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Where is the 100,000 point Platinum Card offer from American Express?

by on Tue January 10, 2017 • 196 Comments

From time to time American Express offers 100,000 points or more for opening a new Platinum Card account.

  • The last time it was available for the personal card without being specially targeted was briefly in late November 2016.
  • And there was a 100,000 point offer for the Business Platinum card widely available until January 25, 2017.

But Amex targets some people for the big offer even when it’s not available to the general public, and it’s such a big and lucrative deal that you might want to check some places that aren’t obvious to see if you’re targeted. 

For example, As of July 11, 2016 some people have reported being targeted online for the 100K Amex Platinum offer (personal version) using the CARDMATCH method below.

You can earn a bonus from both the personal and small business cards if you have a small business to apply with. Otherwise, just consider the personal version.

But if you like digging, here are places you can check if you’re trying to find the deals:


If you’re looking for a deal on the personal version of the Platinum Card with a lower spending requirement, you might find it by following the below link and seeing if you’re targeted.

You just provide some basic personal information and CARDMATCH will see if you are targeted.

There is no credit inquiry on your credit report when you use this tool. A 100,000 point offer was seen targeted to some on CARDMATCH on July 11, 2016.

Use the button below to see what offer you might be targeted for via ‘CARDMATCH’ from


As of April 26, 2017 some users have seen a 100,000 point offer privately targeted using the below forms on

Again, enter some basic personal information and you’ll see what American Express may be explicitly targeting your way.

Personal – Find Your Pre-Qualified Offers

Note: If the link above doesn’t bring up the form pictured below, you may have to open an incognito or private browsing window to fully log you out of to load a clean form.

Small Business –

You’ll see a box to enter an RSVP code, but if you don’t have it you can click on ‘Don’t have an RSVP Code’ and it will let you enter your address and business name to see if you’ve been targeted. The small business offers have been seen as high as 150,000 points.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.31.54 PM

3. Call American Express directly

While this hasn’t proven useful with personal deals, if you are looking to take advantage of 100,000 points for the Business Platinum Card, you can try calling American Express OPEN’s application line on 1-800-971-6736 or 1-877-628-6736 and asking whether the deal is available and targeted to you.

Usually it comes in the mail, but we all misplace mail from time to time, or it simply doesn’t get delivered, so it’s good to double check here if the above places don’t yield the biggest deal, though they may ask for an RSVP code.

What if you already have a card?

For personal cards, American Express intro deals are once in a lifetime for a specific card. So if you’ve already held the basic Platinum Card, chances are you won’t be able to qualify for another deal, even if you cancelled your card already.

For business cards, the rules are less strict. You can qualify for a new bonus 12 months after you last held a card. So, if you cancelled your last basic Business Platinum Card more than a year ago, then you may be able to qualify for a deal again.

Is this all worth a big annual fee?

That’s up to you.

The points have value

100,000 points on their own are worth at least $1,000 in travel booked via American Express, and you might get even more value than that by transferring points to major airline programs like Delta or British Airways.

There’s no better program than Membership Rewards if you’re trying to fly to Europe in Business Class with points, thanks to all of its point transfer partners.

There are also other ways the card gives you value to offset the fee.

There’s a $200 annual airline fee credit

For example, each calendar year you get a $200 airline fee credit. You choose a single airline you want to offset fees from each year.

Then any bag fees, change fees, lounge passes or other incidental fees are offset when you charge them to your card. You can’t offset actual plane ticket purchases, but many people have had luck buying gift cards for their chosen airline and getting the fee reimbursed.

You get great lounge access

If you fly Delta a lot, you’ll enjoy complimentary access to all the Delta SkyClubs when flying Delta.

You’ll also have access to American Express’ own new, ultra luxurious Centurion Lounges, currently open at Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, New York-La Guardia, and soon Miami and Seattle airports.

And you get a Priority Pass lounge card which gives you access to over 700 other airport lounges worldwide, including most Alaska Airlines Board Rooms.


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Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Miles dont expireas long as card is open
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Partner Offer

50,000 bonus points

Intro Offer

$0 introductory annual fee the first year, then $95

Annual Fee


Foreign Transaction Fee Waived

Yes - transfer to United MileagePlus, Southwest Rapid Rewards, Marriott Rewards, and more

Points Can Transfer to Airline Miles ?

