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Free Executive status at National Car Rental from Amex Platinum

by on Fri December 31, 2010 • 28 Comments

National Car RentalAmerican Express has added a new benefit to The Platinum Card® — free ‘Executive’ level elite status from National car rental. Typically, earning this status requires renting from National at least 12 times per year, so the feature has real value.

If you already have the Platinum Card, follow this link to enroll in the Executive program at Just login to your account, and select ‘National.’

What does ‘Executive’ status offer you?

Upgraded cars at the mid size rate

National lets you choose the car of your choice from special aisles of cars for a mid size rate — even if it is an upgraded vehicle. You bypass the counter and choose any car from one of  two sections — ‘Emerald Aisle’ for base members which features mid and full sized cars — and the upgraded ‘Executive Selection’ reserved Executive members which features full sized, premium, SUV, and occasional luxury vehicles.

Learn more about how it works here:

As a Platinum card member you’ll have access to the special Executive Selection and be able to rent upgraded vehicles for a mid size rate. National is unique in that you’re not assigned to a specific stall number to pick up your car. You just show up at the designated aisle and pick the car of your choice. See the link below for discussions about the kinds of cars you may find on the lot…

One car class discount on reserved rentals

If you don’t want to use the ‘Executive Selection’ you can guarantee a car class of your choosing — full, mid size, luxury, premium, etc — but as an Executive member you’ll pay a rate one car class lower than what you reserve. So you can get a premium vehicle for a full size rate every time.

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28 thoughts on Free Executive status at National Car Rental from Amex Platinum

  1. Tom

    Working for the givernment, we have to book compact class cars. Can I use the regular Emerald Isle booking a compact? I have executive status, just can’t book a full sized car and get the money back. Thanks!


      @Tom – Tough one – no you need to be in a midsize or higher to get the Aisle. One workaround may be to change your rental when you get to the airport. With National if you drive off the lot with the Aisle car they should just automatically charge the midsize rate, even if you reserved a Compact originally.


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  5. Aaron

    I was looking to rent a Suburban under my Executive club membership (From AMEX) from Denver Int. Airport in a few weeks. Do I go ahead and book a full-size car and hope there is a suburban in the executive club area or should I just go ahead and book a mid-sized SUV and use the free one class upgrade to get a Suburban/Tahoe? Do they usually have Suburbans or Tahoes in the executive area in Denver? Thanks for the help!!


      @Aaron – Don’t expect a Suburban in the Executive selection. A Cherokee or Explorer is more likely. To guarantee a Suburban / Tahoe size, logon to the National site with your Executive credentials. When you search for prices, and get to the payment page for a Suburban / Tahoe it should quote you the price of the next lowest car class.

      With National, the upgrade is actually confirmed in advance by paying a lower rate than the car you reserve.

  6. Alex

    What do you get for having Executive status at a location that doesn’t have Executive Selection/Emerald Aisle? I’m traveling to Boise for work, so I’m wondering what the best option is.


      @Alex – You are able to pay for one car class less than you reserve. For example, if you reserve a Premium class car, you only pay the Full Size rate. It’s like an automatic confirmed upgrade.

  7. KURT Joachimstaler

    Does National rental cars have offices outside of the U.S. I will need to rent
    A car in Prauge, C.Z. In August. If not any suggestions.
    Thanks. Kurt


      @Kurt – Yes, National has locations both at the airport and downtown. You can book online at with your Emerald Executive status.

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  12. Roxane

    American Express has the most difficult website for ANY services. Most recent pain in the butt is the platinumcarrental website link furnished in Emerald Club Executive flyer – this is not the first time I have had to spend way too long to locate link for any AMEX offers… it is ALL the time.

    Secondly, there are often different tier levels for using AMEX points – case in point, my card offered 40% off for same item my work card offered 20% off on the Platinum card ~ and I was told that I could not cross over using points from one card to another. PLUS you cannot order via phone any online offers…that is another hour long process!!

    1. MileCards

      @Roxane – Yes finding the National link once you login is not intuitive….also like the link for the $200 airline fee credit (they don’t explain often that you can only change it during a one month window in January).

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  18. M Olcott

    So I spent a long time reading and on the phone with both AMEX and National going round and round trying to signup for the upgrade with National. Anyone know how to do this online ?


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