. This is cool!

      1. Sam Rogers

        As a Dallas resident I can tell you that my many friends and acquaintances who use and work for AA actually hate the airline and use it only out of necessity. Mr. DeBoer is 100% correct, there are too MANY rip offs and mistakes of this kind and the only way to fight back is via The Internet. I am planning on getting a The Chase Sapphire Reserve card tomorrow, they are not perfect but are at least trying to provide reasonable service and standards. Last week friends who worked for AA for many years told me that when Bob Crandall was running the show he WAS a ogre but cared about the airline, current management only cares about the bottom line, witness that last week C.E.O. did not even bother to attend The Presidents forum on airlines of The U.S.A. FYI, earnings were down so far this year, 2017.

  7. Nick

    This credit card is NOT worth it. I have been a member for a year and it is not worth it. The points you need to accrue to get a flight are ridiculous. You might as well get a cash back card from Chase and save the $89 annual fee to go towards a plane ticket. I had made about 4 times more value (per year) on my Chase Freedom card than I ever did with this BS AAdvantage card. Also, the customer service is terrible. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS CARD

    1. Rick

      The Aviator Red has some benefits of you fly AA at all. This year I have saved $200 in checked bag fees. I also have the version of the card that awards me 10000 bonus miles per year. So for me the $89 annual fee is worth it. But yeah, there are better cards to use for spend, and Barclays customer service is lacking.


      @Richard – With a $450 annual fee it earns EQMs (10,000 elite qualifying miels after $40k in spending) and has full Admirals Club membership. It does NOT earn EQDs (qualifying dollars) – only the Aviator cards let you do that.

  8. Josh Abbey

    I have the AA Aviator Red card. I’ve had it for 2 years and would like to cancel before the new annual fee is charged. Will I lose those miles in my AA account?

      1. Trish J

        Hi – can you direct me to a policy that states that AA won’t cancel my miles if I cancel my aviator MC? I can’t seem to get a straight answer from them. Thanks

  9. Ken Young

    The customer service on the Barclay’s Aviator is the worst I have ever experienced. Took us 3 days and numerous phone calls to get a replacement card activated. Hold times are 15 to 30 minutes. Tried to escalate to higher level to resolve issues and after 20 minute hold was simply transferred to a different department who was unable to resolve the situation. Based on the customer service issues they have I would STRONGLY recommend to make another choice of cards and stay aware from the one issued by Barclays.

  10. Irma Garcia

    I have the Aviator Red Card. I like the card because It allows for the first bag checked free for myself and up to 4 companions. What I really don’t like is the annual fee and now on top of that I’m being charged $2 if I don’t carry a balance. I’ve had this card for several years and I am seriously considering cancelling it. I have excellent credit (which explains my $20,000 credit limit with your card) and none of my credit cards have an annual fee. Do you have a card with no annual fee that allows for the first checked bag free?? By the way, I just tried sending this comment and an error message came up stating “You are posting too fast…slow down”….what’s up with that?????


      @Irma – There is a card with no annual fee as an option, but it doesn’t offer the free checked bag. Checked bags for you and 4 companions on a flight would cost $100, which in a single one way flight would save more than the annual fee. And on a round trip would save $200. So keep that in mind. Maybe you don’t travel much and only travel with one or two people, in which case you might not get value out of the free bags, and you’re better off without that benefit for no fee.

  11. Richard

    If I get rid of the American AL Red Aviator card and just use my Advantage Citi Platinum Select card, I assume I would not loose any miles already earned, since these are FF miles not points and are therefore banked with Am AL, not the card? Is that correct. Also, there is a big advantage with the Citi card vs the Aviator. The former card gives you trip cancellation of $5000.00 compared with only $1500. for the Aviator card. Buying trip cancellation insurance is very expensive often $500.00 to $600.00. to $1000.00 for two people. So the Advantage platinum card has a big advantage.

      1. Todd

        What if I drop my AAdvantage Aviator Red card completely. I have no other cards. Will I lose my miles? I was planning on cancelling the card before the annual fee, but I have a hotel reservation using the miles after the date I plan on cancelling. Will I lose that reservation? Thanks for any help that you can give me.

  12. Mark

    Do you have to book the airfare with the Aviator Red in order to get the free bag check? Or can you use another card? I usually use my Chase Sapphire Preferred and am trying to find value in the card.


      @Mark – You don’t need to buy the ticket with the Aviator card. You Just need to have your AAdvantage number in your reservation and it will sync up.

  13. William Q. Brennan

    I was just moved from a US Airways CC to the new AAdvantage card. Can you tell me if there is any flight insurance coverage added when I purchase a airline ticket using this new card? I think US Airways provided a stated amount for free when you purchased a ticket using their card.
    Thanks, Bill


      @William – Yes there should be some basic coverage for canceling your trip due to major illness, etc. Call the number on the back of your card, or login to your account at and you can see exactly what they included for your particular account.

  14. Eric

    I had one of the USAirways cards that converted and now offers the 10% rebate. I also already had the AAdvantage card that offers the 10% points rebate too. Could I receive the 10% bonus twice (once from each card) for the same reward redemption? Or will it only post to the card that I use to pay the $10 or so in fees? Knowing that will help me determine whether I keep both cards. Thanks!

  15. PIttDoc

    Wow. Just spent 30 min with 4 different Barclay agents trying to change from Red to Silver. “Sorry, that product is not available for you today. Please call back later.” What? How much later, why, what’s the criteria, is it me or a general issue, is it a technical issue, my credit rating, etc? Just got a robotic “call back later” after getting a bit angry the last agent she said call after June 1st. My anniversary is June so I’m guessing that’s the issue. Who knows.