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196 thoughts on Where is the 100,000 point Platinum Card offer from American Express?

  1. roger

    if anyone could refer me for the 100,000 MR points offer, I would be super super grateful – really would love one of these cards with that bonus. you can reach me at rogger [at]

    thank you so much!!

  2. Will K

    If anyone can send me a referral for 100k personal plat I would appreciate it! wrk23 at optonline dot net

  3. Puneet

    Would love to get a 100K+ offer if anyone has a reff code…or even if they can refer me… puneet8 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Dong

    would appreciate it if anyone can send me a 100k referral link, I keep missing the window when it’s available:(
    Email is kajihu at gmail.

  5. TMJ

    We are living overseas and would truly appreciate a refer offer at (osixp at gmail dot com).

    Hoping for the 150K or 100K offer for the Platinum Card (personal use). Thank you so much

  6. Chris Johnson

    Last week I had the offer, online for the 100K & $3K in 3 months offer, pre-approved, but now it’s back down to the 75K and $5K offer. Does anyone have the “refer” option? If so, please send it to me.

    I’m at cjhusky at gmail. com

    1. Antoine Ziegler

      I too would appreciate the refer offer. I can be reached at AntoineZiegler at gmail dot com

      Honestly I would take the 75K for $5K spend but would prefer the 100K for $3k spend. I have the 75K for the business Platinum and 50K for personal; but looking for a higher personal Platinum offer. Without that offer, I feel the CSR is winning this battle.

  7. Kristina Thayer

    I upgraded from the AmEx business gold card to the Business Platinum in November 2016 BECAUSE I saw the offer for 100,000 points, but I upgraded. I’m tried to contact AmEx many times and they basically tell me I’m crazy. I have no proof that when I clicked the “upgrade” button, that the offer existed. Do you know if the 100,000points offer is only for new acquisitions and not for upgrades? If you think I do qualify, how can I prove that offer existed?


      @Kristina – Not doubting your memory, but we haven’t seen any 100K upgrade deals. 100K was the public ‘new account’ offer during November.

  8. Aaron

    I am looking for an invite for the Amex Platinum Personal or the Amex Gold Delta with increased signup bonus. aaronshadowmoss at gmail. Thank you!

    1. Alex

      If anyone can please invite me for Amex platinum business 100,000k offer it would be greatly appreciated.

      Alexsander28 at me dot com.

      Thank you so much!

          1. john foster

            i’ve been w amex for 20 years, never late, and it’s time i got the plat card, please send me 100K invite at szfoster at hotmail

            thanks a million!

  9. Vee Jay

    Hello there.
    I would like an invitation offer for Amex Platinum at Vaiduks at iCloud dot com.
    It’s high time I got the Platinum personal card and 150000 points would be great.

    Thank you, ladies and gents.

    P.S. I can invite you to 75000 points on Delta Platinum from Amex, great offer on SPG Amex if you wish, or 50000 points for Gold Premier Rewards from Amex

    1. Ben

      Hi Vee Jay,

      Can you send me the 500k gold premier rewards offer to Jinjiehe at gmail dot com? I would appreciate.

    2. agatha welch

      Hey Vee Jay Can you please send me the 50k gold premier rewards offer to agathawelch at hotmail dot com. Thanks a bunch!!

  10. Ben

    Anyone can send a referral link to jinjiehe20 At I am interested in both plantinum and gold. Thank you so much!

    1. Vaidas

      Hello there.
      I would like an invitation offer for Amex Platinum at Vaiduks at iCloud dot com.
      It’s high time I got the Platinum personal card and 150000 points would be great.

      Thank you, ladies and gents.

      1. Vaidas

        P.S. I can send invitation for 85000 Marriott (Chase Visa), 75000 Delta Platinum, or 50000 Amex Gold Premier Rewards. I also have a good one for SPG Amex card, if you are interested.

  11. Xin

    Can anyone send me a offer for personal Amex platinum Card, please? That would be really appreciated!

    Xinwang_chys AT

    Thanks so much!

