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What hotel points transfer to Southwest for Companion Pass status?

by on Sun January 1, 2017 • 105 Comments


WARNING: As of March 31, 2017 hotel points transferred to Southwest won’t count as Companion Pass Qualifying Points. Here are ways you’ll still be able to earn Companion Pass points.

If you’re trying to earn Companion Pass status with Southwest Airlines, you’re always on the hunt for extra ways to hit 110,000 qualifying points each year.

Earning points from the intro bonuses and ongoing spending with the Southwest credit cards qualifies, but transfers of points to Rapid Rewards from non-Southwest credit cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Ink Plus Business Card don’t count toward Companion Pass status.

Yet transferring your points from several hotel programs will count.

And these transfers can be a valuable way to use your hotel points.

The chart below lists the programs that will transfer into Southwest Rapid Rewards points, the minimum points you can transfer, and how many Southwest points you get.

There’s also a ratio of how many Southwest points you’ll get per hotel point, to see which give you the best exchange rates for  Southwest points.

Hotel points= Southwest pointsSouthwest points per Hotel point (higher is better)
Hyatt Gold Passport500024000.48
Hyatt Gold Passport50000300000.60
Marriott - Tier 11000025000.25
Marriott - Tier 230000100000.33
Marriott - Tier 3140000500000.36
Marriott - Hotel + Air (7 nights Category 1-5)200000500000.25
Marriott - Hotel + Air (7 nights Category 1-5)220000700000.32
Marriott - Hotel + Air (7 nights Category 1-5)2500001000000.40
Marriott - Hotel + Air (7 nights Category 1-5)2700001200000.44
Choice Privileges600018000.30
Club Carlson20002000.10

Marriott points could be the best deal

While the Marriott exchange rates aren’t the very best, transferring Marriott points to Southwest can be the most lucrative option.

That’s because Marriott points are worth only about 0.5 cents or so in our estimation – more if you’re savvy with them.

  • We value Southwest points at 1.4 cents, and if you earn the Southwest Companion pass the effective value is double to almost 3 cents each, since your points get you two tickets for the price of one.
  • The very best deal is to take 270,000 Marriott points and turn them into 120,000 Southwest points via the Hotel + Air package combo, which gets you the Southwest points along with 7 nights at a Category 1- 5 Marriott hotel.
  • Your Marriott points were worth about $1,350. But the 120,000 Southwest points instantly earn you Companion Pass status, and end up being worth about $3,600.
  • You also get the 7 free nights on top. And those free nights don’t have to be used on the same trip as your Southwest points. They’re yours to use on any other vacation.

This might just be one of the very best uses of a big Marriott Rewards balance.

And it’s easy to rack up lots of Marriott points. You can transfer them in from an Ultimate Rewards earning credit card, and once they’re in your Marriott account, transferring to Southwest counts toward Companion pass. And there are often big bonuses on Marriott Rewards earning cards to rack them up even faster.

Is exchanging Hyatt points worth it?

Hyatt points offer the most generous regular transfer exchange rate at about 0.48, which is like cutting your points in about half.

That’s actually a pretty fair trade, since we value Hyatt points at about 1.5 cents each.

With Companion Pass, Southwest points  can be worth up to about 3 cents each when you redeem for companion travel, so getting your Hyatt points cut in half gives you about the same value in Southwest rewards that you would get in Hyatt hotel rewards.


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105 thoughts on What hotel points transfer to Southwest for Companion Pass status?

  1. Annie

    I spoke with a SW Rapid Rewards agent a few moments ago and she told me that:

    1. Transferring Marriott points to SW does not count towards Companion Pass status

    2. The points from a Marriott Fly and Stay package using Marriott point to pay for it will not count towards Companion Pass status.

    Is that SW agent incorrect??

    I want to purchase my Fly and Stay package today so my SW points will transfer in and though that the 70000 points would count towards CP. My husband was just a few points short on his SW account for his CP so he was going to order SW points with some Marriott points for the difference.

    Will that work??

  2. Chasing SWA Pass

    Trying to come up with the best options for getting the SWA Companion Pass with the following current point summaries;

    Marriott Points = 65,042
    SPG Points = 20,088

    I’m considering applying for a SWA Business Credit Card w/current offer of 60k bonus points.

    Could you kindly offer a few strategies to consider in order to maximize the situation?