    Barclay CSA’s are consistently the most annoying – the past, today and I’m sure they will be when I “call back later.” Anyone else getting this run-around? Any successful changes from Red to Silver?


      @PitttDoc – Yeah it’s a travesty. it looks like only people who got invites a few months ago are getting changes now. And it sounds like the next round *might* be in June. There’s really no reason for them to be secret about this other than figuring out what % of new cardmembers are likely to actually do the spending to hit the threshold, triggering a payment to AA for them to get the elite miles on your behalf.

    2. fotbjc

      I had the same experience on Red Aviator card. After I got past the first contacts and on to Barclay management and ask them specifically why was I not offered the Silver that had EQM benefit and was told it was a AA / USAir decision. I ask what was the criteria of who got Silver and who got Red, they could not tell me, again said it was AA/ USAir decision. Barclays said they would love to offer me the Silver but could not in April, but that thought AA would allow to be offered in June or July.

      I contacted AA/USAir and have yet to get an answer on criteria used or exact timing of Silver card offer to those of us who hold Barclay cards. I hope that many are pressing AA on this issue and indiscriminate offer of Silver and Red Aviator cards.

      If anyone has been successful in getting a Silver card would love knowing.

      1. fotbjc

        I just got off the phone with Barclays and they were able to offer me the Silver over the phone! I had to ask for a manager, then a second manager to get it. They have ability to upgrade you to Silver over Red starting today if interested.


          @fotbjc – Yes indeed, though still based on eligibility – so not all Red cardholders can get it. Congratulations on getting it.

  16. Santee

    Has anybody written an article about what card to keep? I have both the US Airways Barclaycard and the Aadvantage CITI Platinum. I haven’t beeen charged the annual fee for the AAdvantage card so should I cancel before that happens since they have the same benefits anyway?


      @Santee – If you already have a Citi AAdvantage Platinum then yes there’s no real reason to keep both. Your Barclaycard annual fee is slightly lower. You might ask Citi if they have a no annual fee option for you so the credit line remains active.

  17. Bob

    Both wife and I are getting the Red Aviator cards since we both had USAirways card.
    My annual fee is already posted on my account $89
    I don’t really see a need for both of us to have the cards.
    We just recently booked award flights from our own accounts for January 2016 in first class.
    How would these cards help us save $ isn’t the baggage fee already covered in first class?
    Do we have access to lounges?
    I did not see a 10% of award miles redeposited in either of our accounts.


      @Bob – You probably don’t need the card for both of you. There is no lounge access, and yes first class already covers the bag fee. The 10% rebate only happens on brand new bookings, and you made yours before the cards became Aviators, so no rebate on your particular trip.

  18. Steve Kramer

    I closed my wife’s US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard and got her the Citi Platinum Select so I could grab those 50k miles after spending 3g’s over 3 months. I got myself the City World Elite Executive card but think it was a mistake, because I only fly several times a year. My US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard expires in May but I have yet to receive any info on a new Aviator card. Am I better off accepting a new Aviator card and then cancel the Executive card before its anniversary, or decline the Aviator and downgrade the Executive card to a Premium Select for myself?


      @Steve – You should be fine with your Aviator from Barclaycard. Try giving a call to the number on the back of your card to find out when the replacement one will be sent, but the expiration date shouldn’t mean your whole account will be closed.

      There may even be an option to downgrade your Aviator to a Blue or basic with lower annual fees.

  19. Hope

    I opened a new US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard in March. I did not receive a printed Companion Certificate with the card, but it was supposed to be one of the benefits. My question is if this benefit will still be useable this year (until December 2015) .

  20. Andrew

    So I recently got the Citi Platinum Select so I could grab those 50k miles after spending 3g’s over 3 months, and am being changed over to a Aviator Blue card from Barclays.

    Which should I keep? I’m guessing the Barclay’s card?

    The main difference being the lack of foreign transaction fees on the Barclay’s card I assume?

    I tried upgrading my Barclays card a few months back, but they wouldn’t allow me to do so b/c not b/c of my credit which is elite, but b/c it’s in their policy that you’re not allowed to do so. Very strange I thought. Thanks!


      @Andrew – Your Blue also doesn’t have the free checked bag and priority boarding benefit. The Platinum Select does. If that’s something you use, and if Barclays won’t upgrade you to Red, then stick with the Citi version.

  21. Amanda

    So will the new cards give you miles on your card anniversary like the US Airways one does? (Specifically the Red since that’s the one I’ll be getting.)


        @Shari – Depends on the specific account you have – call them to see exactly whether yours does or not.

  22. AJ

    I think one additional thing to mention–The Aviator Red card has an advantage (pun intended) over the Citi Platinum card in that there are no foreign transaction fees with Barclay, where Citi does charge 3% on each transaction. That was the deciding factor for me on which one to keep.


      @AJ – Indeed, well worth pointing out above. Will be curious to see how quickly Citi relents on this as Delta, United, and Southwest all waive foreign fees on their $95+ cards.

      1. AJ

        Good point, I’ve wondered when Citi would catch on and am surprised they haven’t already made the change.

      1. Shari

        Here’s a question-I currently have the USAirways World Credit Card, which is a step up from the Platinum. How will that crossover??


          @Shari – Probably to a Blue if the annual fee was less than $89. If it was $89 then it will be a Red.


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