Delta Sky Club access guide: find the lowest cost way to enter

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DSC_carousel_img9Delta Sky Clubs are busier than ever now with many ways to gain access the clubs at over 30 major airports worldwide.

Not all are perfectly priced, nor are they all heavily advertised by Delta. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you decide the most cost effective way to get into the clubs for your situation.

We list all of the options below, though the best value overall tends to be the $450 Platinum charge card from American Express, which when you use the $200 annual airline fee credit it offers, gets you access to all SkyClubs for a net of $250 per year.

  1. Single entry. If you have a Delta SkyMiles credit card, you can buy a single entry pass for a reduced rate of $29 per person for yourself and up to two guests if you are traveling on a Delta flight. Just show your card at the club.
  2. Individual Membership. $450 or 60,000 – 70,000 SkyMiles . The highest price is for ‘general’ SkyMiles members with no elite status. This gains you unlimited access to the Delta clubs. You also gain access with the same privileges at all Alaska Airlines boardrooms, as well as Air France / KLM lounges that are located in cities where Delta has flights. Guests are $29 each per visit.
  3. Executive Membership. $695 or 80,000 – 110,000 SkyMiles. $50 discount for Gold Medallion members, $100 discount for Platinum and Diamond Medallion members. This gives you all of the Individual Membership benefits plus the ability to bring 2 guests or your spouse and children under 21 at no additional charge for each visit. Diamond Medallion members may also select this as one of their ‘Choice Benefits’ for 2015.
  4. Diamond Medallion status. No cost. If you fly 125,000 ‘Medallion’ qualifying miles per year on Delta you will be conferred Diamond Medallion status. One of its benefits is Invividual Membership to the Sky Club with the privileges noted above. You can also get Executive Membership if you select it as one of your ‘Choice Benefits.’
  5. Delta Reserve credit card. $450. This credit card grants you access to all Delta Sky Clubs when you are traveling on a Delta flight with the same privileges as Individual Membership. However it does not include access to partner lounges the way full membership does.
  6. Gold Medallion or above status. No cost. If you are a Delta Gold Medallion or higher member in SkyMiles (not the Gold credit card), you and a guest can access the clubs when travelling on an international SkyTeam carrier itinerary.
  7. The Platinum Card® from American Express. $450. You can enter all Delta operated Sky Clubs with the same privileges as Individual Members, which means guests cost an extra $29 each. You must be flying on a Delta flight to qualify. The card offers a $200 annual airline fee credit which you can use toward charges like baggage fees and change fees on one airline of your choice each year. This effectively cuts the annual fee on the card down to $250. You also get access to Alaska Boardrooms using a separate free ‘Priority Pass‘ lounge card offered to Platinum Card holders. Note lounge access is not a benefit of the $150 per year Platinum SkyMiles credit card – it is a benefit of the $450 per year Platinum charge card.
  8. Alaska Airlines Boardroom membership. $450 1st year, $350 after. This grants you access to all Delta operated SkyClubs when traveling on Delta, as well as all Alaska Boardroom clubs. This includes guest / spouse / child access when you’re traveling. The difference is there is no access to partner lounges internationally. But after the 1st year this costs $100 less than Sky Club membership purchased via Delta.
  9. Ebay or Craigslist. There are often SkyClub day passes being sold on these sites, going rate is about $25 per day pass. Deals at this price occasionally up on Groupon as well.

In every SkyClub you’ll find complimentary WiFi, basic soft and alcoholic beverages, and light snacks. Premium wines and liquor are available for purchase in some clubs. Note though that at peak times clubs can be crowded and finding a seat for your family isn’t guaranteed.

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14 thoughts on Delta Sky Club access guide: find the lowest cost way to enter

  1. Julie Nyhus

    I’m flying ATL-JFK-LHR, first flight Delta first, second in Virgin Upper Class. Will I have club access in ATL? Thx

  2. Michael Leib

    I have a platinum Amex card and understand there is a $29.00 guest fee to use the Delta Sky Club lounge-is that per location or for the day where there could be a plane change and use of more than one club?


  3. Kate

    I am DL Platinum flying to Prague connecting via AMS. I know me and one guest get access to the lounges in the US as well as in AMS (since we are connecting on). If I pay the additional $29 for my second companion to access the lounge in the US, will that also give him access to the lounge in AMS? Or what is my best option there?


      @Kate – Unfortunately no luck in Amsterdam as the $29 is only for Delta operated lounges. KLM operates the lounges there.

      1. Kate

        Thanks! Do you happen to know what KLM charges for access in AMS? I know it is something like 25-35 Euro


          @Kate – It’s not clear you can. Their own KLM Platinum fliers can pay a 25-35 Euro fee for extra guests. But it doesn’t state that SkyTeam Elite Plus (which is you) can pay for extra guests:

          “Flying Blue Platinum, Gold, and SkyTeam Elite Plus members have free access to our KLM Crown Lounges and can bring along a guest. Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members can bring more guests at a fee.”

          Note the mention of SkyTeam Elite Plus in the first section along with Flying Blue Platinum / Gold for standard access. But in the second sentence about paying a fee for extra guests only Flying Blue Platinum / Gold are mentioned with regard to the paid access.

          Sometimes you need to pass a bar exam to figure these things out.


    I have a Delta Skymile Credit Card and am a Medallion Member. I will be flying Internationaly on Delta . Will I be able to use the Skymile Lounge in JFK. Including my wife and grandaughter.


      @William – If you are Gold Medallion or higher you are allowed one guest when you’re traveling on a Delta or SkyTeam international flight. So unfortunately your grand daughter wouldn’t be covered, though you can pay a discounted rate of $29 with your SkyMiles Credit Card at the lounge check-in desk to grant her entry.

      If you’re Silver Medallion you can pay $29 for each of your wife and grand daughter to enter.

  5. kje

    Regarding the platinum card–Is “Priority Pass Select” somethng you get automatically, or is that an additional cost? The 600 lounges around the world–Do you have to have a ticket on that particular airline to use their lounge and if you have a ticket on a particular airline and they have no lounge in that airport, will they have an agreement with another airline to use theirs? Lastly, you mention AA, Alaska and US Air, I assume then, that the card will not admit you to other domestic carriers’ lounges: United and Virgin for example. Thanks for your help. -KE

    1. MileCards

      @kje – Yes it is free to Platinum Card holders but you do have to request it manually by calling Amex. As for other airline lounges you are correct in your assumption…no United or Virgin America access.

  6. Anastasia

    Hi! Thanks for the info! Just one question:
    I’m a recent SkyMiles Gold member, but have not yet received my updated card (I have the Silver Medallion one). Will I be allowed access to a Delta Lounge based on just my SkyMiles number?
    Thank you.

    1. MileCards

      @Anastasia – As a Delta Gold member you’ll be able to access the lounge when traveling on an international itinerary operated by Delta or a SkyTeam partner. You don’t need the card to get into the Delta owned lounges. But remember this only applies when you are flying international that day, not domestic only.


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