      @Chasing – If you don’t want to apply for another SWA card you’re going to need 140k Marriott to get the 50k Southwest points you need. You’re at around 125k with your Marriott + SPG balance, since 20k SPG = 60k Marriott. You could buy 5k SPG points (which turns into 15k Marriott) for $175, and you’ll have the full 140k Marriott points.

  3. Ingrid

    Hi! Thanks for all the tips! I have 84k Marriott points and 140k SPG points. I’m a little confused about transferring Spg into Marriott and further steps…what’s the best way to make use of these points for the Companion Pass? Thank you!


      @ingrid – 270k Marriott is the most efficient way to get over 110k Southwest points. So you need 186k Marriott points. You can turn 62k of your SPG points into 186k Marriott points, so transfer 62k from SPG to Marriott and you’ll have 270k Marriott points.

      Once that’s done go to this page:

      And go to the ‘Hotel + Air Package 3’ section, look in the column that says ‘7 Nights + 120,000 Rapid Reward Points’ and click ‘View’ on the one that costs 270,000 points.

      You’ll be prompted to enter your account info and do the transfer from Marriott to Southwest. Your 270k Marriott points will turn into 120k Southwest points. And you’ll have a 7 night hotel certificate you have over a year to use whenever you’d like.

      1. Layla Jabur

        Does the southwest points that come with the Marriott 7 day package have to be the same name? I’ve got the points but already am going to get companion pass for myself thru sw credit cards. Was hoping to use the 120k thru Marriott to deposit in my parents name. Will that work? I’ve got 120k marriott, and 100 chase sapphire points. Plus just bought my mom 30k spg and transferred to her account. Was told by Marriott rep yesterday that I could transfer all 120k from my Marriott to hers, which it was confirmed today was false. Please help! Trying to get us each the companion pass!


          @Layla – Yes the name needs to match. You can only share up to 50k Marriott points with someone else each year by calling 1-801-468-4000.

  4. Leah

    So I’m under the assumption I can do either of the following to get Companion Status (up until 3/31/17) then hotel transfer option goes away:

    1) Open a SW Rapids Reward card and earn 50k points spending $2k on it and $69 for annual membership. Transfer 57,000 SPG points to my Marriott account and then transfer 170,000 Marriott points to receive the remaining 60k points for a total of 110k Companion Points.

    2) Transfer 104,000 SPG points into my Marriott account. Then transfer 310,000 of those points into the SW account to earn the 110k points to get the Companion Pass.

  5. Colin

    I have a dilemma. I am trying to earn the Southwest Companion Pass but am falling on a shortfall of points. I have:

    100,000 chase Ultimate rewards points

    36,000 Amex reward points

    50,000 RapidRewards points from previous years that do NOT count towards the companion pass.

    I’ve heard booking the Marriott 7 night stay with 270,000 MR points is the easiest way to earn the 120,000 points to get the Southwest Companion Pass. But if I do the math (and correct me if I’m wrong):

    -100,000 ultimate reward points converts to 100,000 Marriott…

    -36,000 Amex converts to SPG which converts to 36,000 Marriott ….

    -I can buy 50,000 Marriott Reward points on their website but I am capped at this amount and cannot accept gift or transfer of points.

    But that gets me roughly 186,000 MR points, far short of the 270,000 that I need. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any other programs that would convert to Marriott points that I could buy into? For instance, can I transfer my old RR points to Marriott?

    1. Tina

      If you transfer 36K SPG points to Marriott Rewards they are three times their face value. If you do in fact have 36K Spg points when transferred to Marriott you will receive 108K Marriott Reward points for that transfer.

  6. Jason Lewis

    I just received my 100K points for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and I need some help understanding how to convert the points to earn my SWA Companion Pass. Do I transfer the points to my SPG acount and then convert to my Marriot account, before finally transferring Marriot points to SWA or vice versa?

    Thanks for your help!!!


      @Jason – With 100k Chase points to work with, the most Southwest Companion Pass Qualifying points you can get is 60k.

      You can get the 60k by…

      – Transferring 100k Chase points to Hyatt
      – Transferring 50k Hyatt points to Southwest (gets you 24k plus a 6k bonus)
      – Transferring another 50k Hyatt points to Southwest (gets you another 24k plus a 6k bonus)

  7. Personal Plus and Premier

    I have referrals for both the personal plus as well as personal premier cards. Let me know if you’re interested.

    kap20k4 at hotmail dot com


  8. Lauren Vo


    I have about 80K Marriot rewarsd points and 40K starood points. What’s the best way to use them to earn companion SW pass?


