Where is the Southwest 50,000 Credit Card Offer?

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Southwest Airlines and Chase frequently release a 50,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards® points offer when you sign up for the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier credit card.  Those points have a value of over $700 in ‘Wanna Get Away’ airfare.

It’s currently available here for the Premier personal card:


Unfortunately it’s NOT available right now for the Rapid Rewards Plus personal (here)  or the Rapid Rewards Premier Business (here), while the Rapid Rewards Plus Business has been discontinued.

You may earn one Personal and one Business offer for each card brand, so if you have the Plus personal, but not the Premier personal you could be eligible for the Premier bonus. Basically it’s possible to eventually get intro points for each of the 4 Southwest cards. If you held a card before, but cancelled, you can get another bonus for the same card if it’s been at least 24 months since you last got the deal on it.

Earn your way toward Companion Pass

While the points themselves are valuable, Southwest credit card bonuses for Companion Pass status qualification are the real draw for many.

  • Companion Pass allows you bring a companion along for free on every Southwest flight you fly for more than a year. You must pay some modest taxes and airport fees. That includes both flights you pay for in cash and flights you book with points, so your points can effectively have double the value.
  • The Companion Pass status requires 110,000 Rapid Rewards® qualifying points earned in a single calendar year (Jan-Dec), and the qualifying points can be earned via flying, using a Southwest credit card, or using Southwest hotel / car rental partners. It is valid for the rest of the year you qualify as well as the entire following year.
  • (Example: Earn 110,000 points from Feb-April 2014, you will get companion pass status for the rest of 2014 and all of 2015.)
  • If you get 2 Southwest credit cards during a 50,000 point promotion period you could earn over 100,000 points very quickly – and get you very close to the 110,000 points earned in a calendar year you need for Companion Pass.
  • Your bonus points will post with the statement that closes in the month that you meet the spending threshold for your bonus offer.  If you plan to apply for two cards make sure all your bonus points post in the same calendar year to qualify for Companion Pass.
  • As an example, if you open 2 cards in October that require you to spend $2000 in 3 months, you should wait until January to put the last of the $2,000 spend on each card so that all the points will count towards the 110,000 needed for the companion pass in the following year.
  • You wouldn’t want to meet the threshold in November, get 100,000 bonus points but NOT get to 110,000 points in that calendar year, meaning you’d have to start over on your points earning once January rolls around.

The Marriott and Hyatt options

While Southwest won’t count points transferred from a non-Southwest credit card like a Chase Ultimate Rewards card for Companion Pass, it will count points transferred from hotel partners like Marriott and Hyatt into Southwest toward Companion Pass status.

The conversion rates for Marriott points are as follows

10,000 Marriott = 2,000 Southwest points

20,000 Marriott = 5,000 Southwest

30,000 Marriott = 10,000 Southwest

70,000 Marriott = 25,000 Southwest

140,000 Marriott = 50,000 Southwest

And there are three Marriott credit cards, each with their own sign on bonuses that you can take advantage of if you’re in search of Southwest points. We keep a list of deals here, checked daily by You can also transfer points from Chase Ultimate Rewards cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred to Marriott, and then to Southwest and get Companion Pass credit.

If you have a lot of Marriott points your best deal is to get a Hotel + Air package. For example you can get 120,000 Rapid Rewards points (enough for Companion Pass on its own) plus 7 nights at any Category 1-5 Marriott hotel for 270,000 Marriott points. That’s actually cheaper than doing non-package transfers to get 120,000 Southwest points, which would cost 340,000 points, and you get the hotel nights thrown in.

Other Cards for Southwest Points

If you already have Southwest credit cards, there are other credit card offers that earn you points you can transfer into your Southwest account with no fees. It’s easy – you can see the guide to how it works here using the Chase Ultimate Rewards program.

You should be aware that transfers from cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card don’t count toward Companion Pass. The only credit card points that count toward Companion Pass are those you earn from a Chase credit card that has a Southwest logo on it.