    1. Tammy McClung

      PLEASE send $100k offer to me. It’s actually for my spouse. It will be business card. I have a personal amex. Will we still be eligible for 100k points?

    2. Jay Brown

      Good afternoon,

      I read that the 100k offer expired January 25th, but I heard that there is a 150k Platinum business offer that expires later in March 2017. Is that true? Also, do you know how strict they are about the length of time your company has been open? I ask because I do not own my own business, but can easily and quickly incorporate one and get a tax ID number. Sounds a little crazy for a card, but the 150k miles is well worth it and I easily spend the required amount in 3 months. Additionally, I am a Centurion cardholder for 20 years and my account has always been perfect, so I wonder if given that and a perfect history with several other Amex cards, that they can look past the fact that it is a new company incorporated really just for the card offer,

  12. Jessica

    I have a Delta AMX Platinum Card if anyone needs a referral. They currently have this offer through 2/1/17 for new sign ups.

    Each friend can earn:
    10,000 Medallion® Qualification Miles (MQMs) and 70,000 bonus miles (originally 35,000 bonus miles and 5,000 MQMs) after they use their new Card to make $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months†. In addition, they can earn a $100 statement credit after they make a Delta purchase with their new Card within the first 3 months.†

    I need a referral for a new card as well if you have a good one! Thanks in advance!

    1. Angelo

      Hey not sure if you may have put my email in wrong bc I still haven’t received the offer. Please try again if you can thank you. Try copy and paste on the first part thank you sir

      Anzo8402 at yahoo Dot Com

    2. Prateek Wali

      Hi Jeff,

      If you’re able to send the 100K offer to me, it would be greatly appreciated. My email is prateekwali at Thank you very much

  13. Joe Cahill

    Looking for a referral for at least a 75000 point bonus for the Amex personal platinum card. You can email to joseph.a.cahill at gmail dot com. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks

      1. Jimmy

        Jt, I thought the offer was off the table. If you have a link for the Amex platinum that would be awesome. Jimmy.boozerjr at gmail dot com

        1. MSA

          Looking for the same offer on the platinum card. 100k or 75k. Thanks in advance for sending. mitchanderson10 at gmail dot com

          1. Patti Pettis

            I am looking for 100K bonus for AmEx Platinum Express application. please send to pattibella at gmail dot com.

            Thank you in advance!!

          2. Mike

            I am also looking for 100K bonus for AmEx Platinum application. Please send to hiwagner at hotmail dot com.

      1. Jay

        Hello, if anyone has, I am also looking for 100K bonus for AmEx Platinum (personal) application. Please send to jah303 at hotmail dot com.

  14. Alex

    I would also love to get a 100K referral for the AMEX Platinum card. Is anyone able to share with me as well?

    – airomero83 at gmail dot com

  15. Matt

    I would love a 100K referral for the AMEX Platinum card if anyone is able to share with me – mattcowan33 at gmail dot com

  16. Janice

    Sorry I set up a new email so it should go to ladytravelbanker at

    ould someone please email me a referral link for either the 100K or the 120K platinum amex card bonus.



  17. ET

    I just did the check for pre-qualified offers on the Amex website, and it came back with the 100k offer for the personal Platinum. The site was acting up, and the application link wasn’t working at first but eventually it worked.

    1. Josh

      Would someone mind referring me to the platinum card too for the 120 k bonus?b would be really appreciated. 🙂

      Joshmilko at

  18. ciliegia

    I would like to be referred for the platinum card for the 120K sign up bonus. Can someone please send me a link via email?
    ciliegiay at


  19. James Holzhauer

    SCAM! I met the spending requirements, and my bonus was awarded. Immediately after the three months were up, the bonus was removed from my account with no warning. Amex claimed that gift card purchases did not count towards the minimum spending requirement; this is listed NOWHERE in their T&Cs. I offered to spend more towards the requirement, but they said the promotional period was over and the bonus was gone forever. AVOID!

  20. Ryan

    Interesting, I am signed in through a VPN through my university for work right now and just went to the Amex Platinum site and am now being offered 75K signup bonus. If I send the same link to my phone it goes back down to 40K and if I turn on private or incognito browsing it drops back to 40K as well…very tempted to sign up NOW!