      @Lauren- The 40k Starwood can convert into 120k Marriott. So you have 200k Marriott to play with.

      You need 270k to get the Companion Pass in one fell swoop.

      With your 200k you could do a 140k transfer for 50,000 points, and then two 30k transfers for another 20k points, so you’d have 70k Companion Pass qualifying points.

      Getting a fresh Southwest credit card bonus of 50k would then put you over the top.

      1. Lauren Vo

        Thanks for prompt response! I applied earlier today for card but noticed it was from Chase. unfortunately for me, I’v gotten more than 5 Chase cards in the last 2 years 🙁
        I was not approve right away.

  9. Mary Landwehr

    I thought I should share my experience on the timing of points posting, in case it is useful for someone.
    I did the companion pass last spring and was surprised at how fast the points posted, despite disclaimers of several weeks.
    To get a few thousand extra points after the credit cards, I transferred Hyatt points. 4-6 weeks is the stated timeframe however, it was less than a week.
    I just helped my son get the pass-he earned 72k points from flights this year, had a flight to Belize in under a week and wanted to take his sister along. The fare had doubled since he had booked, but then I remembered he was close to the pass and she could fly free if we could just get the pass before the flight and before it sold out. I transferred my Chase UR points (u can transfer to 1 HH member) to my husband’s Hyatt account 2400 SWRR for 5000 Hyatt), which was instantaneous. Then I transferred to my son’s SWRR late on Wednesday night. It had not hit on Monday, but the points were there, first thing Tuesday. The pass was also immediately available. I logged into his account and registered her as companion, then added her to his existing flight. BOOM! She was able to join him 3 days later for his flight to Belize.
    I know that some have said SWRR may reject points if the account names do not match, but this is the second time I have transferred from my husband, without any issues.
    Best of luck!

    1. Mary Landwehr

      Other notes with regard to booking air w/points -I did not realize that I could have booked fares in advance of earning the pass, then add the companion after. Would have been nice to know because I knew the dates but waited to book until I had the pass.
      Also did not know I could use the points earned to book those fares even before earning the pass. That also would have been good to know, because it was for elimination competitions and might have needed to cancel short notice, but times & dates are set far in advance.
      It is good to use points to book for flights that you are unsure of-if you have to cancel, the points go back into your account vs $ travel funds expiring in a year.
      Another good time to use points is if you are booking for someone else and then cancel-the points go back to your account, instead of becoming travel funds in the passenger’s name tha expire in a year.

    2. Tina

      Transferred points from my husbands RR account to mine and they did NOT count toward the companion pass…pretty disappointed about that!

  10. Paula

    I have more than 400,000 Marriott points. Planning trip for three from LA to Buenos Aires to Santiago to Managua & back to LA the week after Christmas. Airfare per person is nearly $2,000.00 Should I convert Marriott points to miles with the 20% special in effect now? I will need a two room suite or two rooms. I plan 4 nights in Buenos Aires & 4 nights in Santiago. (The finest hotels are inexpensive in Managua so will get an independent hotel there). Am I better off exchanging in all my points for miles and staying at less expensive non Marriott properties? Has anything changed with Starwood merger?


      @Paula – Nothing’s changed in this regard with the merger.

      Your best bet might be to use miles for LAX-EZE and SCL-MGA, which would run 60-70k miles per person, then pay cash for the EZE-SCL and MGA-LAX flights,. That should save you $1,000 – $1,500 per person and looks like there’s decent availability with United miles.

      So you’ll need about 210k United miles to do it for all 3 people. Best bet would be a transfer of 270k for the air + hotel package to get 152k United miles, and 7 free nights at a Category 1-5 hotel (don’t have to use the hotel on this specific trip – you have a year to use the 7 night certificate). You could also pay more points to get higher hotel category certificate. Then for the next chunk transfer 112k to United, which gets you another 62.5k United miles.

      Just make sure you check and verify the award space and prices for the flights you want before making the transfer.

  11. Tiffany

    Can I transfer Choice Rewards to Rapid Rewards if the accounts are in 2 different names? My mama has some choice rewards from a contest and I was wonder if I could transfer them into my Rapid Rewards account?

