Southwest Credit Card review: Is the Premier worth the $99 annual fee?


The Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card offers a great annual bonus and is one of the best ways to get started earning the valuable Southwest Companion Pass thanks to a good intro bonus.

6,000 points a year. While there’s a $99 annual fee, every year on your card anniversary you get 6,000 Rapid Rewards points, which can be worth almost the fee in travel value.

Points toward status. All the points you earn with the card count towards Companion Pass qualification, and you can also earn your way toward A List status with your spending.

No foreign transaction fees. You can use the card abroad without the hassle of foreign transaction fees.


Not great for long international flights on other airlines. You can use your points to book international flights to places Southwest doesn’t fly, but they don’t stretch as far as when you use them for Southwest’s own flights. A better option is to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, which earns points you can transfer to Southwest Rapid Rewards any time, as well as several other airline programs like United MileagePlus at full value.

Annual fee. There’s a $99 annual fee for the card.

Overall Rating
4/5 Stars   
Key Features


This offer is under review.


United MileagePlus® Explorer Card

Miles dont expireas long as card is open
Learn more

Partner Offer

50,000 bonus miles

Intro Offer


Annual Fee


Foreign Transaction Fee Waived

Earns United MileagePlus miles

Points Can Transfer to Airline Miles ?

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14 thoughts on Southwest Credit Card review: Is the Premier worth the $99 annual fee?

  1. TP

    What’s the lowest credit score that will be approved for this card? I’ve been working on credit for awhile now, and although it’s not great.. it’s definitely better than it was. Just curious if it’s worth trying to get approved.



      @TP – There’s no hard and fast rule on it. One thing you can do is go to this page on the Chase site and see if you’re prequalified for any of their cards.

      Even if the Southwest card doesn’t show up there, if you see you’re prequalified for any Chase card, that’s a decent sign.

  2. Melinda Wright

    I love the points I get when using this card and have had several free flights but this credit card has a major flaw. When paying the balance in full I notice that I am still charged interest. On my statement it clearly stated how to avoid paying interest by paying in full and yet this is an ongoing problem I have encountered.


      @Melinda – Give a call to the number on the back of your card to check that out if you haven’t already.

  3. Ly Dung Nguyen

    I try to reapply sw premium card
    To get my companion pass
    But the website still not go through
    It kept said check the address
    Please help

  4. Ly Dung Nguyen

    I try to apply sw premium card,
    To get my companion pass but
    It kept said: check your address
    Please help

  5. Ly Dung Nguyen

    I have a sw plus card, try to apply another sw premium to get point for companion pass, but the website won’t let me apply another card?
    Just wondering why?


      @Ly Dung – What does it say when you try? There shouldn’t be any restriction on applying for the Premier if you already have the Plus card.

  6. Ly Dung Nguyen

    I have a sweet plus card, try to apply another swindle premium to get point for companion pass, but the website won’t let me apply another card?
    Just wondering why?

  7. LukeNtash

    I have referrals available for the awesome Premier Card! We are trying to earn the companion pass so please help us by using our link to get an awesome 50,000 bonus points when signing up. And start earning towards your companion pass!! Thank You! Email me at Atashiawittwer @ Yahoo .com and ill email you the link for the card 🙂
    Or just tap on my name (LukeNTash) and it should take you to my link 🙂

  8. Kevin

    I posted referrals for both the personal plus and personal premier cards on my Facebook page.

    https [colon] // www [dot] facebook [dot] com/profile [dot] php?id=100015004831735

    Visit my profile for INSTANT access to both referrals. (50,000 points each)
    You can get 100,000 points for signing up for both cards.

    https : // www [dot] facebook [dot] com/profile [dot] php?id=100015004831735

    Or you can email me a kap20k4 [at] hotmail [dot] com
    Be advised it takes up to a week for chase to send emails.

    Happy Traveling

  9. stuart

    I am a SWA Premier card member.
    On the web site it appears that 35,000 points earned annually, through spending, will put you into the A Tier category.
    However the fine print indicates that a maximum of 15,000 point per card are all that is accessible annually.
    This seems to be a bait and switch to me.
    Its difficult to find accurate information and we all have better things to do.
    Don’t be deceptive SWA.

    1. Gregory Trimboli

      I am just looking into the card and they made it pretty clear it is a max of 15,000 pts toward tier 1 can be earned through the credit card…the rest is by actual flying. Nothing deceptive if you read.


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