  21. Nathan

    There is an offer on the Amex website that if a cardholder refers their specific card to someone else and that person is approved then the person who referred them gets 25,000 MR points if the new cardholder meets all the requirements and the new card member will receive 120,000 MR point for the American Express Platinum. I am looking for someone holding a Platinum Card to please refer me so we can both enjoy these MR points. Thanks
    Canemayne at gmail . Com

        1. Nate

          Actually I did but everytime it is for the generic sign up bonus that I can get right off the website, I am not sure why it does that, I am going to call AMEX today I will update my post with the info I get.

      1. Swei

        Hey there, I am also looking to be referred for the card offer. please email it to Thank you very much.

  22. Claude Philen

    Ivan, I was confused about that as well because that blog won t even comment on the in-branch Prestige offer. I wonder if Gary has an older affiliate contract that allows him to mention non-affiliate offers while others don t. Mommy Points mentioned the 1 Platinum Card offer, and I know she has direct links for Amex cards, I don t think there s any problem with that.

  23. R Scott

    A couple things, yes, people are being offered 100K points for the business with an RSVP code (I have a friend at a mailbox place and people with defunct companies are getting the offer.) If you can find a friendly mailbox place (or have a relationship with one) ask if they will give you a defunct RSVP code. Tell them to throw in the rash and then you can pick up. You can then put in the RSVP code and since your business is in the same address, you can successfully use the RSVP code by deleting out the name of te defunct business and putting yours in. Has worked 3 times including twice for a 75K business Gold card with no annual fee after 5K spend.

  24. keith

    Method #2 worked to give me a 75k point offer, much better than the 40k offer when i log in to my account. thanks!

  25. Jess

    I previously had a platinum card (2012-2014) and got 100K points as a newly enrolling memeber. I cancelled my card in 2014 and I no longer own a card from AMEX.

    About 2 months ago, I received a post mail from AMEX offering me (specifically targeted) the 100K sign up bonus again.

    Since I have previously owned this card, would I not receive the sign up bonus even though I was specifically targeted for the offer and the code came under my name?


      @Jess – If the offer says that it’s not available to people who previously had the card, there’s a chance you won’t get it. But the fact that you’re targeted is interesting – probably best to call the phone number on your RSVP.

  26. joe burmeister

    I didnt receive the AMEX Plantium Offer in the mail, and I didn’t have a RSVP code, but I figured I would call the toll free number given above (18009716736) and ask If I was eligible for the 100K AMEX bonus points if I applied for the Plantinum Card. Well, after a trillion questions, and about 15 mins later, I was appoved for the AMEX Plantinum card with the 100K bonus points! Note it has annual fee of $450 (with no grace period). And you are only eligible for this point once a life time (so u cant cancel the card after one year and try again). Oh yeah, in order to get the 100K points, you have to spend $10K in the first 90 days. I am sure my wife would have no problem meeting that requirement. And while I was on this site, i applied for the Chase Saphire Preferred card, and I got approved for that, and that comes with 50,000 miles. So a total of 150,000 points today. Enough for 3 round trip tickets to Paris with a stopover in Rome in the middle of summer.

    1. lon3volf

      I believe the current offer if you open the Amex Platinum site in incognito mode is 75k bonus points for spending $7500 in 3 months, so I would say thats reasonable offer if you can meet the spend requirements. The 100k offers through Card Match usually have lower spend requirements like $3000 which is actually awesome.

      However good to know about Amex actually approving you with 100k offer. Thanks.

    2. Jared Bryan

      That number if for business accounts, and after being transferred to the personal accounts section they would not offer the 100k bonus at all. I subsequently called the personal accounts section numerous times and spoke with different people, and they all would not offer anything that’s not already listed on their website. I thought I was smooth, but apparently you are more so because I got nowhere, lol.

    3. Y.U.

      Hi, Joe, I see you wrote that the 100k points offer can be used only once in a lifetime.

      Please explain yourself, does this mean that I can use a different offer now (lets say with 25k or 50k points) & use the 100k points offer in the future for one time (after closing the card), or it can only be used the first time you get approved for the platinum card.
      Thank you very much!


        @Y.U. – If you apply for The Platinum Card with a different, lower offer like 25k you won’t be eligible for 100k in the future. It’s one time per card product, not one time per offer level, so you’ll want to apply when the offer is high.