  12. Pam Booth

    My husband has Hyatt points and we are 30,000 points away from the companion pass for next year. If I get a Hyatt number can he transfer points into my account and then I transfer the points to SW to count for my companion pass?

  13. Kash

    If I have a ritz Carlton reward account can I do the Marriott 7 nights + air transfer package ? Or does it have to be Marriott real wards?

  14. Nick

    Can anyone confirm if transferring from Chase to Marriott to Southwest for a companion pass still works. Don’t want to mess up on my points. while doing this. thanks!

    1. nick

      I also would like to find out if this still works? It looks like people confirmed this LATE in 2015… but no updates that I can see from 2016. Any guidance would be appreciated – thank you!

  15. Scott


    I was wondering the following:
    1) I transferred Hyatt points to my SWA account, and I received the comparable amount of points, but no companion pass points. Does this seem right?
    2) I have a Chase SWA Plus card in which I received 25K points towards the companion pass about a year ago. I recently signed up for the Premier card which I will acomplish the spend within a few months for the 50K offer. Does anyone know if bc I received the bonus points on a different SWA (Plus) card within 24 months if I’m still eligible for the 50K point offer?


      @Scott – On 1) when did you make the transfer? There is sometimes a lag, and on 2) the Premier and Plus are considered entirely separate products so having one doesn’t disqualify you for the bonus on the other.

  16. john

    Hi – i’m at 34,500 miles on southwest and thus short 500 miles to keep my A-List status!!! I have no trips planned this week so am looking for ANY option to get the additional 500 points needed to maintain A-List status.

    Can i transfer marriott hotel points to Southwest and get credit towards A-List?

    Can i buy Southwest miles (dont think so)?

    Other options????

  17. Danielle


    My fiancé and I are trying to get the Southwest Companion Pass as early in Jan as possible. He was approved for the Personal CC and we will complete our $2000 spend in Jan to get the 50,000 points deposited then. I have 80,000 Marriott points that I was planning to transfer to his Marriott account, and then have him transfer to Southwest. However, I just got off the phone with SWA and they said these do not count as “Companion Pass Qualifying Points”. Has anyone heard otherwise? We were also planning to transfer our Chase points to Marriott and then to SWA as well.

    If we are to purchase more Marriott points and then use them for the 7 day Air + Travel program, can anyone confirm if those Rapid Rewards bonus points would indeed count as Qualifying points?
    Just want to make sure we aren’t unnecessarily transferring points around.

    Thank you,

    1. Kari

      Hi Danielle,

      Did you ever find an answer to this question? I am also wondering the exact same thing. I don’t wan to transfer points to Hyatt/Marriott if they will not count towards the companion pass. On, it mentions that transferred points do not count towards the Companion Pass…

    2. Steve A

      Rules change all the time. But last year I shift points around from Marriott and I got my self the companion pass on my daughter in January this year we got sign on 50K bonus on my wife. Then I moved Hyatt points to her then to her SW account and got companion pass on my other daughter for when my wife flies.

      We have taken several flights using theses passes

  18. diane s.

    Hello folks,
    First of all, thanks for the great info!
    We are trying for the companion pass starting early 2016. My husband got approved for a personal SWA card and we will do the minimum spend in a few days. He did not get approved for the business card as they said he ‘business’ did not produce enough $$ per year. (I got my business card by buying and selling at garage sales with almost no income….go figure.) If he reapplies for the business card in a few months, do you think they might give him a business card then…or will they still have on his file the first decline? (We did call and try to get a reconsideration with the first go round…..) OR, can one get 2 personal SWA cards?

    Thanks again!!!


      @diane – Yes you can hold both the ‘Premier’ and ‘Plus’ personal cards, so that is an avenue to consider, especially if you get the Plus with a 50k offer.

  19. Todd

    Ok, its 12/28 and I’m just now realizing that I’m very close to the 110,000 points needed to get the companion pass. I need 801 points by end of the year to reach 110,000. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get 801 points posted to my account by end of year?

    1. Mark

      In your case, since you only have a few days, it may be worthwhile to do a mileage run. I’m not sure if anything else like using the southwest shopping would post fast enough.

    2. John

      Buy some amazon gift cards worth $802. Amazon is a reliable merchant that will likely POST the charges this calendar year.

