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No Apple Pay for the Chase Ink, Presidential Plus or Chase MasterCards

by on Tue October 21, 2014 • 30 Comments

Curious about setting up your Chase cards with Apple Pay on your new iPhone 6?

You’re in luck with most of them.

But if you try to set up any Chase business card like the Chase Ink, or personal Chase MasterCards like the United Presidential Plus, you won’t be able to do it.

That’s because only Visa-branded personal Chase cards will work with Apple Pay.

The Chase Ink cards earn some great bonuses at Apple Pay retailers like office supply stores. And a lot of people use the Presidential Plus card for most of their spending because it earns Premier Qualifying Miles that count toward earning Premier status each year. So it’s disappointing to be locked out of Apple Pay.

A reader below notes that MasterCards from Chase will get support added in March, though the Amazon Visa didn’t have support at launch and had it added within 2 days after users complained, so support could come sooner.

But if you have just about any personal Chase card you can add it to Apple Pay, as long as it’s a Visa.

Cards that are eligible include:

  • AARP® Credit Card from Chase
  • BP Visa® With Pump Rewards
  • British Airways Visa Signature® Card
  • Chase Debit Card
  • Chase Freedom® Card
  • Chase Liquid®
  • Chase Sapphire® Card
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
  • Chase Slate®
  • Disney Premier Visa® Card
  • Disney Rewards® Visa® Card
  • Disney Visa® Debit Card
  • The Hyatt Credit Card
  • Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card
  • MK® Rewards Visa® Card
  • MK® Visa® Card
  • North Carolina State University Visa Card
  • Quicken Rewards Visa® Credit Card
  • The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card
  • Southwest Airlines® Rapid Rewards® Plus Card
  • Southwest Airlines® Rapid Rewards® Premier Card
  • United MileagePlus® Club Card
  • United MileagePlus® Explorer Card
  • University of Kentucky Visa Card

We can also confirm the United MileagePlus Select Card also qualifies for Apple Pay, though it’s no longer open for new applicants.


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30 thoughts on No Apple Pay for the Chase Ink, Presidential Plus or Chase MasterCards

  1. Travis

    Southwest Premier Business doesn’t work w/ ApplePay either. The Premier personal card apparently does, but haven’t self-verified.

  2. Mary Syrdahl

    Ooops. March came and went and still no Apple Pay on my Presidential Plus MC. Now we’re in August. I got a new one yesterday, with a new embedded chip but it’s still Mastercard. Is Chase still planning on switching them to VISA? Any idea what’s going on?

  3. Cp

    Anyone have any idea about the Chase Business ink plus cards and when they will be enabled for Apple pay? This is kind of dumb having to wait this long.

    1. Devon

      I completely agree. The article implied that Chase Mastercards haven’t been enabled, but my Chase Ink is a Visa account. It’s aggravating that I can add my Chase debit, and yet not my Chase credit card.

  4. Tom S

    Well, here it is almost May and Chase still doesn’t allow the MCs to be added to Apple Pay. I’ve had my Presidential Plus card for almost 10 years, and am really disappointed that Chase hasn’t moved on this. I charge everything on the card, and now I’ve had to go over to my USAirways card just for Apple Pay (guess it’s American AAdvantage now).

    And this is the fourth card I’ve had in the last three years, after the Target breach, and the Home Depot breach, and someone else tried to use our number a couple of weeks ago.

    Not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling.


      @Tom S – Our understanding is they may be switching them over to Visa accounts later this year, which would enable Apple Pay.


      @Don – Looks like they are trying to convert most of those MasterCards to Visa cards sometime this year. At that point it will be on Apple Pay. But nothing official yet.

  5. Tyler

    BP Pump Rewards by Chase is being removed for everybody in March, which is a VISA based card. Need to find a new company now.

  6. James

    Why do we have to wait until March to use Chase Mastercards with Apple Pay? Chase is already supporting it for Visa cards, what’s the hold up?

  7. FY

    The MasterCard thing isn’t true with chase. Slate cards are MC through Chase. Chase totally sucks for not making business ones work. Just another reason their Ink cards suck. If Amazon can fix the issue within 48 hours. So should Chase Ink.


      @FY – Depends on when it was issued. At one point nearly all Chase branded products like the Slate and Freedom had a MasterCard version available, and many people still have them. But all new ones now default to Visa.


      @Joe W – Yes, unfortunately none of the business cards from Chase work on Apple Pay right now. In contrast, American Express business cards do work.

  8. Jody

    Can’t get my Chase United MileagePlus select card to take. It keeps giving me a message to call Chase to verify. Not sure what’s up.


      @Jody – In some instances (it can be with any card) they want you to call in and answer some public record and credit file questions to verify your identity. Just call the number on the back of your card.

      1. Jody

        thanks. Called again and got someone that knew what to do. The first day I called the customer service person didn’t know what to do and left it as they didn’t support the card.

  9. John L

    Thank you for publishing this. I found this out on my own last night, to my great disappointment. My Chase MC would not link to Apple Pay. Any idea why certain cards are locked out, or when Chase plans to expand the cards that are accepted into the program? As much as I want to use Apple Pay, I don’t intend to get a new credit card just for this purpose. Thanks!

    1. LJ

      I spoke with a chase rep last night re: the Chase Presidential Plus MC. She said support for Chase Mastercards would be added in March…


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