  27. David

    Well, so frustrated. Signed up for 40K deal a couple weeks ago, and in today’s mail 100K offer came for my wife in HER name (by the way, we have same credit score, been married 22 years, and I’m the primary earner). I called Amex and they wouldn’t do anything. They suggested I cancel my card and have her get a card and add me as secondary. I explained that I’ve already set up everything with my new card and it would be a huge issue to undo all that (since I just switched over from Chase). The held firm. Oh well.

    1. Michael

      Hello, i’m trying to apply for the Platinum Card, does anyone have a 100k bonus offer code that is active right now? Amex won’t give me the POID BUIU:0001 without an RSVP code, HELP!

  28. Vinny

    I’m new to this. My question is:
    If I get thenamex platinum with 60k, which now I’m target to; how do I transfer these points to airlines? Does it go to my airline miles account? Or is the kind of thing that I buy the ticket snd then get reimbursed later by changing points? Which airlines can I transfer amex points to?


      @Vinny – Yes, you transfer points directly to your airline mile account, and they then add to the miles you might already have in your airline mile account.

      The partners are listed at the link below, but the most useful ones include Delta SkyMiles, British Airways Avios, Air Canada Aeroplan, and Air France / KLM FLying Blue.

      You don’t need to have an existing account, so for example if you don’t yet have a Delta SkyMiles account, you can open one anytime and transfer the points in anytime. You also don’t need to transfer all your points at once. Transfer what you need, when you need it, and save the rest for later.

  29. s10travel

    Just saw Amex Platinum 75,000 points after $7,000 spent within 3 month offer online (in incognito browser).

  30. Winston

    Looks like the 100k offer is back! Got one in the mail with POID code BZWX001- hope this can help someone else!

    Definitely applying myself!!!

    1. Michael

      Do you have the rsvp code? I’ve tried to apply but they won’t let me without some kind of code. Even if it’s not in my name. Much thanks!

  31. Sagar

    Hello! Nice article, and great help.
    I called the customer service today for my account question. And after finishing the talk, the guy said, sir, you are pre-qualified to get the Platinum card with 40k bonus points after spending 3k.
    And I didn’t go for that offer. I said I will think on it.
    Anyways, I then went to these websites you provided here, and looked. It didn’t give me any offer about 100k points.
    What do you think I can do about this? Any tips? ideas?


      @Sagar – If you tried all the options below then all you can do for now is to sit patient, and keep checking every month or so. If you have a small business, or register a small business, you will have a better shot, as you could then be targeted for the Business Platinum.

  32. Ira

    I have an amex business platinum card for one of my business which is an LLC and has my social security number as the tax ID# and received the 100,000 bonus 2 years ago and still have the card. I just got in the mail another offer for a 100,000 bonus for my other company that I have a partner with that does have a fed tax id# but is only a pass through LLC so shows no income. If I apply for the card with this company would I be entitled to the 100,000 bonus and if so would the points be put in my name of the company’s name. if the company’s name can I transfer points to my Delta ff acct?


      @ira – Points are put in your name, associated by your SSN. Hard to tell on your targeted offer whether you’d be eligible – need to see the fine print of it for any exclusions.

  33. Robert

    With rumors of possible takeover of Amex by Wells Fargo, is it better to apply for an Amex Platinum card now or to wait-and-see whether/how the takeover plays out? FWIW, I have an excellent history with Amex (and currently have three cards with them), but Wells Fargo historically has been stingy with extending me credit (low credit limit, then closed my credit card account due to inactivity).


      @Robert – If you’re eligible for 100k, would say go for it regardless of the merger news. Mergers like that go through a lot of regulatory scrutiny so wouldn’t base your card choices on the speculation at this point.

    2. Ethel

      Please show your work so we can figure out where you went dumb! American Express is the oldest Credit Card Company out there. They will not be taken over by Wells Fargo! IDIOT

  34. Kavin

    I’ve tried CardMatch as well as the Amex website to no avail.

    After speaking with a customer service representative, he said that “my friend” who received the 100k offer and signed up for it can refer me to sign up, and I will also receive the same 100k bonus points. Will this actually work? And if so, could anyone refer me please?