      Also, there is currently a deal at staples to buy a $300 Visa Gift Card for $298.xx. Limit 2. or just buy two of those Plus $202 in amazon gift cards

    3. Todd

      Just a quick followup, I ended up renting a car with Alamo via and was able to get the additional points I needed to get to 110,000 by 12/31. Thanks all for the recommendations. All three times I’ve rented with Alamo, the Rapid Reward points were posted to my account the next day after my rental period had concluded.

  20. Paul

    Can anyone confirm this scenario as it seems too easy to get the companion pass…

    I want to sign up for the plus and premiere cards and get the 50K bonus for each. With the minimum spending required that would get me to 103K towards the companion pass. Without spending the additional 7K on everyday purchases, I could purchase 24K Choice hotel points for $264 and transfer them for 7,200 points which would get me to the 100K needed?

      1. Robin Wehner

        You need to spend $2,000 on each card, so once met, you’ll have 104,000 points, just 6,000 short. You could transfer 12,500 Hyatt points (which equal 6,000 SW points) if you have them; if you have CUR, you can transfer them to Hyatt, then transfer to SW. If you need to buy them, 6,000 Hyatt points cost only $144.

        My husband and I did this last year (January 2015) – he got a personal SW and a business SW. It took two phone calls to get the business card. We finished out the last $6,000 on business spend and had the Companion Pass in hand early-March, in time for an April trip to Las Vegas to visit out son. We’ve been flying SW ever since!! 🙂 Gotta get the full potential from that Companion Pass. Good luck with yours! You’ll love it.

  21. Nate

    I am planning to transfer 270k Marriott points at the beginning of 2016 to get the companion pass but I just spoke with SWA rep and they said that those transferred points will only count towards the balance, not towards companion pass status. Is this a new policy?


      @Nate – Not that we’re aware of. Traditionally those are considered ‘partner’ miles, and earning those has counted toward Companion Pass. It’s always worth a few more calls if the answer from a phone rep doesn’t make sense. Their policy is:

      “Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners. Purchased points and points earned from program enrollment, tier bonuses, flight bonuses, point transfers via Ultimate Rewards, and Partner bonuses do not count toward Companion Pass status.”

      Note that they only single out point transfers via Ultimate Rewards as not qualifying. And this is not considered a ‘Partner bonus.’

      1. Danielle

        Looks like the terms slightly changed, wondering if this still allows for points transferred from Marriott to Southwest to quality as Companion Pass Qualifying Points:

        “Companion Pass Qualifying Points” are earned from your revenue flights booked through Southwest Airlines, your points earned on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and your base points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners. Points purchased for personal use or as a gift, transferred points, points earned from program enrollment, Tier bonus points, flight bonus points, and Partner bonus points (with the exception of the Rapid Rewards Credit Cards from Chase) do not qualify as Companion Pass Qualifying Points.”


          @Danielle – Unfortunately the language is confusing. We tried calling again and had the agent ask specifically about Marriott and transfers, and after going to a supervisor the answer was ‘yes Marriott is a partner, and a transfer from Marriott counts toward Companion Pass.”

          Clearly, some here have heard something different, so if you’re skittish keep calling until you get rep who confirms it’s possible, and have that rep note it in your account.

          We have yet to see reports from people who did a Marriott transfer and did not get the points ultimately credited, but of course, things can change any time.

    2. Danielle

      Hi Nate- I spoke with SWA today and they said the same thing. Did you get a final answer on this, or try to make the transfer? Would appreciate hearing about your experience.

  22. Sam

    Thanks for the tips! Here’s some creative math to take it a step further. I will be short for my companion pass by just a very little bit this year due to some local biz travel on Amtrak instead of my normal SWA flights — I learned that you can convert Amtrak points to Choice Hotels and then Choice Hotels to Southwest. The Amtrak conversation rate wasn’t too bad, especially since I would never use them anyway. Amtrak to Choice showed up today and took about a week. Choice rep tells me it could take up to about 2 weeks to convert to SWA. If it all works, it’ll be just under the wire and burned up what I would have considered useless points anyway!

  23. Phil

    Wanting advice on getting companion pass early 2016. I just applied and got a premiere card a few days ago with the 50,000 bonus points. I then applied for the business premiere in hope of getting an additional 50,000 bonus points. If I am approved then it’s easy, i’ll buy 18,000 Marriott points and be sitting at 110,225 points in January (if my math is correct), right?

