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Why every AAdvantage member should consider a US Airways card in 2014

by on Thu January 16, 2014 • 4 Comments

American US Airways miles

American and US Airways are merging, and along with that the US Airways Dividend Miles program will disappear in 2015.

What will happen to your US Airways Dividend Miles credit card? 

You’ll be able to earn AAdvantage miles with it in 2015. According to an article referenced here, Barclaycard, the bank that issues US Airways cards, says all US Airways credit card accounts will be converted into a card that earns American AAdvantage miles, and you will retain the exact same account with Barclaycard.

And if you have a Citibank American AAdvantage credit card it will continue with the same account as always with Citibank.

But American AAdvantage members should also consider getting a US Airways card from Barclaycard in 2014.

The US Airways card will turn into an American AAdvantage card with special benefits only available if you apply before AAdvantage and US Airways Dividend Miles merge in 2015.

That means if you apply by 2015 and get grandfathered in as a US Airways card holder you will get…

  1. A lot of extra miles. You can get an extra intro bonus mile offer from the Barclaycard US Airways card. Those miles will get added to your existing American AAdvantage account by next year. It’s a fast way to bank up miles for the new American.
  2. Better benefits possible, only if you apply by 2015. According to the news, Barclays will not be allowed to accept new applications for its American / US Airways cards starting in 2015 when American and US Airways are done merging. But it will be able to do everything it can to keep everyone who has a US Airways credit card beyond 2015 by turning their US Airways cards into special Barclays American AAdvantage credit cards.

US Airways Dividend Miles Premier MasterCard

So Barclays may end up offering better benefits than the Citi AAdvantage card to keep customers around longer. You might see special annual mile bonuses, companion tickets, or other features not found on the Citi AAdvantage credit cards. But you’ll only be eligible for these benefits if you have a US Airways credit card account before the frequent flier program merger is complete next year.

Since Citibank will be the only bank allowed to create *new* American Airlines credit card accounts, you’ll always be able to take advantage of its benefits. It will be okay to have 2 or more American AAdvantage credit cards.

But you’ll only be able to take advantage of the benefits on the coming Barclays AAdvantage credit card if you open a US Airways account before the programs merge in 2015.

When should you apply? You may not be able to combine American and US Airways miles until 2015. So it’s probably fine to wait until late 2014 to open a US Airways credit card account, and perhaps get a bigger bonus offer than what’s being advertised now for the US Airways card.

Apply now if you want to take advantage of US Airways’ existing mileage program, which will change with new rules and prices by next year when it merges with American AAdvantage.

> Click here for the latest Barclays US Airways credit card offer



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4 thoughts on Why every AAdvantage member should consider a US Airways card in 2014

  1. David

    Would love to get the card but Iowa residences are excluded from the offer. Seems like Barclays Bank and the State of Iowa must not agree on fees. Very sad…..

    1. MileCards

      @David – It is unfortunate. Never got a good answer from them on why, but it may be because of their aggressive balance transfer offers.

  2. Naomi

    It all makes sense especially given the differences between the current US Airways and American cards. I do wonder what will happen to the companion ticket benefit the US Airways card currently offers. It would be nice to have that continue, and wonder whether the free checked bag benefit will make its way to the card. Or maybe they’ll let us choose which we want each year? Like ”first bag fee waiver’ or ‘companion ticket’ each year. That might be kind of cool. Regardless it’s nice to see some competition here, that should help us here, though losing US Airways as an airline competitor still sounds a little scary.

  3. Jeff

    Wow, that’s surprising. Was totally expecting they would have to convert all the US Airways cards into Arrival cards like they did for Virgin America. This is definitely good news.


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