Below are the Chase Ultimate Rewards credit card offers with points you can transfer to your Southwest account – and you can still get the Southwest credit cards for bonuses – it’s okay to hold both.

You can use the CardFinder tool to see which card will earn you the most Southwest points. Just enter your spending habits and it will tell you how many points you’ll earn each year. There’s no login required and we don’t store any of your personal information.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

sapphirepreferrd180> Offer details: Earn 40,000 bonus points when you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.

> Offer value: Points transfer 1:1 to Southwest Rapid Rewards points.


The below cards are for small business expenses, though if you are not incorporated and just one person you may still qualify – for example selling items on eBay or babysitting can be considered a business.

Ink Plus® Business Card

> Offer details: 50,000 points after you spend $5,000 in the first 3 months. $0 intro Annual fee the first year. After that $95. There may be a deal with a higher number of points, but with an annual fee. Read here to check its status.

Offer value: Points transfer 1:1 to Southwest Rapid Rewards points.


Ink Cash® Business Card

Ink Cash> Offer details: Earn 20,000 bonus cash back after you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months from account opening. No annual fee.

> Offer value: Note, you must have an Ultimate Rewards credit card that carries an annual fee after the first year, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, Ink Bold®, or Ink Plus®, to be able to transfer points earned from a no annual fee Ink Cash® into Southwest.



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44 thoughts on Where is the Southwest 50,000 Credit Card Offer?

  1. Andy

    Does the three month window to spend $2k start the day that you apply or the day that you receive the cards? I was instantly accepted but they said it would take two weeks to get the cards.


      @Andy – They give you a bit longer than 3 months to account for the period it takes to get your card (sometimes around 10 extra days or so). Give them a call if your cards take more than a couple of weeks.

  2. Tripta

    If I don’t own a business, is there any way around applying for the Southwest Business Card? My dad owns a business, but I don’t.

    I applied for the Personal Premier and got approved, but cannot get the the bonus points on the personal Plus card since it seems as if they are the same product.

    1. Brenda

      I’m new to this and missed the opportunity to apply for the 50,000 points. How does the link you received work for others? Please send the invite.

  3. RichB

    I’m not sure I understand the statement “You may earn one Personal and one Business offer per card”. As someone without any of these cards, I’m thinking of getting one personal and one business, so that I can qualify for the companion pass.
    I was thinking of getting the “Plus” version of each to save on annual fee. Are you saying that I would only get one 50,000 mile bonus if I had 2 “Plus” cards?


      @Rich B – Yes you can get both the Personal and Business version of the Plus card and get a bonus for each. What you can’t do is get 2 personal Plus cards or 2 business Plus cards and get the bonus for each.

  4. Jeremy

    I currently have a Premier card that I’ve had for about 3 years. Do you know if I can cancel that card and apply for a new Plus and Premier card and receive the 50,000 point bonus on each since I have not received a bonus in the last 24 months. With regards to getting a rapids reward # to enter into the application, I thought it was not for current members so didn’t think I would want a rapid rewards #. Sorry for all the questions just want to make sure I have this all right. Thanks!


      @Jeremy – If you already have a Rapid Rewards number, just enter that in the application. As for the Premier you already have…in theory once you cancel you could be eligible again since it has been 3 years since first opened. But as you might imagine there is no guarantee, so do it if you’re comfortable with the credit inquiry.

  5. Arnold

    I have a few referrals left for 50,000 point bonus, instead of current one of 25,000pts bonus offer.. You have to sign up until September 30, 2014 so please hurry up and email me and I can give you more detail on this deal. my email:

    1. Sophie

      Hi there,

      Does anyone have a working referral link for another card besides the premier to get another 50k?

      Thanks so much!

  6. Sean

    I applied for and received the Southwest RR Premier Card a couple of months ago and already have the 50K bonus. I’m trying to make it to 110K to get companion pass but the link you have is for the same Premier card that I already have. Do you have a link for either the Plus or the Business cards with 50K bonus? I can’t find the 50K bonus links anywhere else any more – only 25K offers. Thanks in advance.