  35. Rebecca Hendriks

    CardMatch is telling me that I qualify to apply for the 100,000 point Platinum card. However, I’m trying to travel to New Zealand. Will the points work for international travel not to Europe? Does anyone know how to calculate how many points are needed to fly Austin to Christchurch? Does it matter what airline you fly? Thank you so much for any advice!


      @Rebecca – It depends on what transfer partner you use, but you can score an Economy ticket for about 100,000 miles roundtrip if you transfer the points to Delta SkyMiles. Or if you transfer to ANA Airlines (a Japan airline that is partners with others like United and Singapore) it can be 75,000 miles plus some fees.

      This guide walks through a bunch of the options – the key is don’t do any transfers until you’ve verified the price you want is available on flights that work for you.

      And if you don’t want to mess with airline miles, you could just pay for part of the ticket with the Amex points. 100,000 of them will get you $1,000 toward the airfare.

    2. Darlene

      Aloha Rebecca,
      Would you be willing to share your code with someone who is dying for the 100,000 MR points offer? I can be reached at dar1ene at Thank you so much!

      1. Brenden Brue

        Would anyone please send me the share code for the 100k sign up bonus, would be very grateful and I will share the love! Thank you! Email me at bsbrue at

          1. Carly

            Thank you!! I got the 75k offer in the mail but this got me the 100k! Appreciate it

  36. Ian

    I tried calling them directly, they said they required a POID which has 4 letters and 4 numbers, previously the code was BUIU0001 for the 100k bonus points. I’m not sure if they are specialized for everyone, but you can find it in the offer details if any one is feeling brave/kind enough to share theirs.

    1. SD

      I tried this week as well. Probably spoke to 4-5 agents. All told me the same thing, offer expired. I used the POID code BUIU 1000 and it looks like the window has closed this time around.

  37. Kathy

    I had a targeted offer to upgrade my Delta Gold Skymiles to a Platinum Skymiles card that included 15,000 bonus miles after $1k in purchases. I foolishly didn’t screen-cap the offer, now AMEX is telling me that’s not part of the deal. I am waiting on a call back from a supervisor for resolution. Am I screwed? I can’t find that offer anywhere now! 🙁


      @Kathy – Never hurts to call and try again. but if you applied via the online offer to upgrade it should count. If you didn’t may be hard to prove the case, though we certainly have heard of similar offers in the past.

      1. Kathy

        Thank you! Yes, I applied for the upgrade directly through my Gold card account online. I’m now hopeful! 🙂 Hopefully my call with the supervisor will go well!


      @in2 Points – No guarantees as many factors play into acceptance, but they sometimes do at least a pre screen of credit profiles before sending a targeted deal.

  38. DAVID H. JO

    I am trying to get the American Express personal platinum card for 10K Bonus with spending 3K.
    But I have a question, Can I make payment at one of local banks on Guam since when I have the Amex Platinum Card? or I have to send the payment by mail to somewhere in the States?
    Please let me know. Thank you for your help.


      @David – If the bank allows ACH transactions it should work – Amex just asks for a basic routing number and account number as it appears on the front of your checks – though best to check with your bank directly.

  39. Milecardsthebest

    I’m trying to get the Amex personal platinum card for 100k Bonus with spending 3k, and the Premier rewards Gold for 50k with spending 1k,

    I tried to see if my names comes up on CARDMATCH on, but it’s not coming up.
    please let me know how I can get this.

    Thanks very much


      For the 100k you can try the other links above to the American Express pre-approved offer pages, and you might find you’re targeted there. But if it doesn’t pull in those places, you’ll probably have to wait and hope you get targeted. Sorry it didn’t come up for you right away.

      For the Business Amex 50k Gold though you might be able to get it by refreshing different browser windows here:

      1. Ian

        I was previously matched with the 60k platinum and 50k gold offers back in mid December but I opted to get the citi prestige card and the amex blue cash preferred instead. Now I’m not getting any offers from Amex. Can I expect those offers to come back again? Could I call and ask for the offers if I have screen shots of the previously offers on cardmatch?


          @Ian – Did you try the other Amex site mentioned above? And did you try it in a fresh, ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ browsing window?


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