    Here’s the advice i’m looking for – what if I don’t get approved on the business card? I would need to purchase 174,000 Marriott points to get over 110,000 reward points for CP (which is fine, but there is a catch). You can only purchase 50,000 Marriott points per calendar year. So I could, purchase 50,000 before Dec. 31 and another 50,000 after Jan. 1, correct? What I’m waiting to hear back on (maybe you have insight) is if my fiancé does that as well (50,000 this year and only 24,000 after Jan. 1), can she transfer her points each respective “year” to me or does the 50,000 cap apply to gift and purchase (meaning when I buy 50,000 each year I will be unable to accept any gifts those years)?

    If that is the case, and only able to purchase 100,000 Marriott points this “year” and next year, I will be short 25,000 reward points. Any advice for the next cheapest/effective way to “purchase” reward points for the CP?


      @Phil – If you don’t get the biz card, then consider a Marriott personal card – which is offering 80k points right now.

  24. EE

    I was going to do this, because we’re at 94,xxx RR points and I want to make up the difference with Hyatt points. However, I just called the Rapid Rewards people and they said that points that transfer in from Hyatt won’t count toward the Companion Pass. Is this accurate? They said that was the policy as of November 19th, but I’m still a little skeptical. Is it only Hyatt, or is it any hotel partners?

    Can anyone confirm or deny? Thanks!

    1. EE

      Never mind. I called RR back again and got a competent person who really, fully checked and confirmed that it does still work. Praise God!

  25. Samantha Allen

    How long does it take for a transfer of Marriott points to post to your southwest account? I thought it took 6 weeks, but need this to post ASAP, to ensure I get companion pass.

    Does anyone know of whom I can call to see when the transfer will take place.

  26. Don Ward

    So here’s my situation. I signed up for a Southwest Airlines Premier Card this past year and received the 50,000 points on top of my normal travel. I currently have 94,119 of the 110,000 points required from the companion pass. Most of my flight activity from the past year started around April, with one flight in January that give me 2,942 points. I am Platinum Marriott and have 218,844 total reward points as of today. I would like to get the companion pass but trying to figure out the best approach to do so? Should I transfer my marriott points, buy more marriott points, etc – especially to get me to the 270K point total that you mention as the best deal by year end.

    With the calendar year ending soon. I am also guessing that I will only be able to use the companion pass for one year as opposed to the two years that I have been reading on various sites. Maybe my timing or strategy was a little flawed. Any feedback is appreciated?

    On another note, I have 29,671 of the required 35,00 points to gain A-list status. However, I just got a new job and won’t be traveling as much as I have the last couple of years. Any suggestions there?


      @Don – Two transfers of 30k Marriott points would do the trick and not a terrible conversion rate either. Then for next year you could try to get a new Marriott card for a sign on bonus or a Sapphire Preferred or other Ultimate Rewards card to get those 60k points back and put you in good shape for requalifying.

      1. Don

        Just to make sure – So basically use the two transfers of 30k before year end then re-up with a new Marriott card for 60k next year to use a total of 220k. Then do another transfer later next year of all those points so that I essentially get two years of companion pass use?

  27. Pritish

    I applied for both the premier and the plus within a week in early September to get the 100k points in January’16. I called Chase to change the due date of the premier card and that is where I messed it up. The 90 days ends on Dec 9th but my Nov statement closes on Dec 8th. I have already spent 1990 excluding the AF, but not sure if spending the remaining $10 on 8th of Dec will post to the account on 9th. I feel like I am screwed. Any suggestions?


      @Pritish – There’s sometimes a little extra in that 90 days to give time for the card to arrive – call them and see what the exact date is for you.

      1. Pritish

        I did speak with a supervisor, it is Dec 9th and the transaction should be posted on or before that date. But I sent a secure message to them and they responded saying I should be good to get the bonus if the purchases made on Dec 9th goes towards meeting the minimum requirement. This is the reply I got.

        “I am pleased to let you know that if you meet the spending
        requirement with purchases made on December 9, 2015, they
        will qualify for the bonus points.”

        If I understand it correctly, the $10 purchase either on 8th or 9th of Dec should get me the 50k points in Jan’16 even if it is not posted by Dec 9th. I wanted a written communication from them so that I have something to go back to them just incase.