      @Sean – Unfortunately only have a Premier personal right now. Though maybe you have a friend with the Plus? They may have received a refer a friend offer that can be shared.

  7. gia ferrano

    Is there a link for a 50000 business SW card? I clicked on the link for the regular one, which I recently got, but need the business card to earn the 50k points for the companion pass.

    1. gia ferrano

      Whoops didn’t read through the post in its entirety. I received the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Card 6 weeks ago. I’d prefer the business one since I’m a business owner but as I’m trying to get the companion pass, can I apply for the premiere 50k offer too? Will the plus & premiere get me the 100k needed for the companion pass?


        @yes – the Premier is ok to get if you have the Premier and will get you another 50k. You’ll need 110k for the Companion Pass.

        1. gia ferrano

          So just to clarify: since I have the plus, acquiring the premiere card would count towards getting points for the companion pass? Or, I could gamble and wait for another 50k offer on the business card before years end. What makes ore sense?

  8. Kyle Woodworth

    1) Early this year I signed up for the premier, hit the bonus 50k, canceled my card months later. Now if I sign up for a “Plus”, “Plus Business”, or “Premier Business” Card, will the new 50k point bonuses still take effect?
    2) Is there a Plus 50k point bonus link available? Plus Business? Plus Premier?


      @Kyle – Each of the 4 cards is a distinct product, so you are eligible for the bonus in place when you apply for the remaining cards you haven’t held before.

      At the moment the 50k isn’t available for the Plus or Premier Business cards online. There has been a refer a friend program where some people have been emailed the 50k offer, with a code they can extend to friends to receive it as well. But that’s just for the Premier personal card you already have.

      So hold tight, as in the past the deal has returned a few times a year.

  9. Craig

    I signed up for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier card during the 50,000 mile promotion. I already spent and paid off over $2,000 in the 2 months but I have not received 50,000 miles yet. Do I have to request anything special? Or does this just take time to show up?


      @Craig – It should show up after your the statement closes for the month you hit the $2,000. If that was recent, wait until your next statement gets printed to look for them.

  10. usednavyman

    I have an offer sent to me from Southwest for 50k. Can be shared with friends and family. It is for the Southwest Airlines Plus Credit Card. You will get the 50000 bonus points. The annual fee is $69. There is no blackout dates and you can use the points to book someone else flight if you like. This offer is good till Sept 30, 2014. Please email me at

    patomaha at

    and I will email you the offer.

    1. MileCards

      @Anita- There are 4 versions of the card – Premier, Plus, Business Premier, and Business Plus. So for example if you had the Premier before, consider applying for the ‘Plus.’ They are considered separate products.


          @Tripta – We have seen reports of consumers holding both the Premier and Plus, and getting intro deals for each.

  11. Jeff H

    FYI I was instantly approved for both the Plus and Premier personal cards for 50,000 points each on the same day! So I’ll be able to earn Companion Pass status with the 100,000 points I earned plus some extra spending.

    Planning to hold off on hitting the $2k spending threshold for each until January so the Companion Pass will be valid for most of 2014 and all of 2015.

    If you’re considering this make sure you don’t let your bonus hit before January otherwise you’ll only get Companion Pass for 2014.

  12. Mark A.

    Thanks for posting offers like this before they become affiliate links. I did this last year for the southwest companion pass which is a great deal. I’m not sure if I will try it again with a business card, but it was great for a year. My girlfriend and travelled every month somewhere new and we’ve told friends about how this works.

      1. Jeremy

        If you apply for both the premier and plus card at the same time how do the points get put into the same rapid rewards account # so the full 100,000 points count toward the companion pass?


          @Jeremy – Just enter the same Rapid Rewards account number in each application form. Note though if you’re trying to qualify it’s probably best to let one hold off on hitting the bonus threshold until the January statement so you get the 2015 plus 2016 Companion Pass qualification.

          1. Jeremy

            If I am applying for both the premier and plus card to get the 50,000 points for each I would not have a rapid rewards account # to enter into the application. Don’t the assign the rapids reward account # to you after you get the card?

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