  28. Ben

    Is the official SWA policy on transferred Marriott points counting towards companion pass status available online? I spoke to a SWA rep on the phone and he said they don’t count toward companion status. I think he was mistaken, but I want to be certain before I transfer Marriott points. Thanks!

  29. Tina

    I want to earn a companion pass with Marriott points that I will transfer to Soutwest rapid rewards points. The Marriott points do not all have to be accumulated in the same calendar year, right? If I transfer enough Marriott points to get 110k rr points, I should be fine even if it took more than a year to earn the Marriott rewards points that I transferred?

  30. tnng

    I’ve earned 75,000 companion pass points already this year and have some flying left to do, so I’ll be close by the end of the year. Here’s my question:

    I already used the 50k premier card points this year. I have lots of Chase Ultimate Rewards points, enough to get me over the top. What’s the best way to do it? Can I open a new hotel rewards account, transfer Chase points in and then transfer them to Southwest? I’m probably going to need about 20,000 more companion points but I have 45,000 Ultimate Rewards points available. I’m not currently a member on any hotel rewards plan.

    Can it be done?


      @tnng – You’d need about 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points transferred to Marriott then onto Southwest to get 20,000 Southwest points for Companion Pass.

      1. Bill G

        Is this a very poor use of Ultimate Rewards points? Normally they have a 1:1 transfer for Southwest so this would essentially devalue your UR points to just 1/3 of their value, correct?


          @Bill G – Yes, it normally is a poor use. The value is if you’re using the transfer to earn Companion Pass status, which requires earning 110,000 qualifying points. That lets you bring a companion for free on your Southwest flights for over a year. And that includes flights you book with points.

          Points transferred directly from Chase to Southwest don’t count toward earning Companion Pass status.

  31. Datrannann

    I currently have 85K points on southwest. 270k points on marriott. I want to earn companion pass status by the end of the year. What is my best bet?


      @Datranann – If you earned all 85k SW points this year, then you need 25k additional. 80k Marriott points transferred as 2x 30k transfers (10,000 each = 20,000) and 2x 10k transfers (2,500 each = 5,000) will get you there. If you want the absolute most value out of your Marriott points and can make use of 7 free nights at a Category 1-5 hotel, consider transferring 200k points for 50k Southwest points. It’s 25k more than you need to qualify, but those points can all be used for flights. The catch is you have less ammunition to try and reach Companion Pass next year.

  32. Christina W

    Has anyone tried to transfer Wyndham points to Southwest lately??? I can’t find Southwest as a partner on the site, but I may be looking in the wrong place.


      @Christina W – Thanks for the heads up – Wyndham recently changed its reward program and is no longer a partner with Southwest.

  33. clark


    I am going to try for the companion pass but want to confirm something. If I apply and receive the card/sign up bonus of 50,000 points in 2015, but don’t plan to get to the 110,000 mark until early 2016 to maximize the value of the companion pass, do the points earned in 2015 (i.e. the sign up bonus) carry over into 2016 towards the 110,000 goal? Or do the 110,000 points need to be earned in a single calendar year? Thanks!

    1. Angela

      You have to earn the whole 110000 points in a calendar year. Try to not meet your minimum spend until after your December statement closes, if that is not past your 90 days from opening the account.

  34. Michelle

    I already have a Southwest Business Premier, Southwest Premier, and recently received the Chase Ink card. I only have @ 50k point credit going to my companion pass that will expire at the end of the year. I’m trying to figure out if there is a card that I can apply for to continue my companion pass privilege. I don’t believe the Ink bonus points will transfer.

      1. Michelle

        I had trouble with the link, however I found a Southwest Plus card on the Southwest site, but it was only 25,000 in points. Is there another link you have to assist in applying for the 50k points? Thank you!


          @Michelle – Follow the instructions on the page of the link we posted in the reply. It will go to a page for the Premier card, but if you scroll down you’ll see the ‘More[+]’ button, and clicking that will show the Plus for 50k.

  35. Peter

    Interesting note – Chase is looking more closely at your RR account and its activity as it relates to bonuses. Even if you are a brand new cardmember, if you have received bonus points on your RR account in the past 24 mos you are not eligible for a new bonus. Note that the T&Cs for the card refer only to previous or current cardmembers, of which I was not – my father had the card and used my RR account to accumulate miles. The T&Cs do not in any way address RR accounts or using the same RR account twice, only addresses card member status. I called multiple groups in Chase and got the same answer: Too bad.


      @Peter – Good to know, though for most people that would be about the same effect since most aren’t using someone else’s card account to accumulate miles.

      Though some people have been known to have more than one Rapid Rewards account in their name after moving, lapsing, etc.

  36. Ria


    I’m about 77,000/110,000 points of the way toward my companion pass using the 50k bonus from the Southwest Premier card and shopping through the online portal. I read above that I can’t get the Chase Sapphire and transfer my bonus points to get the companion pass, but from what I understand, I can BUY Marriott rewards points and transfer them over? I anticipate getting approx 5k more points through using my credit card and through shopping for the rest of the year, so 25k transfer from Marriott rewards should be sufficient to get my companion pass. Is this possible, and if not, can you advise of any other potential methods that’ll get me to the companion pass?

    Thanks a bunch! Much appreciated.


      @Ria – Have you considered the Southwest Plus card, which is currently offering a 50k bonus – you are eligible for that as it’s a separate product from the Premier.

      But yes, transfers from Marriott no matter how you got the Marriott points are eligible for Companion Pass. Just be aware the transfer rate is not 1 for 1. You would need at least 80,000 Marriott points to get 25,000 Southwest points via transfer – two 30,000 point transfers to net 20,000 Southwest points, and two 10,000 point transfers to net 5,000 Southwest points.

  37. Tiffany


    I just received the Business premier card worth 50k miles. However, Marriott wont allow me to buy more/ transfer more than 25 thousand southwest points per year. When did this change? Was I misinformed? I need to get to companion pass status, which is why I applied for the CC to begin with. Any advice?


      @Tiffany – Sorry to hear about that, though sounds like they may be telling you about some other limit. For example you can transfer 140k Marriott points into 50k Southwest points in one big transaction here:

      There is a limit on the number of Marriott points you can buy outright – that’s 50k Marriott points a year. But you can definitely transfer enough Marriott points to get you the extra 50k or so Southwest points you need. Let us know if you run into more issues.

  38. Calvin

    I have a Ink Plus credit card earning 5X for office supplies.
    Which is better?
    1. Earn the 110,000 points to qualify for the companion pass on Southwest, and transfer 192,500 Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt, then on to Southwest and receive 110,400 Rapid Rewards points.
    2. Redeem 250,00 Ultimate Rewards points for Marriott Rewards Hotel + Air Package and receive
    110,000 Rapid Rewards points to qualify for the companion pass on Southwest.


      @Calvin – Depends on whether you can use free nights at Marriott Category 1-5 hotels. If you can, then Marriott is the better deal because you get those on top of the points. If not, then Hyatt is the better options because it requires fewer points overall.

  39. james vitale

    hi i wanted to know what is the fasted way to get a companion pass from south west i have a southwest card and got the 50.000 points but i screwed up and the statement closed 1 week before jan1 so i have to start over i guess i also have a hyatt card with over 100.000 points can i applay for another southwest card with 50.000 points and use my hyatt points does that work ?or please tell me what needs to be done .


      @james – Yes you could try getting a different Southwest card that has a 50k offer. So if you got the Premier you could see if the Premier Business (if you have a small business) or the Plus card has a 50k offer available.

      Hold off on transferring your Hyatt points until the bonus from a new card has posted.

    2. Shar

      I purchase anything I am going to through southwest website and earn many points that way. For instance the holidays I bought about 1000 in presents and got about 7000 in miles as I looked for stores that gave the most points. I also changed my credit card due date to make sure I got the points. Now that I just go my companion for 2016 as well, I will change due date to later so that my holiday shopping this year will show up in January of 2016. Also you can get 2 credit cards. One is black and the other blue. That is 100 k points right there


      @Kevin – With Marriott for example it would need a name match, as Marriott doesn’t let you enter a different name for the partner account. It just asks for the partner account number and forwards the Marriott member’s name.

      But you could get around it since Marriott lets you transfer points internally to a spouse or domestic partner for free. Then initiate the Southwest transfer from that account.

      1. Sandy

        Can i transfer hilton points to my marriot account
        .then use the marriot points for companion pass
        How many points would need to be transferred from hilton to marriott to earn companio pass
        Thank you!


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